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May 18, 2021

The final week in a 3 week series of electronic shows features a track from the ‘Taken On’ LP by Moodymann. There are also some ambient tracks, a re-edit of The Zombies, a Talking Heads outtake, the NYC band Gray that Jean-Michel Basquiat was in (not on this track), and some soul, tropical and lovers rock tracks. Quality is kept high (hey, it’s Gulls Window Circus!) so you should have a happy time listening to this show.


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Artist Song Release Label
Pretty Boy Crossover Audio Letters Wound Without A Tear Daisart
Gavin Bryars ‎ 1, 2, 1-2-3-4 Ensemble Pieces Obscure
Gray Life On The Streets (Todd Rundgren Remix) Shades Of… Ubiquity
Romain Azzaro ‎ Who Knows About This One? La Vita Non E Un Film Rotary Phono Lab
Tom Bolas ‎ Tanz Ohne Planeten DB12 004 Duca Bianco
Tunnelvisions ‎ Hyperfocus GOLD TEETH Disco Halal
Bassline Feat. Lorraine Chambers ‎ You’ve Gone (Alternate Mix) You’ve Gone Isle Of Jura Records
The Pearls Groovy Rock Groovy Beat Isle Of Jura Records

Artist Song Release Label
Jimmy Hiacynthe Yatchiminou Secret Squirrels #23 Secret Squirrel
The Zombies Time Of The Season (Edit By Mr. K) The Mr. K Edits Most Excellent Unlimited ‎–
Talking Heads Right Start ‘Remain In Light’ Unreleased Outtakes Sire
Kip Carmen & Danny Horton ‎ This Island Is Our Home (Extended Version) This Island Is Our Home MTMU
101 Band Crazy Kind Of Feeling (DJ Duckcomb Discomix) Crazy Kind Of Feeling Emotional Rescue ‎
Noel Williams ‎ Music Street (Universal Cave Discomix) Music Street Emotional Rescue
Alex Dorothée Et Sa Troupe Gavodiè ‎ Afro Zouk Au Krisma Discothèque Harmonie Exotic
The Dub Syndicate Fringe On Top Dub The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub) On-U Sound
Moodymann ‎ I Got Werk Taken Away KDJ


May 11, 2021

Part two of a three part electronic series. The show is all vinyl, physical copies of 12″ and LP tracks spun in real time. There are tracks from many countries, era, and sub-genres. All were chosen to belong to this very special set, presented for your enjoyment.

Jugoton Funk

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Artist Song Release Label
Gala Drop & Ben Chasny Positano Broda GDRecords
Mountaineer Golden Chalk (Version Idjut) Ten Years Of Leng Records 2010-2020 Leng Records
Larry “T-Byrd” Gordon Contact Off Funk Kickin Presents Hi Tide Groove (DJ’s Choice 1969-1981) Hi Records
More Aerodrom Jugoton Funk Vol. 1 – A Decade Of Non-Aligned Beats, Soul, Disco And Jazz 1969-1979 Croatia Records
Joy I Can Do All Things Through Christ The Time Is Right MTMU
U. X. B. ‎ Your Starring Sting Me MTMU
Moods Vulv’s Pocket Regroove Too Slow To Disco Neo Presents Manifesto 12″ How Do You Are?
Leo Almunia Brillo De Luna Claremont Editions Two Claremont 56
Pure Release ‎ A Real Fine Dancer On The Loose Tambourine Party Records

Artist Song Release Label
Hillside 1939 Grand Ave Sunday In June Claremont 56
Khan ‎ Slow Stepper Blue Box Sessions Second Circle
Derek Kaye Music Up A&R Edits Revisited A&R Edits
Ramses Ballet Ramses Theme Wild Safari: Afro Tropical Disco Odyssey Naughty Rhythm Records ‎
I Visconti Rhesus O+ Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 4 Naughty Rhythm Records ‎
The Bleak Engineers The Ever Transmittance Unconscious Rotation Mecanique
Gramme Discolovers Two Synths A Guitar (And) A Drum Machine #1 Soul Jazz Records
Yu Su ‎ Gleam Yellow River Blue Music From Memory
Scott Gailey ‎ Jewelled Turtle Polysensuality Séance Centre
Scott Gailey Errant Moon Polysensuality Séance Centre
Pelican Daughters Aurascape Wound Without A Tear Daisart


May 4, 2021

First in a three-week electronic (meaning non-rock) series composed of tracks that wove themselves together in my head. Some (many) are indeed electronic, but some are international, tropical, disco or balearic. It is a fine mix, and forecasts the feel of selections for the next two weeks.

