March 21, 2023

Today is the sixth week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series. The letters F, G, and H are up. Every track vetted for joy. As for re-edits, The Fantasy edits Prince’s bassistBrown Mark’s band Mazarati ‘Jerk Out’. Hauke Freer edits Focus guitarist Jan Akkerman’s ‘She’s So Divine’ Amsterdam 1979. Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra brings in Brazilian artist Arthur Verocai, an artist worth checking out on his own. Eddy Grant, whose career spanned decades and genres, appears in his 1978 period, 4 years before his world-conquering hit ‘Electric Avenue’. Luxury edits Foreigner’s 1981 mega-hit to great effect. Andi Hanley edits Annette’s 1988 track ‘Dream 17’. Chicago’s Ron Hardy does two edits for his edits series: Willie Hutch’s 1982 and Baby Huey’s 1971 tracks.

Hauke Freer

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Artist Song Release Label
The Fantasy Jerked Out Secret Mixes Fixes Vol.17 Secret Mixes Fixes
FunkinEven YM2 FunkinEven / Devin Dare Split 12″ Apron Records
Fudge Fingas Mass X (Juju & Jordash Remix) Firecracker Recordings
Hauke Freer XK XK XK Records
Free Association Sinned Free Association #2 Free Association
Flørist Presents V. Rosso M-80 Windows On The World E.P. World Building
Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra Mystery (4 Hero Dub Mix) Mystery Far Out Recordings
Eddy Grant Frontline Symphony Living On The Frontline Slow To Speak
Eddy Grant Living On The Frontline Living On The Frontline Slow To Speak

Artist Song Release Label
The Glimmers Presents The Disko Drunkards Physical (Semi Instrumental Version) Physical Diskimo
Gonno I Got Ya Gonno / Altz Split 12″ Altzmusica
Marcello Giordani Dirty Love Disco Cutz#2 Italo Deviance Records
Luxxury Urgent (Luxxury Rework) Giant Cuts Various Artists E.P Giant Cuts
Halo Life (Re-Edit) Let Me Do It Expansion
Kyle Hall I<3 Dr. Girl Friend Worx Of Art EP 1 Wild Oats
Andi Hanley Dream Rong Promo Only #10 Rong Music
Willie Hutch Brother’s Gonna Work It Out Ron Hardy #32 Not On Label (Ron Hardy)
Baby Huey Hard Times Ron Hardy #32 Not On Label (Ron Hardy)


March 14, 2023

Today is the 6th week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series. Today we cover the letters D and E. The show starts with a DJ Spun re-edit of the 1978 Bombers track ‘The Mexican’. The other notable re-edits are DW Edits Undisputed Truth edit of Lil’ Red Riding Hood, Ebony Cuts with Carrie Lucas Tic Toc, and Tee Scott’s edit of The Joneses Sugar Pie Guy. There are deep minimal tracks in this show as well as disco edits, or even straight-up disco/soul, such as the Martin L. Dumas Jr track. Things get chilled out with Dos Palos and Tony Esposito, and experimental with EYE. Lots of sounds, all stirred together and caramelized for you.

DW Edits

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Artist Song Release Label
DJ Spun Mexican DJ Spun’s Freestyle Party Rong Music
Dos Palos I’ve Been Around (Seahawks Ultra Remix) Remixes Part One NuNorthernSoul
Al Dobson Jr. Santiago Black (Ptaki Version) Rye Lane Versions Rhythm Section International
Martin L. Dumas Jr Attitude, Belief & Determination Attitude, Belief & Determination BBE
DW Edits Undisputed Truth – Lil’ Red Riding Hood This Is The Music We Dance To Creative Use
East Liberty Quarters If You Want My Love The 206 EP Rotating Souls Records
Ebony Cuts Carrie On Carrie On Kojak Giant Sounds
Eddie C Aim (Original Mix) Aim Crue-L Records
Editdub4 – The Joneses Sugar Pie Guy (Unreleased Tee Scott Club Dub) Unreleased V4 Rarest Of The Rare Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.

