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The Action Suits, Airport Girl, Altered Images, Angel Corpus Christi, Angie’s Orchestra, APB, The Beat, Black Barbie, Black Box Recorder, The Bloods, Blondie, The Bongos, David Bowie, Bush Tetras, Buzzcocks, Celia And The Mutations, The Chameleons, Wild Billy Chyldish CTMF, Children’s Crusade, Cibo Matto, The Clash, Clay Allison, Crawling With Tarts, The Dambuilders, Chris Stamey And The dB’s, Death, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Destroy All Monsters, Devo, Violet Nox

November 13, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Release Label
Before The Action Suits Fun Flies Cherry Smash
The Kids Just Want Cool Sounds Airport Girl Power Yr Trip Waiwya
A Day’s Wait Altered Images Greatest Original Gits – 4 Track E.P. Epic
(Li’l) Surfer Girl Angel Corpus Christi (Li’l) Surfer Girl The Next Big Thing
Breakfast In Naples Angie’s Orchestra Peppermint Lump Stiff Records
All Your Life With Me APB Palace Filled With Love Oily Records
Tears Of A Clown The Beat Tears Of A Clown Two-Tone Records
Brat Black Barbie Brat Wounded Knee Records
Lord Lucan Is Missing Black Box Recorder England Made Me Chrysalis
Raumen The Bloods Button Up Exit International
Poets Problem Blondie (I’m Alway Touched By Your) P Chrysalis
Axa Violet Nox Twin Flame – Single Sleep Fuse
Automatic Doors The Bongos The Bulrushes Fetish Records
Fantastic Voyage David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging RCA
Part Two
Song Artist Release Label
Snakes Crawl Bush Tetras Too Many Creeps 99 Records
Autonomy Buzzcocks I Don’t Mind United Artists
Mean To Me Celia And The Mutations Mony Mony United Artists Records
Less Than Human The Chameleons In Shreds Epic
Zero Emission Wild Billy Chyldish CTMF Punk Rock Enough For Me Damaged Goods
Blue Venus Aflame Children’s Crusade Scorpio Moon Scat Records
Black (H)ole Sun Cibo Matto Birthday Cake El Diablo Records
English Civil War The Clash English Civil War CBS
All Souls Clay Allison Fell From The Sun Serpent Records
Lavender Bobby Crawling With Tarts Radio 45 ASP
Candyguts The Dambuilders Shrine spinART Records
Lamb on the Moon (Miss Geo Remix) Violet Nox Twin Flame – Single Sleep Fuse
If And When Chris Stamey And The dB’s (I Thought) You Wanted To Know Car Records ‎
We’re Gonna Make It Death North St. Drag City
Morning High Lizzy Mercier Descloux Fire Light In The Attic
You’re Gonna Die Destroy All Monsters Bored IDBI Records
Penetration In The Centrefold Devo The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize Virgin


Dexys Midnight Runners, The Dickies, Dictators NYC, The Dils, Dim Stars, Dinowalrus, Renato din Sălaj, Dirt Merchants, Dirty Bird, Diskothi-Q, Dislocation Dance, The Distractions, The Divine Comedy, Dog Faced Hermans, Doggy Style, Doldrums, Dolores Haze, Domino Rally, Don’t No, Die Doraus Und Die Marinas, Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta, The Dots, Mr. John Dowie, Mikey Dread, Dressy Bessy, Driver UFO