Mila Anatoli ‎

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Artist Song Release Label
BEÃTFÓØT & DJ Dollpin Osdorp Discoteca DB12 005 Duca Bianco
Earthboogie Creepy Steve Creepy Steve Leng
Teddy Pendergrass Life Is A Circle (Mr. PC Edit) Edits From Detroit #2 Rocksteady Disco ‎
The Patchouli Brothers Can’t Get You Down Edits Moton Records Inc.
Red Cloud Double Talk (DJ Duckcomb Discomix) Double Talk Emotional Rescue
Electric Chairs So Many Ways (Cherrystones – Electric So Far I Edit) So Many Ways Mental Experience
Garrett Hang Glyde Private Life III Music From Memory
Kimchii Windsurf Too Slow to Disco NEO – The Sunset Manifesto How Do You Are?

Artist Song Release Label
Paul Weller More (Skeleton Key Remix) On Sunset Remixes Polydor
Wet Silk Let Me Do You Baby Wet Silk EP Mixed Signals
Hillside Walpole Days (Joe Claussell’s Sacred Rhythm Mix) Walpole Days (Joe Claussell Remixes) Claremont 56
Windsurfer ‎ The Waves The Gone Village Phantom Island
Senyawa Doomsday Remix (Sagat mix) Alkisah Remixed Les Albums Claus
Delay Tactics Hands On Fire Imperfect Strangers Emotional Rescue
Passion Theatre ‎ Mannequin (Fiesta Mix) Strange Desire EP / Mannequin EP Spacetalk Records
Mila Anatoli ‎ Too Late (Skyrager Edit) Too Late / Kathy (Incl Skyrager & Jonny Rock Edits) Spacetalk Records
Paul Haig ‎ Heaven Help You Now Heaven Help You Now Operation Afterglow


November 17, 2020

A nice selection of songs and tracks that skirt soul/funk, disco, lovers rock, re-edits and deep house. Everything flows well – I have enjoyed listening to this one! My special fave is the Tavares re-edit, which has been cycling though my head while out on runs (always my best indicator of a track to watch!). Same goes for the re-edit of Marshall Hain (their track Dancing In The City), and the E. Live Ft. Chesta Blake track.

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Artist Song Release Label
Miroslav Vitous New York City Love Saves The Day (A History Of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979) (Part 2) Reappearing Records
Hysteric Letter From The Far East BEST003 La Bestiole Records
Terea Pretty Bird The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco 2 How Do You Are?
GW & Henry In The CityReworkd Disco Mondo A&R Edits
Unknown Artist B5 Crossed Wires Light Sounds Dark ‎
Tony Verde Calypso Napoli Segreta Volume 2 NG Records
Tavares A Minute (Moplen Edit) A Minute / Can’t Hide A&R Edits
E. Live Ft. Chesta Blake Do Me Like That (Slight Extension Mix) Star Creature Vibes Star Creature
Charisma Everything Is Fine (Chuggy Discomix) Everything Is Fine Emotional Rescue
One Blood Every Dub Everything Is Fine Emotional Rescue ‎

Artist Song Release Label
Bajm Jezioro Szczęścia (Tamten & Fopa Nostalgic Rave Mix) The Very Polish Cut Outs Sampler Vol.7 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Wilson Pickett Don’t Knock My Love (Part 1) Love Saves The Day (A History Of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979) (Part 1) Reappearing Records
Wilson Pickett Don’t Knock My Love (Part 2) Love Saves The Day (A History Of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979) (Part 1) Reappearing Records
The Patchouli Brothers ‎ Always Dancin Tugboat Edits Volume 15 Tugboat Edits
Al-Tone Simone Manuel Al-Tone Edits Razor N Tape ‎
Payfone Sofian (Loyal Remix) Sofian Leng
Q&A Revolving Mirrors Leng Label Sampler Leng
DJ Kemit Forbidden Love NDATL Special Edition 2020 *Covid Edition NDATL Muzik
Elia y Elizabeth Alegría (Demi Riquísimo Remix) Remixes De Oro Razor N Tape Reserve
Andrea Desidera Lenortape Side B (Excerpt) Copernicus Was My Grandad, Kepler Was My Uncle EN.KI.DU.NU


May 26, 2020

Both hours are all-vinyl, starting with 12″ singles and changing to 7″s about 1/3 way through. This is an electronic and international show. I’m real happy with the selection and how it came out, and hope you will be as well.