Artist Song Release Label
Editorial – Stereo 12″ West Garda Lake Editorial 15 Editorial
Elleorde Black Talon Open Wide & Eat the Future Forest Jams
Escort Chamèleon Chameleon Chamèleon Chameleon Escort Records
Ess O Ess Cantillate (Suzanne Kraft Remix) Cantillate Not An Animal Records
Tony Esposito Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 Rework) Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 Rework) Archeo Recordings
Susana Estrada Quitate El Sosten (Javi Frias Extended Disco Edit) Cosmic Edits Cosmic Records Store
EYE Untitled EYE 04 Not On Label


March 7, 2023

The fourth week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series completes the letter ‘C’ and starts ‘D’. If an artist appears to not belong, that is because the 12″ series starts with D and the single has multiple artists on it. There are several awesome tracks on their own, plus covers and re-edits. The Creams cover Joe Moks. The Police are re-edited by DJ Harvey, Donny Hathaway by Dimitri From Loisada, J.J. Cale by Dirty Sound System, Pink Floyd by danyb, the Cast of South Pacific by Disconnection, Nina Simone by Disco Tech. Big names, nice re-edits. Chicks On Speed sing on the DJ Hell track, cool percussive sounds on the Discodeine track.

Decent International

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Artist Song Release Label
The Creams Let’s (Justin Van Der Volgen Dub Version) Let’s (Justin Van Der Volgen Versions) My Rules
Tom Croose Cho Chua Cho Chua Resista
Cross Island Wave (Al Kent Remix) East Of The Apple Kalita Records
Alex Danilov More Analog Vibes Iinnii EP Contrast-Wax
danyb Have A Cake (danyb Re-Vision) Busted Volume 1 Busted
Das Bierbeben Sturm Brich Los Wir Sind Shitkatapult
Death On The Balcony What Is Dub Get Out Of Your World Mystery Meat
De Los Miedos Susana’s Dance Let’s Dance! Violette Szabo
Decent International Plantain Decent International 02 Decent International

Artist Song Release Label
Dengue Dengue Dengue Dileke Semillero On The Corner Records
Hanny Dottaway Talkin’bout (Dimitri From Loisada Edit) Dimitri From Loisada – Talkin’bout Ebo Records
J.J. Cale Ride Me High (Joakim Edit) Dirty Space Disco Vol.1 Dark & Lovely
Discodeine Tema Di Gamma Texas Gladiators EP Dark & Lovely
Disconnection Bali Ha’i (UK Discomix) Bali Ha’i Optimo Music
Disco Tech Baltimore (Tribute Rework) Disco Tech Edits Vol. 2 DiscoDat
Ashley Beedle & DJ Harvey Voices Inside My Head Voices Inside My Head Not On Label
DJ Hell This Is For You (Album Version) This Is For You (Remixed) Disko B
DJ Nature & Kuniyuki Groove Chase (Kuniyuki Ver.) DJ Nature & Kuniyuki EP Soundofspeed


February 28, 2023

The third week in the non-rock 12″ played alphabetically series completes the letter ‘B’ and starts the letter ‘C’. The scope of the sounds is fairly wide, and hidden within are Sun Ra, Elvis and (the song) Pipeline re-edits (The Cosmologist, Pepe California, and Cratebug). Comic Kids and Chari Chari give tracks that have stuck in my head, but mostly I have enjoyed the trip though these 2 hour-long segments.