July 17, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Release Year Label
Breakin’ Down The Walls Of Heartache Dexys Midnight Runners Geno 1980 EMI
Sounds Of Silence The Dickies Silent Night 1978 A&M Records
Supply and Demand Dictators NYC Supply And Demand 2016 Otis Recordings
You’re Not Blank The Dils I Hate The Rich 1990 Gift Of Life
The Plug Dim Stars Dim Stars E.P. 1991 Ecstatic Peace!
Electric Car, Gas Guitar Dinowalrus Electric Car, Gas Guitar 2008
I Love You Viața Mea (Lema) Renato din Sălaj + Ion din Dorobanți Nu E Înjoseală (N-am Cărți De Credit) 2016 Future Nuggets
Trip Trip Dirt Merchants Bullfight 1995 Zero Hour
Barbie Doll Dirty Bird Dirty Bird 1994 Tamper Records
Hit The North 3 Diskothi-Q Hit The North 3 1993 Volvolo Records
Birthday Outlook Dislocation Dance Perfectly In Control 1980 New Hormones
Perfectly In Control Dislocation Dance Perfectly In Control 1980 New Hormones
Ghost Of A Chance The Distractions And Then There’s… 1981 That
Generation Sex The Divine Comedy Generation Sex 1998 Setanta Records
Part Two
Song Artist Release Year Label
Time Bomb Dog Faced Hermans Too Much For The Red Ticker 1990 Project A Bomb
Donut Shop Rock Doggy Style Work As One 1985 Mystic Records
Stabilizer Doldrums Doldrums 1988 No Idea Records
State Of Freak Dolores Haze Cool Logic, Cold Comfort 1993 Camp Q Records
Art School Cool Domino Rally With Magnus Lawrie Art School Cool 1995 Modern Independent Records
Reflections Don’t No The Real World. 1985 Mystic Records (8)
Tulpen Und Narzissen Die Doraus Und Die Marinas Kleines Stubenmädchen 1982 Telefunken
Camino Infernal / Phantom Weight Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta ¡Cafeteando! 2016 Electric Cowbell Records
Immortals The Dots I Don’t Wanna Dance (With You) 1979 Not On Label
I Don’t Want to be Your Amputee Mr. John Dowie Another Close Shave 1977 Virgin
Rockers Delight Mikey Dread Rockers Delight / African Map 1980 Dread At The Controls
What Is Life Dressy Bessy Lady Liberty / What Is Life 2015 Yep Roc Records
Blank Driver UFO Space Your Sex Out 1994 Proteen


Dalek I, The Dambuilders, Dame Darcy With The Coctails, The Damned, R.L. Crutchfield’s Dark Day, Dark Sarcasm, DAT Politics, The Dawgs, Dawson, Peter Dayton, Chris Stamey And The dB’s, The Deadbeats, The Dead Boys, The Dead C, Dead Or Alive, Death, Death In The Shopping Malls, Deerhoof, Don Dietrich, The Delgados, Delicate Vomit, Delmontes, Delta 5, The Delta 72, Deluxx

July 10, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Release Label
We’re All Actors Dalek I The World Vertigo
Shrine The Dambuilders Shrine spinART Records
Band Aid Box Dame Darcy With The Coctails Tardvark Hi-Ball Records
The Great Molasses Flood of 1919 Dame Darcy With The Coctails Tardvark Hi-Ball Records
Don’t Cry Wolf The Damned Don’t Cry Wolf Stiff Records
Hands In The Dark R.L. Crutchfield’s Dark Day Hands In The Dark Strike It From The Records
Hollowlands Dark Sarcasm Lego Facilities Gravity / Vinyl Communications
Pâta Jet DAT Politics Pâta Jet Bottrop-Boy
Shot Of Your Love The Dawgs Shot Of Your Love Greenline
Whistle Shunt Symmetry Dawson Small Eared Rank Outsider Earth Summit EP Project A Bomb / Gruff Wit Records
Back In My Arms Peter Dayton Back In My Arms Epic
(I Thought) You Wanted To Know Chris Stamey And The dB’s (I Thought) You Wanted To Know Car Records
Kill The Hippies The Deadbeats Kill The Hippies Dangerhouse
Not Anymore The Dead Boys Tell Me Sire
Power The Dead C Mighty / Power / Peace Forced Exposure
Part Two
Song Artist Release Label
Peace The Dead C Mighty / Power / Peace Forced Exposure
Some Of That Dead Or Alive The Stranger Black Eyes Records
North St. Death North St. Drag City
Purpose Death In The Shopping Malls (Man On A) Tight-Rope / Purpose Modern Methadone Records
Ishi-Sister Deerhoof Return Of The Wood M’Lady Kill Rock Stars
Chinese Root Letter Don Dietrich Chinese Root Letter Ecstatic Peace!
Monica Webster The Delgados Monica Webster Chemikal Underground
Little Bird Delicate Vomit Little Bird / She Loves To Sing Underwear
So It’s Not To Be Delmontes Don’t Cry Your Tears / So It’s Not To Be Rational Records
Shadow Delta 5 Shadow PRE Records
Got A Train To Catch The Delta 72 On The Rocks Kill Rock Stars
Spreadable Deluxx Spreadable Lissy’s Records