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Artist Song Release Label
Midnight Runners Tonight Tugboat Edits Volume 14 Tugboat Edits
Youkounkoun Qu’est Ce Que Je Fais Ici Special Delivery Vol. 6 Edit Service
CV Porte Dorée Special Delivery Vol. 4 Edit Service
Almunia Views From A Blue Train (On Air Dub By Leo Mas & Fabrice) Serpent Strut / Views From A Blue Train Claremont 56
Música Esporádica Música Esporádica Música Esporádica – EP Music From Memory
Vox Populi! Letsam La Alternatif Réalisme Emotional Rescue
DJ Si Si Si Gracias Glide Right DB12 003 Duca Bianco
Cherrystones Meta Weta DB7 001 Duca Bianco
Il Est Vilaine Yama Yama BAHNRSD Bahnsteig 23

Artist Song Release Label
Sure To Please Untitled 7 Inches Of Pleasure Lo-Fi EdiTS
Gagle Vanta Black (Instrumental) Mukatsuku Presents Gagle/ DJ Mitsu The Beats (First Time On A 45) Mukatsuku Records ‎
The Aquanauts Bubble Beats Relentless Underground Resistance
Wavelength Life Turns Funk Dreams Glydezone Recordings
Eddie C Ponderings Atlantic Jam Red Motorbike
Sonny Okosuns My Ancestors Tom Noble & Renata – Edits Hello Sailor Recordings
4am The Man I Feel Passion Emotional Rescue
Kito Jempere Drakon DB7 003 Duca Bianco
Kay Zee Barny Barny Phantom Island
Lexx Feat. Woolfy Too Hot Too Hot Phantom Island
Tom Bolas Senopati Punk DB7 002 Duca Bianco
dane//close Bolass’d DB7 004 Duca Bianco
The Bleak Engineers Indiscriminate Introspecto Six Tonnes De Chair Records
DJ Dez/Andres Gotta Get It Save Em Frn Records


January 21, 2020

The first hour finds SF post-Crime band Vector Command in the company of Russian Fanny Kaplan, Canadian Ruby Karinto and Australian NUN, with a track from the Jody Harris – post-Contortions LP ‘It Happened One Night.’ The second hours starts in space with England’s Sendelica, then goes to Poland with Romuald & Roman, then Woodstock NY with Timworld, followed by several musical trips that share the same hats, including Liverpool’s Pete Burns in a pre-Dead Or Alive 12″ as Nightmares In Wax.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Pere Ubu Skidrow-on-Sea The Long Goodbye Cherry Red Records
Jody Harris My Uncle Bill It Happened One Night Press Records
Fanny Kaplan Fake Shooter Fanny Kaplan Inflammable Material
39 Clocks Dom (Electricity Elects the Rain) Subnarcotic Bureau B
Hand Grenades Cocoon Demo To London Last Laugh Records
Blurt The Ruminant Plinth Ruminant Violence Optimo Music
Ruby Karinto Mangetsu Ruby Karinto Hozac
Vector Command Ports Of Venus System 3 Hozac
NUN Can’t Chain The Dome Hozac

Artist Song Release Label
Sendelica Manhole Of The Universe The Cosmonaut Years Vol 2 FRG Records
Romuald & Roman Towarowy Rusza Do Indii The Polish Psychedelic Trip vol.II 1969-1976 Kameleon Records
Timworld Making Scary New Gods Out of Corn Husks Dhoom Goat River Productions
Vox Populi! Sur Les Rochers Du Flueve Cut Chemist Presents Funk Off A Stable Sound ‎
André De Saint-Obin Introduction / My Dirty Self Sound On Sound Plinkity Plonk Records
Der Gøtling Halleluja II G-ZX LP Mond Musik
Nightmares In Wax Black Leather Nightmares In Wax KY Records
Jonny Teardrop Shotgun No Problemo Rouge Mécanique Musique
Uwalmassa Untitled 07 Bumi Uthiri EP Linear Perspective
Suicide Dream Baby Dream (Long Version) Dream Baby Dream Mute
Violet Nox Bell Song Future Fast – EP Sleep Fuse