Chari Chari

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Artist Song Release Label
Blindboy I Dream Ruckus In Lo-Fi Revisited Archeo Recordings
Frank Booker B1 Down In The Basement Volume 1 Down In The Basement
Bô’vel Check 4 U (Metrodome UK-Gee Remix) Check 4 U Be With Records
Pepe Bradock Abul-Abbas Le Fada Atavisme
Craig Bratley Beat On The Drum (Midnight Special Mix) Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride Remixes Tsuba Records
Budino Money Monkey Untitled JustWhatTheWorldNeeds…
Willie Burns Got To Be A Where Has The Love Gone Ultimate Hits
Dunk Shot Brothers Meets Pepe California Love Me Tender Slow Motion Replay Presents Dunk Shot Brothers SMR Records
Cantoma Just Landed (Pete Herbert Remix) Alive Highwood Recordings
Check The Guns Keep The Dream Alive (JC Edit) Tape Edit 006 Check The Guns

Artist Song Release Label
Chaos In The CBD Zona Del Silencio Zona Del Silencio EP In Dust We Trust
Chari Chari Fading Away Fading Away Seeds And Ground
Cosmic Kids Freight To My Soul Freight To My Soul Chit Chat Records
The Cosmologist Future Space (The Cosmologist 2014 Arkestral Manouvres In Outer Space) Cosmology Vol. 4 Under The Influence Records
Cratebug Blue Line Pipeline Chicago Edits Bug Records (CHGO)
The Omni Incentive untitled Crème Eclipse 01 Crème Organization
Kassen Untitled Crème Eclipse 02 – Coaster
Beta Evers Only For My Satisfaction Crème Eclipse 03 – Confusion Crème Organization


February 21, 2023

The second week in the alphabetical non-rock 12″ series continues the letter ‘B’, which will be completed next week. The show starts off with an Al Kent re-edit of Dave Baker, covers some early 00s electro courtesy of Bangkok Impact and later the the 3 Crème Eclipse 12″s. We go way back to 1979 with Black Devil, pleasantly revisit 2005 with Baxendale, then settle in with electronic artists/re-edits of the last decade.

The Black Madonna

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Artist Song Release Label
Dave Baker Glow of Love (Waxist Dub Version) Glow of Love Favorite Recordings
Bangkok Impact Like A Virgin Masters Of The Universe EP Crème Organization
Beaner It Takes Two Alter Ego – BP004 Banoffee Pies
Basil & Rogers Saturday Morning Basil & Rogers Forest Jams
Baxendale I Built This City (Michael Mayer Mix) I Built This City Kompakt Pop
Jimi Bazzouka Echoes Edits Vol. 4 Crowdspacer
BE Dontwant The Seven Movements Sweet Sticky
Beach Wizards The Diamond Sea The Unlimited Tracy Island

Artist Song Release Label
Ashley Beedle Dett (Shock Tribute) / GHetto Luv (Yardist Dubplate Cut) Yardism EP 2 Girls Music
Big Strick Old E 800 100% Hustler FXHE Records
Joan Bibiloni Ulls Verds Selected Works 1982 to 1989 NuNorthernSoul
Bing Ji Ling Twilight (Original) Twilight Lovemonk
Black Devil One To Choose Disco Club Rephlex
Black Lodge Broughton Untitled Not On Label
The Black Madonna Alright This Morning (Nicholas Remix) Alright This Morning Home Taping Is Killing Music
Black Merlin New World Fantasy New World Fantasy Common Thread
Black Rox Date With The Rain (Soft Rocks One For The Lion King Manipulation) Black Rox 004 Black Rox Brighton


February 14, 2023

Today begins a new series ’12” played alphabetically’ which will not cover labels I buy lots of releases from, instead covering the one-offs, played alphabetically by artist. If the 12″ is VA, the title is the alphabetical hook. I love this type of series because it is fun to wrestle a fluid show out of such a constraint, and I usually uncover new favorites while re-evaluating old finds. Today’s show brought me a lot of joy, which I hope you experience, especially as it goes live on Valentines Day 2023.