Comet Gain, The Comsat Angels, Nicola Conte, Coping Saw, Corndolly, The Cortinas, Cosmetique, Cosmic Wurst, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Courtney Love, Crash Course In Science, Crawling With Tarts, Crayon, The Creation, Crent, Crescent, The Crownhate Ruin, Crude SS, Cub, Cubismo Grafico, The Cure, Mr Curt, The Cyrkle, Dahlia Seed, Daisy Age, Damon & Naomi & Batoh & Kurihara

April 24, 2018

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Part One
Song Release Date Label
If I Had a Soul Comet Gain – Mailorder Freak 7″ Singles Club 1998 Kill Rock Stars
It’s History The Comsat Angels – It’s History 1982 Polydor
Fuoco Fatuo Nicola Conte – Arabesque 1999 Schema
Slamina Coping Saw – Slamina 1995 Mook Records
Squirting Banana Dildo Corndolly – Human Cannonball 1992 Mud Records
Television Families The Cortinas – Fascist Dictator 1977 Step-Forward Records
Lady Di, Why Did You Have To Die? Cosmetique – Lady Di, Why Did You Have To Die? 2000 PPQ Records
Carlos Rodriguez Is Back To L.A Cosmic Wurst – Carlos Rodriguez Is Back To L.A 1988 Elastic Force Records ‎/ Auto Da Fé Records
Neat, Neat, Neat Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Stranger In The House 1978 Radar Records
Hey! Antoinette Courtney Love – Hey! Antoinette 1991 Feel Good All Over
Kitchen Motors Crash Course In Science – Cakes In The Home 1979 GO GO Records
Cotton Flys Crawling With Tarts – Radio 45 1991 ASP
The Snap-Tight Wars Crayon – The Snap-Tight Wars 1993 Harriet Records
Making Time (Instrumental) The Creation – Making Time 2017 Numero Group
9.K.? Crent – 9.K.? / F.S.W. 1990 Waterfront Records
Part Two
Song Release Date Label
Lost Crescent – Lost / 360° 1993 Planet Records
My Country Getaway The Crownhate Ruin – A Primer 1995 T. C. Ruin
Destroy Capitalism Crude S.S.* – Who’ll Survive E.P. 1985 Uproar Records
Vacation Cub – Come Out, Come Out 1995 Mint Records
Tout, Tout Pour Ma Chérie Cubismo Grafico – Jour De Vanves 2000 Escalator Records
Plastic Passion The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry 1979 Fiction Records
Write Down Your Number Mr. Curt – Write Down Your Number / I’m Going Blind 1978 Euphoria Records
I’m Going Blind Mr. Curt – Write Down Your Number / I’m Going Blind 1978 Euphoria Records
How Can I Leave Her The Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball 1966 Columbia
Teas! Dahlia Seed – Teas! 1994 Theologian Records
L’Imprévu Daisy Age – Dans Les Étoiles 1994 Disco 2000
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Damon & Naomi & Batoh & Kurihara – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 1999 Grimsey Records ‎