January 7, 2020

All vinyl electronic show that spends a lot of time in ambient and balearic sounds. We visit Poland (Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain, Naphta), London (N-Gynn, Payfone), Germany (Ferdi), Switzerland (Lexx), Italy (Ruins), France (Vox Populi!), Sydney Australia (Santilli) with a trip into disco tinged waters with the Azwon track. We travel far and wide today…

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Artist Song Release Label
N-Gynn Marmaris Hamam House – 4 Hamam House
Payfone Last Night in Sant Celoni Last Night in Sant Celoni Leng Records
Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain Velicious Pulses Into The Light Records
Azwon Paradise Island Paradise Island Pressure Makes Diamonds
Jason Letkiewicz Burning off the Morning Fog The Reflecting Pool Into The Light Records
Andrew Wasylyk Flight Of The Cormorant The Paralian Athens Of The North ‎
Vox Populi! Soleymani Dub Alternatif Réalisme Emotional Rescue
Hillside Hidden Port Hidden Port Claremont 56

Artist Song Release Label
Ruins Ground Marea / Tide Music From Memory
Michael Stearns Something’s Moving Planetary Unfolding Emotional Rescue
Toshifumi Hinata 新しい遊牧民 (Atarashii Yuhbokumin) Broken Belief Music From Memory
Young Marco Kalapa Garden Bahasa Island Of The Gods
The New Morning Cricket Island (Tribal Mix) Riddims Of Culture 1 Emotional Rescue
Naphta Thom’s Beach Naphta and The Shamans Astigmatic Records
Santilli CRB Surface Into The Light Records ‎
Ferdi Night Talk All One Claremont 56 ‎
Lexx Too Hot Cosmic Shift Phantom Island ‎
Bartosz Kruczyński Pastoral Sequences Baltic Beat II Growing Bin Records
Bella Vista Mister Wong (Disco Dub) Mister Wong Isle Of Jura Records
Smith & Mudd The Gardener Tea With Holger Be With Records
Zann Caravan Strange Ways / Inside Jungle Isle Of Jura Records
Land Of Light Age Of Tin And Copper The World Lies Breathing Melody As Truth ‎
Glen Velez Bendir Sweet Season Emotional Rescue


All vinyl electronic show spun in real time, featuring a cadre of artists from all over the world on some of my favorite record labels: Mukatsuku, Music From Memory, Claremont 56, Emotional Rescue, Into The Light, Tugboat, Duca Bianco, Hello Sailor, Phantom Island, Melody As Truth, Melody As Truth, Red Motorbike, Malka Tuti, Second Circle, Archeo Recordings, and Snaker.

June 4, 2019

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Artist Song Release Label
Bruhahá Babélico Bruhahá II Outro Tempo: Single Promocional Music From Memory
The Soul Grenades Get Lucky A Blast Of Funk! Mukatsuku Records
Ferdi Fading Away All One Claremont 56
Elaine Kibaro Fajrann Fajrann Emotional Rescue
Cass. Leaving Postclub Prism Into The Light Records
Megadon Betamax He Can’t Love You He Can’t Love You Tugboat Editions
Bartosz Kruczyński & Poly Chain Echolalia Pulses Into The Light Records
Kito Jempere FKA Lany DB7 003 Duca Bianco

Artist Song Release Label
Chris Spheeris ~ Paul Voudouris Passage Passage Emotional Rescue
Elizio De Buzios Tamanqueiro (Selvagem Edit) Le Freak Hello Sailor Recordings
Kay Zee Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework) Barny Phantom Island
Lexx Feat. Woolfy Too Hot (Version) Too Hot Phantom Island
Akis Into The Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) Akis Remixed Into The Light Records
Tom Bolas Kangham Funk DB7 002 Duca Bianco
MATstudio In Strange Company He Spoke Softly MATstudio 1 Melody As Truth
McNeal & Niles Punk Funk Summertime Melody As Truth