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Artist Song Release Label
AJL Band Day Tripper Take Me Dancing FXHE Records
Albion Free Fantasy Formation Free Fantasy Formation Forest Jams
Kai Alcé Be-Bop Ndatltd Kolour LTD
A.L-T. Islamabad Serena A.L-T.s Summer Outtings Les Edits Du Golem
Altz.P vs. Being Borings DODOP DODOP Crue-L Records
Amen Brother Disco Band Afreeka Amen Brother Vol. 1 Amen Brother
Sergio Rizzolo Four Twenty Amen Brother Vol. III Amen Brother

Artist Song Release Label
A Mountain Of One Bonnie & Clyde (A Mountain Of One’s Rework) Bonnie & Clyde (A Mountain Of One’s Rework) Not On Label
Joey Anderson Above The Cherry Moon Above The Cherry Moon Avenue 66
Andromeda Andromeda (Original 7″ Mix) Andromeda Disco Segreta
Arnie’s In Love Enough Enough Wind Rock Sucks!
Mehmet Aslan We Love Yello For Disco Only Six For Disco Only
Aural Exciters Paradise My Boy Lollipop ZE Records
Azwon Paradise Island Paradise Island Pressure Makes Diamonds
Kiu D New Year Bag Of Tricks Vol.1 Masterworks Music
Alma Negra Vision Visions EP Alma Negra
Ben & Sadar’s Fast Trumpet The Red, White & Blue’s BBE


February 7, 2023

Today’s show has 6 pairings of Television or Tom Verlaine tracks with suitable companions, then a bunch of songs his stuff makes me think of. I did not play Felt, who may be the most Television-like band, but I will have them covered in weeks to come and I wanted to make lass obvious parallels. The tracks that have thrilled me and stuck in my head the most are ‘Penetration’ and it’s New Order pairing (both just incredible), and the TV21 / Psychedelic Furs pairing. I also love the dB’s track ‘I Lie’.


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Artist Song Release Label
Television Days Adventure Elektra
The Only Ones Miles From Nowhere Even Serpents Shine CBS
Television The Dream’s Dream Adventure Elektra
Talking Heads No Compassion Talking Heads: 77 Sire
Television Prove It Marquee Moon Elektra
The Gun Club L.A. Is Always Real In My Room Bang! Records
Tom Verlaine Penetration Dreamtime Warner Bros. Records
New Order Leave Me Alone Power, Corruption & Lies Factory
Tom Verlaine Mr. Bingo Tom Verlaine Elektra
The Go-Betweens Careless Send Me A Lullaby Rough Trade
TV21 Waiting For The Drop A Thin Red Line Deram
The Psychedelic Furs No Tears Talk Talk Talk CBS
The dB’s I Lie The Sound Of Music I.R.S. Records
Green Seagull Little Lady (In The Amplifier) Cloud Cover Mega Dodo

Artist Song Release Label
The Cleveland Steamers Somethin’ Bad Best Record Ever! Smog Veil Records
Gruppo Sportivo Real Teeth Are Out Back To 78 Music On Vinyl
Paul Haig The Walk The Wood Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Hand Grenades Cocoon Demos To London Last Laugh Records
Happy Hate Me Nots Best Of Intentions Out Rough Trade
The Haskels Living With A Sense Of Purpose Taking The City By Storm Splunge Communications Inc.
Jowe Head Shy Town Cabinet Of Curios Munster Records
Unwnd Terminus Live Leaves (10 Year Anniversary Edition) Numero Group
Nico + The Faction My Heart Is Empty Camera Obscura Beggars Archive
Neil Young With Crazy Horse I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone) World Record Reprise Records
The Primitives Till I’m Alive Don’t Know Where To Start Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters Pushing Me Too Far Smashed Full Of Wonder Optic Nerve Recordings
Echo And The Bunnymen Ticket To Ride B-sides & Live (2001-2005) Demon Records


January 31, 2023

An all-vinyl power pop show, everything fitting together neatly, though the last 3 songs in the second hour break the mold a bit, but somehow suggested themselves as I was recording this. I learned interesting stuff about Hollywood Stars (they shared a split 7″ with The Kinks) and Plastic Bertrand while recording this show. The Sweet track is a strong 2021 studio recording from a pandemic inspired LP. The Adverts track had been going through my head for weeks, glad to put it out in the open here. The Jordan Jones, KRGA, Brett Smiley trio that closes the first hour is ‘just right’, while bands to discover in this show are Beachheads, The Trend, Modernettes, The Stiffs, The Lloyds, and The Demons.