April 18, 2018

Chickita, Chicks on Speed, Wild Billy Childish CTMF, Children’s Crusade, China Crisis, The Chords, Chords, Christopher Robin, Cibo Matto, Cinnamon, Circle, The Clash, Clay Allison, Clearlake, Clem Snide, The Clientele, Clinic, Cobra Killer, Cockpit!, Cocteau Twins, Coldwatercrane, Coloring Book, Combustible Edison, Come, Come On, Common Thread

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Part One
Song Release Date Label
The Low Song Chickita – Eat When Soft To The Touch 1995 100% Breakfast!
Mind Your Own Business Chicks On Speed – Mind Your Own Business 1999 Go Records
I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind Wild Billy Childish CTMF – I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind 2017 Damaged Goods
Your Time Is Through Children’s Crusade – Scorpio Moon 1990 Scat Records
Scream Down At Me China Crisis – Scream Down At Me 1982 Virgin
Now It’s Gone The Chords – Things We Said 1980 Polydor
Eat Your Heart Out Chords – Eat Your Heart Out 1993 Fuel Records
One Million And One Watts Christopher Robin – Christopher Robin 1994 Repercussion
Beef Jerky Cibo Matto – Know Your Chicken 1995 El Diablo Records
I Used To Be Your Loneliness Cinnamon – In The Next Life 1999 Firestation Tower Records
Polka Circle – Crawatt 1993 VHF Records
The Call Up The Clash – The Call Up 1980 CBS
Fell From The Sun Clay Allison – Fell From The Sun 1984 Serpent Records
Part Two
Song Release Date Label
I Hang On Every Word You Say Clearlake – Don’t Let The Cold In 2000 Dusty Company
Song For Bob Crane Clem Snide – Song For Bob Crane EP 1995 Cardboard Records
What Goes Up The Clientele – What Goes Up, Five Day Morning 1998 Pointy
Cement Mixer Clinic – Cement Mixer 1998 Aladdins Cave Of Golf
Try It Six Secs 1999 DHR
Phantom Limb Cockpit! – Hair Of The Dog 1994 K
Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops Cocteau Twins – Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops 1984 4AD
Surface Coldwatercrane – Surface 1994 Goldenrod Records
Time To Grow Coloring Book – Sand In My Shoes 1994 Queenie
Blue Light Combustible Edison – Blue Light 1993 Domino
In/out Come – In/out 1994 Matador
Kitchen In The Clouds Come On – Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor 1978 Come On
Destroying Red Lights Common Thread – Destroying Red Lights 1994 Decoder Ring Records


Cake Like, Calamity Jane, John Cale,Call And Response, Camper Van Beethoven, Capsize 7, Caroliner, Caustic Resin, Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds, Celia & The Mutations, Ceramic, Ceremony, Cessna, Cha-Cha Cohen, The Chameleons, Bob Chance, Charles Brown Superstar, Charlie ‘Ungry ‎, Cheater Slicks, Cheesecake, Cheetah Chrome Motherf*ckers, Cherry Vanilla, Chia Pet

April 3, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Mr. Fireman Cake Like Mr. Fireman 1995 Genius Records
Believe Calamity Jane Love Song 1992 Tim Kerr Records
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores John Cale Mercenaries 1980 Spy Records Ltd.
Rollerskate Call And Response Rollerskate 2003 Emperor Norton Records
Northern California Girls (Radio Edit) Camper Van Beethoven Northern California Girls (Radio Edit) 2013 429 Records
Loggerhead Odyssey Capsize 7 Subgenius 1996 Headhunter Records
The Cooking Stove Beast Caroliner Bead Trail To Jardunne 1993 Nuf Sed
Yeah Right Caustic Resin Yeah Right 1995 Up Records
In The Ghetto Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds In The Ghetto 1984 Mute
Round And Round Celia & The Mutations You Better Believe Me 1977 United Artists
Silver Song Ceramic Silver Song 1995 Skylab Records
Someday Ceremony Someday 2010 Killer Pimp
Part Two
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Utterly Alone / Floating Cessna Holiday On Ice EP 1997 Jigsaw
Sled / Post Trailer Cha-Cha Cohen 538 EP 1996 Chemikal Underground
In Shreds The Chameleons In Shreds 1982 Epic
Wild, It’s Broken Bob Chance It’s Broken 2011 Emotional Rescue
Sweet Pea Charles Brown Superstar Slut Rock 1993 WIN Records
Who Is My Killer Charlie ‘Ungry ‎ Who Is My Killer 2016 Hozac Records
Walk Up The Street Cheater Slicks Walk Up The Street 1994 In The Red Recordings
Straight Girl Soundtrack Cheesecake Coq Fighters 1994 Fistful
Frustration I Cheetah Chrome Motherf*ckers Furious Party 1985 Belfagor Records
The Punk Cherry Vanilla The Punk 1977 RCA
Hey Baby Chia Pet Hey Baby 1992 Kokopop