Artist Song Release Label
Eddie C Atlantic Jam Atlantic Jam Red Motorbike
Xen & Yovav Shavit Etmol Hayom Malka Tuti
The Gagosians Run For My Honey (Lexx & Kejeblos Remix) Run For My Honey Phantom Island
Sonny Okosuns My Ancestors Tom Noble & Renata – Edits Hello Sailor Recordings
Plazmot Orot Levanim Allenby Malka Tuti
Yu Su Words Without Sound Roll With The Punches Second Circle
Cherrystones Blood, Campari & Sand DB7 001 Duca Bianco
Luis Paniagua Aqui Y Ahora Neptuno Emotional Rescue
Eirwud Mudwasser Treewalkers Cradle Song Snaker 010 Snaker
Jonny Nash Trees Bearing Fruit Make A Wilderness Music From Memory
Blue Gas Shadows From Nowhere Shadows From Nowhere Archeo Recordings


Two hour vinyl show spun in real time featuring soul/funk, balearic, post-punk electronics, and a new track from 80s heroes Blancmange, and a DJ Spinna Sade re-edit.

May 14, 2019

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Artist Song Release Label
Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 Fascinating (Al-Tone Edit) Fascinating Al-Tone Edits
S&C Drug Of A Nation DB12 001 Duca Bianco
Electra Are You Automatic (Franz Scala Edit) MM Discos 06 MM Discos
Thomas Leer Saving Grace (Bullion Redux) Saving, Drum Emotional Rescue
Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives In a Small Place In a Small Place Claremont 56
Hawkwind The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon (Cherrystones Rework) Rangoon, Langoons Emotional Rescue
O Yuki Conjugate Insect-Talk (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) Insect-Talk Utter
Crepuscule Mythology Of The Stars Cuneiform For Pumapunku Light Sounds Dark
Crepuscule The Caregiver (Careless Mix) Cuneiform For Pumapunku Light Sounds Dark

Artist Song Release Label
Takenoko Trans Amor Express (Sneaker “Traaans” Mix) Sneaker Mixes Emotional Rescue
Pedro Vian Colours of Infinity Le Mythe De Sisyphe MM Discos
Curt Cress Dschung Tek (Long Version) Dschung Tek Music From Memory
Beard In Dust At the Dawn Disco Hamam – 5 Disco Hamam
Bison Salmon Spungcake (Zip It Shrimpy Mix By Conrad McDonnell) Salmon Spungcake Claremont 56
Dunkeltier Arcade BAH049 Bahnsteig 23
Roxy Music Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Dub) Remixed Virgin EMI Records
Kincaid Ft. Blancmange Big Fat Head (Club Mix) Big Fat Head Disco Halal
DJ Spinna Crime (A DJ Spinna Re-Freak) Adu-Redu All Right Fresh


Electronic show, mostly 12″, all vinyl spun in real time. Lots of great tracks – absorb!

October 23, 2018

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Song Artist Release Label
Do The Mouse Yea Vito Ricci A Symphony For Amiga Intelligent Instruments
Can’t Hang On Róisín Murphy Jacuzzi Rollercoaster The Vinyl Factory
Fake City, Real City Lolina The Smoke Not On Label (Inga Copeland Self-released)
You’ve Got the Love Richenel Perfect Stranger Music From Memory
Brazilewis Les Inferno Mais Uma Chance (Jack Tennis Remix) / Brazilewis How Do You Are?
Giant Step (Demo Version) D.E. Giant Step Into The Light Records
Untitled Unknown Artist Configuration / Deployment Light Sounds Dark ‎
In The Midnight Kito Jempere Objects Fata Morgana
I Heard Music Paul Haig The Wood Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Flying Fantasy (Exclusive Unreleased Instrumental) Skymark Flying Fantasy Mukatsuku Records

Song Artist Release Label
Brothers on the Slide Cymande Promised Heights Mr Bongo
Orot Levanim Plazmot Allenby Malka Tuti
Emergency Music Ward Vector Command System 3 Hozac
Pua Feat. Penya Dengue Dengue Dengue Semillero On The Corner Records
Kyrie O Yuki Conjugate Scene In Mirage Emotional Rescue
Vollmond G.B. Beckers Walkman Music From Memory
Trans Amor Express (Dance mix) Takenoko L’Amour Est Mon Arme Emotional Rescue
Ready To Die (Mudd’s Extended Mix) Bel Ready To Die Claremont 56
Cisco Dois Igor B Águas de Setembro Rocksteady Disco ‎
Bella Topa (Fede Club Reconstruction Slow) Super Paolo Bella Topa Leng
Aeo (feat Aenx – Ottertasia Mix) Dj Normal 4 Exoticz Second Circle