The Adverts

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Artist Song Release Label
Blake Babies I’ll Take Anything Sunburn American Laundromat Records
Chris Bell I Got Kinda Lost I Am The Cosmos Omnivore Recordings
Beachheads 10 000 Hurts Beachheads II Fysisk Format
The Shirts Teenage Crutch The Shirts Capitol Records
Stiv Bators A Million Miles Away Disconnected Bomp!
The Bangles Anna Lee (Sweetheart Of The Sun) Sweetheart Of The Sun Real Gone Music
The Adverts Safety In Numbers Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts Bright Records
Arc Why Live For The Weekend Arc Lifesong
Agent Orange It’s Up To Me And You When You Least Expect It… Enigma
Joneses Teenage Breakdown Jonesin’ Discography Vol. 3 Projectile Platters
Small Faces Hey Girl Complete Greatest Hits! Charly Records
Big Star When My Baby’s Beside Me #1 Record Ardent Records
The Sweet Hellraiser Isolation Boulevard Prudential Records
The Hollywood Stars All The Kids On The Street Sound City Liberation Hall
Jordan Jones Be My Baby Jordan Jones Spaghetty Town Records
KRGA Why Try Moi St. Hoser Records
Brett Smiley Va Va Va Voom Breathlessly Brett Beat Stack Records

Artist Song Release Label
Starcrawler Roadkill She Said Big Machine Records
Plastic Bertrand Rock’n’Roll Je Te Hais L’Album Attic
The Tubes Haloes The Tubes A&M Records
De Cylinders Sorrow In The Rain Chartbusters 1978-1982 Projectile Platters
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Be Mine Tonite Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Warner Bros. Records
The Trend Girl On TV The Trend Is In! One Way Ticket Records
Modernettes Confidential Eighty Eighty Two Projectile Platters
The Stiffs Magic Roundabout The Singles Collection 1979-1985 Projectile Platters
Stiff Little Fingers Piccadilly Circus BBC Live In Concert Parlophone
The Lloyds Curiosity Let’s Go Lloyds! Projectile Platters
The Hawks Bullfighter Obviously 5 Believers Seventeen Records
The Demons Bad Dreamin’ The Demons Mercury
Robyn Hitchcock The Lizard Black Snake Diamond Röle Armageddon Records
Modern Art (Trying To Find) The Hidden World Circuit Lights (1982-1986) Domestica
Second Layer Deadly Norwegian Wood Courts Or Wars 1972


January 24, 2023

All vinyl as always, an LP tracks Carl’s living room show with 11 feels-good-together pairings, then 3 David Crosby and 4 Jeff Beck tracks to celebrate the life and works of those artists. Special attention to the Traffic track that has been going through my head, the Stargazer Lilies track from their brand new record, and the David Bowie remix of a track from his The Next Day LP.

Jeff Beck

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Artist Song Release Label
The Raybeats The Backstroke Guitar Beat Don’t Fall Off The Mountain
David Bowie I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix) The Next Day Extra EP Columbia
Ultravox Stranger Within (Full Length Version) Rage In Eden [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix] Chrysalis Catalogue
Brenda Ray Return Of Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger Perfume Of The Soul Emotional Rescue
Traffic Hidden Treasure The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys Island Records
America Riverside Live At Goodbye Summer Festival ‘71 Morgan Blue Town Records Ltd.
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains Clear Spot Rhino Records
Dr. John End Of The Line Things Happen That Way Rounder Records
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers This Kind Of Music Jonathan Sings! Omnivore Recordings
The Trend (I Feel Like A) Dictionary The Trend Is In! One Way Ticket Records
Mick Farren Bela Lugosi Vampires Stole My Lunch Money Munster Records
Tintern Abbey Nightfall Beeside The Anthology Real Gone Music
The Scrubbers Street Rat The Scrubbers Vol I RAR
Jimi Hendrix Cherokee Mist / Astro Man Burning Desire Dagger Records