David Bowie, The Boxtops, Boyfriends, The Boys, Brian Brain, Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band, Bram Tchaikovsky, Bratmobile, The Brats, Brideshead, Broadcast, Brine, Brujeria, Brown Velvet Couch, Buddha On The Moon, The Budget Girls, Bügsküll, Bunny Brains, Bunnydrums, Bunnygrunt, Bunny-Hole, Burning Bush, Bush League All-Stars, Butterglory, Butterglove

March 27, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Move On David Bowie Ashes To Ashes 1979 RCA
The Letter The Boxtops Cry Like A Baby 1967 Stiff Records
I Don’t Want Nobody (I Want You) Boyfriends I Don’t Want Nobody (I Want You) 1978 Bomp
Turning Grey The Boys First Time 1977 NEMS Records
They’ve Got Me In The Bottle Brian Brain They’ve Got Me In the Bottle 1980 Secret Records
I’ll Slip Away Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band Rodriguez / Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band 2012 Light In The Attic
Robber Bram Tchaikovsky Girl Of My Dreams 1979 Radar Records
Girl Of My Dreams Bram Tchaikovsky Girl Of My Dreams 1979 Radar Records
No You Don’t Bratmobile Kiss And Ride 1992 Homestead Records
Be A Man The Brats Be A Man 2013 Hozac Records
Books & T.V. Brideshead Spending Warm Summer Days Outdoors 1999 Marsh Marigold
Accidentals Broadcast Accidentals 1996 Wurlitzer Jukebox
Velcro Head Brine Operation Manual 1996 Amendment Records
El Patron Brujeria El Patron 1994 Alternative Tentacles
Part Two
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Once In A Very Blue Moon Brown Velvet Couch Once In A Very Blue Moon 1994 Roof Bolt ‎
Now That You’re A Star. Buddha On The Moon Broke. Now That You’re A Star. 1993 Farrágo Records ‎
Big Baby The Budget Girls I Like Going Topless, Sunny 1999 Voodoo Rhythm
All Members Please Rise Bügsküll What I Had In Mind 1993 Dalmatian Records
You Got It (Comin’)! Bunny Brains You Got It (Comin’)! 1994 Pit’sbull Records
Criminal Boy Bunnygrunt Criminal Boy / G.I. 2k 1993 Silly Moo Records
Little Room Bunnydrums Win 1981
G.I. 2k Bunnygrunt Criminal Boy / G.I. 2k 1993 Silly Moo Records
Someday Bunny-Hole Someday 1994 Reproductive Records
Revolution Without Guns Part 1 Burning Bush Revolution Without Guns Part 1 1991 Vinyl Communications
Pencil Weight Bush League All-Stars Mashed Potatoes 1995 Pop Narcotic
Stuck Butterglory Wait For Me 1995 Merge Records
Dirtbench Butterglove The Lunchbox Drama 1989 Shakedown Records


Black Barbie, Black Box Recorder, Black Fork, Black Lodge, Black Strobe, Black Tambourine, Blah Blah Blah, Blancmange, Blast Off Country Style, Mickey Bliss, The Bloods, Blonde Redhead, Blondie, Bloodletter, Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth, Blue Sonoco,Blumfeld, B-Movie, Bob, Boilsinberri, The Bongos, The Boomtown Rats, The Boo Radleys, Boredoms, David Bowie

