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Playlist 252

August 23, 2016

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Artist Song Disk Label
Khidja Abdul (Juju & Jordash Remix) Eleccio Especial Emotional Especial
Lnrdcroy Kali Yuga Ooze City Mood Hut
Peter Power Sun Sun Damba Moon Faze Sun Gaze 1 Multi Culti
TCP The Dynamic Energy (Moscoman Rework) Moscoman Reworks Disco Halal
Hotmood Smooth Way To Funk Tugboat Edits presents Hotmood Vol 1 Tugboat Edits
Miles Davis Robert Glasper Bilal Ghetto Walkin’ Ghetto Walkin’ Columbia/Legacy
Underground Resurrection Dreams Reality AOE
Sam Dees Child Of The Streets 2015 Child Of The Streets 2015 Under The Influence
Claudja Barry Give It Up Domu Edits Kat
Record Mission For Heathen’s Sake EP 3 Record Mission
Man Friday Love Honey, Love Heartache Love Honey, Love Heartache Get on Down
Autarkic Ufo (Space Version) Can You Pass The Knife? Disco Halal
Huerco S The Sacred Dance For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito Records
Quiet Village Untitled Bahadir Pyramid Of Mars
Mushrooms Project Sunset Ballad Dirty Bolas Leng
Michal Turtle Maid Of The Mist Phantoms Of Dreamland Music From Memory
Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger Rheinfahren EP Emotional Response

Playlist 251

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
Downtown Party Network The Returning (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) Is It Balearic? Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Is it Balearic?
Autarkic Ghosts Hello To Mrs Blank Golf Channel Recordings
Delusion Men Phaser Train Phaser Train Future Nuggets
Das Komplex Redukcja Dysonansu Poznawczego All for Love Step Recordings
Das Komplex City All for Love Step Recordings
Mingmad Jimsu Madming Music (live) Sentrall 006 Sentrall
Auntie Flo Cape Malay Prayer (Mehmet Aslan remix) Remixes Highlife Edits
Secret Squirrel track 1 Secret Squirrels #11 Secret Squirrel
Clive Richards & Brian Field All The Wierdmen 1 × Light Sounds Dark
Domenico Crisci Black Birds Over Naples Issue N Twelve Jealous God
Cratebug Blue Line Pipeline Chicago Edits Bug Edits
Gay Marvine Banji Girl Realness Dance Floor Favorites Vol 1 Bath House Etiquette
Gay Marvine Keepyourbodyworkin Dance Floor Favorites Vol 1 Bath House Etiquette
Selvy POPS POPS EP No Bad Days
Tryck & Ton When Cats Drink? 002 Tryck & Ton
Khidja Verschossen Bah024 Bahnsteig 23
Riccio Mystical Stretcher Deja Vu EP People Must Jam

Playlist 250

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
Jackson 5 Buttercup DJ Spinna presents the wonder of Stevie Volume 3 BBE
Crystal Santo Domingo Music Life Favorite
Magic Source Lovestruck Earthrising Favorite
Kenny Mann Jr. & Liquid Pleasure Band Tin Top (Kon re-edit) Tin Top BBE
The Severed Limb Woo Eee Ha Ha! Kill You and Bill You the Price of the Bullet Serious Types
Gay Marvine Goodnight Dance Floor Favorites Vol 2 Bath House Etiquette
Carrot Green & Selvagem Vandre Disco Halal Brazil Disco Halal
Do It Now! Election Fever, JA, W.1 Pay Later Talkcrest
Gala Drop Slow House ii Golf Channel Recordings
Cantoma Tabarin (Whatever/Whatever remix) Tabarin Highwood Recordings
Rouge Mécanique Positions Positions Rouge Mécanique Musique
Man Power The Tourist The Tourist ESP Institute
Cain Atai Atai Highlife Edits
Lum Rosa Moon Faze Sun Gaze 1 Multi Culti
Escape From New York Fire In My Heart Fire In My Heart Isle Of Jura
Ron Bacardi track 2 Way Back Wednesday Vol 2 Way Back Wednesday

Playlist 249

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Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
Spike Orlandu du Monteras – Sexican version Orange Cloud Version Golf Channel Recordings
Nad Hold On Castro Join the Fookin’ Party! Bastedos
Videosex Videosex (edited by Zambon) The Very Yugo Cut-Outs The Very Polish Cut Outs
Francesco Agostini Ba-Ba-BABABA Stollwerck Sampler Emotional Rescue
Your Song Is Good Re-Search (Force Of Nature remix) Re Search Phantom Island
Alain Maneval Souviens-Toi Du Futur DDR001 Deviant Disco Records
Basso Grube Aus Dem Fahrstuhl Basso EP Joes Bakery
Simon Peter Arc of Lark Arc of Lark Claremont 56
Jorge Zamacona Track 1 Way Back Wednesday Vol 3 Way Back Wednesday
Dolly Savalas Man on a Boat Salamanca Issue #3 Salamanca
Plus Instruments Special Bodies Emotional Rescue
Patti Palladin Memo from Turner Memo From Turner Eruption Records
Ripperton We Are Music (Vocal Mix) Hat Uh Mi Hed Stilove4music
MikeBurns Enyin Legalize Lambada Vol 2 Legalize Lambada