Artist Song Release Label
Wire Underwater Experiences Not About To Die (Studio Demos 1977-1978) Pinkflag
Chuck Berry It’s Too Dark In There Concerto In B Goode Mercury
The Stargazer Lilies Bending The Lines Cosmic Tidal Wave Floravinyl Records
Elisa Waut Being Strong Elisa Waut Numero Group
The Hawks All The Sad Young Men Obviously 5 Believers Seventeen Records
Attitudes Ain’t Love Enough Dark Horse Records (The Best Of 1974-1977) Dark Horse Records
Stiff Little Fingers Gate 49 BBC Live In Concert Parlophone
The Spencer Davis Group Moonshine Looking Back Solution Records
David Crosby Tamalpais High (At About 3) If I Could Only Remember My Name Atlantic
The Byrds Why Never Before Re-Flyte
David Crosby Shot At Me For Free BMG
Beck, Bogert & Appice Why Should I Care Beck, Bogert & Appice Epic
Jeff Beck Morning Dew Truth Epic
Jeff Beck With Terry Bozzio And Tony Hymas Behind The Veil Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop Friday Music
Yardbirds Hot House Of Omagarashid (Alternate Mono Version) Roger The Engineer Demon Records


January 17, 2023

A Carl’s living room LP tracks rock show with three 7″ tracks tucked in as a bonus at the end of Part 2. Some 80’s goodness from ten records gifted to me, which shaped some of the other selections. Special attention should be called to ALRN, an early Scott Miller (Game Theory) band, and to The Yummy Fur’s Bowie cover. EVERY track fought long and hard to be included here and has a rightful place in the Circus.

The Male Nurse

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Artist Song Release Label
The Bags Pioneer Rock Starve Restless Records
Bailter Space Glimmer Wammo Matador
Au Pairs Instant Touch Sense And Sensuality Kamera Records
The Auteurs Light Aircraft On Fire After Murder Park 3 Loop Music
Automatics Run Forever The Missing Album Destroy Records
A·Moms = Algebra Mothers Swan Song A·Moms = Algebra Mothers Third Man Records
The Apples In Stereo Drifting Patterns Her Wallpaper Reverie Earworm
April March Californian Fall In Cinerama Une Vie
ALRN Beach State Rocking Painted Windows Rational Records
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Without You Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Warner Bros. Records
The Severed Limb Bela Lugosi Good And Gone Wonderfulsound
Airport Girl Hey! Crayola Honey, I’m An Artist Fortuna Pop!
A Certain Ratio Good Together Good Together Mute
Viv Albertine Sweet Cheat Gone The Vermilion Border Cadiz Music
Adam And The Ants Killer In The Home Kings Of The Wild Frontier CBS

Artist Song Release Label
The Adicts Chinese Takeaway Sound Of Music Radiation Reissues
ABC Date Stamp The Lexicon Of Love Neutron Records
XTC Melt The Guns English Settlement Virgin
Lene Lovich Special Star New Toy Stiff-Epic
‘Til Tuesday Maybe Monday Voices Carry Epic
The Motors Do You Mind Approved By The Motors Virgin
The Unknowns Not My Memory Dream Sequence Sire
O Positive With You Only Breathing Throbbing Lobster
Scruffy The Cat Runaway Boom Boom Boom Bingo Relativity
Elvis Costello I’m Not Angry My Aim Is True Stiff Records
Pete Wylie And The Mighty Wah Seven Minutes To Midnight (Liveish) The Story Of The Blues Chrysalis Catalogue
The Soup Dragons The Same Old Story Janice Long Session 01.09.86 Precious Recordings Of London
Mother Goose Top Tune Mate! Mother Goose / Mystery Date Igor Records
The Yummy Fur Always Crashing In The Same Car Stereo Girls Roxy
The Male Nurse G-D-R G-D-R Guided Missile