March 20, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Angel of the Morning Black Barbie Brat 1995 Wounded Knee Records
England Made Me Black Box Recorder England Made Me 1998 Chrysalis
Ladle Junkies Black Fork Quality Job One 1995 Vinyl Communications
Untitled Black Lodge Untitled 1999 Acupuncture
Sonovac Innerstrings (Sonovac Version) Black Strobe vs. Sonovac & Soft Verge Innerstrings 2000 Output
By Tomorrow / Drown Black Tambourine By Tomorrow 1991 Slumberland Records
In The Army Blah Blah Blah In The Army 1979 Absurd Records
God’s Kitchen Blancmange I’ve Seen the Word 1982 London Records
Hey Hey I Love You Bitch Blast Off Country Style I Love Entertainment 1993 Teenbeat
Cocktails For Two Mickey Bliss Video Lizards 1982 Hitman Records
Button Up The Bloods Button Up 1981 D27 Records
Jet Star Blonde Redhead Vague 1994 Smells Like Records
Part Two
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Detroit 442 Blondie (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear 1978 Chrysalis
On The Rim Bloodletter On The Rim 1994 Reproductive Records
Kill Or Be Killed (Version) Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth Kill Or Be Killed 2000 Full Watts
Seraphim Blue Sonoco Airborne 1995 Smilex Records
Jet Set Blumfeld Draußen Auf Kaution 1995 Big Cat
Scare Some Life Into Me B-Movie Nowhere Girl 1982 Some Bizzare
I Don’t Mind Bob Atomic Cafe 1993 Half Baked Records
Worthless / Infinite Bardo Boilsinberri Fertilizer Rain Blo Pop Records
The Bulrushes The Bongos The Bulrushes 1981 Fetish Records
No Hiding Place The Boomtown Rats Charmed Lives 1982 Mercury
At The Sound Of Speed The Boo Radleys At The Sound Of Speed 1992 spinART Records
Fuanteidai Boredoms Michidai 1990 Public Bath
Alabama Song David Bowie Space Oddity 1980 RCA


Band of Susans, Bananarama, Bardo Pond, Bare Minimum, Syd Barrett, The Bartlebees, Bay City Rollers, Bauhaus, Beatless, Beatnik Filmstars, Be Bop Deluxe, Beekeeper, The Bee Men, Sandra Bell, Belle and Sebastian, The Belle Stars, Berlin Blondes, Betwixt, The ‘B’ Girls, Big Chief, Big Flame, Bimbo Shrineheads, Bingo Gazingo & The Eighth Grade, Birdie, Bis, The Bishops

February 27, 2018

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Part One
Part Two
Song Artist Disk Date Label
Mood Swing Band of Susans Mood Swing 1993 Sing Fat
Don’t Call Us… Bananarama Shy Boy 1982 London
Blues Tune Bardo Pond Dragonfly (Lying On The Floor) 1994 Compulsiv Music
Winter Strait Brand Bare Minimum Night We Streak, Divine Failure 1995 Sub Pop
Terrapin Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond 1993 Capitol
What Have You Put In My Honeytea The Bartlebees Twen Beat 1995 Perfect Pop Records
Don’t Stop The Music Bay City Rollers Don’t Stop The Music 1976 Arista
Departure Bauhaus She’s In Parties 1983 Beggars Banquet
Ramen Pride / Cow Frog Beatless Lil’ Man 1993 Jettison
Life With The Lions Beatnik Filmstars New Boyfriend And Black Suit 1995 Mobstar
Japan Be Bop Deluxe Japan 1977 EMI Harvest
My Surprise Beekeeper Beekeeper 1994 Feldspar
Green Submarine The Bee Men Green Submarine 1989 Hotel
Angel Sandra Bell Angel 1995 Zabriskie Point
Suicide Girl Belle and Sebastian Last Trip 2010 Matador
April Fool The Belle Stars Sweet Memory 1983 Stiff
Science Berlin Blondes Science 1980 EMI
Lucky 13 Betwixt Lucky 13 1997 C’Mon Records
“B” Side The ‘B’ Girls Fun At The Beach 1979 Bomp
Brake Torque Big Chief Brake Torque 1989 Big Kiss Music
Baffled Island (The Hard Rock Movement) Big Flame Baffled Island (The Hard Rock Movement) 1986 Ron Johnson Records
Me Da Una Rabia! Bimbo Shrineheads Me Da Una Rabia! 1992 Vandal Children Records
Juice The Juice (Or Let Him Loose) Bingo Gazingo & The Eighth Grade Are You A Lover? 1994 Holy Plastic
Let Her Go Birdie Let Her Go 1999 It Records
Teen-C Power Bis The Secret Vampire Soundtrack 1996 Chemikal Underground
See That Women The Bishops I Want Candy 1978 Chiswick


Angry Samoans, Annex, APB, Apocalypse, The Apples In Stereo, Appliance, Arab on Radar, Asha Vida, Ashes, Assfactor 4, Atari Priest, Atomic Fireball, Augusta Furnace, Austin Texas, Avengers, Aviso’Hara, Avocado Baby, Azalia Snail, Aztec Camera, Baba Looey, Baby Bird, Baby Harp Seal, Babyshit Brown, Baby Tooth, Back to Zero, Badgewearer, Badly Drawn Boy, Bakamono

February 20, 2018

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Part One
Part Two
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Its Wonderful Rascals The Complete Singles A’s & B’s 2017 Real Gone Music
D For The Dead Angry Samoans D For The Dead 1990 Shakin’ Street
Cleansing Annex Cleansing 1993 Girlfriend Records
From You & Back To You APB Rainy Day 1982 Oily Records
Release Apocalypse Teddy 1982 Jamming! Records
Everybody Let Up The Apples In Stereo Everybody Let Up 2000 Earworm
Outer Appliance Outer 1998 Earworm
Kangaroo Arab on Radar Kangaroo 1996 Heparin
Dimwit / Soft Hollow / Penny Wise Asha Vida Eskimo Summer 1993 Audrey’s Dairy
Serenade Ashes Flood 1993 Network Sound
Smoked Out Assfactor 4 Smoked Out 1994 Old Glory Records
Bruno’s Head Atari Priest Bruno’s Head 1999 Faux-lux
Disco Atomic Fireball Youki 1995 Super 8 Records
Venus Esoteric Augusta Furnace Carlos 1993 Ruling Factor Records
Heaven Austin Texas Conspiracy Theory 1995 Good Witch Records
Thin White Line Avengers Paint It Black 1983 CD Presents
Pretty Low Guy Aviso’Hara Me-n-Danai 1996 Alien Records
Cool Avocado Baby Voluptuous and Supreme 1994 Paperplane
St. Nowhere Azalia Snail Sebadoh / Azalia Snail 1991 Dark Beloved Cloud
We Could Send Letters Aztec Camera Just Like Gold 1981 Postcard Records
Baba Hula (Boo-La-La) Baba Looey Three Easy Ones 1994 Needlework Records
Snake Caves Baby Bird Snake Caves 1995 Gorgonzola Records
Litmus Baby Harp Seal Baby Harp Seal 1994 Subjugation
Don’t Play That Game Babyshit Brown Babyshit Brown EP 1994 Intestinal Fortitude
Jetlag Baby Tooth Jetlag 1993 Remora
Your Side Of Heaven Back to Zero Your Side Of Heaven 1979 Fiction
Wee Scary Cowboy Bread Badgewearer Criterion Adjournments Secret Cowboy Agenda 1997 Guided Missile
Soul Attitude Badly Drawn Boy Once Around the Block 1999 Twisted Nerve
Kansas Bakamono Kansas 1994 Karate Brand Records