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September 23, 2014

Disco/re-edits show that starts in Japan with Cro-Magnon before opening the door to Tadeusz Nalepa in Poland. The prolific Magic Wand Edits series follows. Sydney/London duo Ess O Ess precede another Japanese artist (Altz) before we turn stateside with Am Ko from Chicago. An edit of Lowrell Simon’s ‘Love Massage’ by Floridian Sleazy Mcqueen follows. The sounds is consistent throughout. If you like this style of music, every track will bring delight. I will point you to the Altz track if you want one track to decide the equation.

Tugboat Edits #5

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Artist Song Release Label
Cro-Magnon Patchwork Jazz V Jazzy Sport
Tadeusz Nalepa Dbaj O Miłość The Very Polish Cut-Outs Sampler Vol. 2 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Magic Wand Edits Budimo (Coyote edit) Magic Wand Vol 10 Magic Wand
Ess O Ess Baboon (Bad Passion Project Remix) Baboon Love On The Rocks
Altz You Gotta Baby I Got Ya Altzmusica
Am-Ko House Party House Party Stilove4music
Editor’s Kutz Let’s Make Love (Sleazy McQueen edit) Editor’s Kutz #4 Editor’s Kutz

Artist Song Release Label
Editor’s Kutz Let’s Make Love (Sleazy McQueen edit) Editor’s Kutz #4 Editor’s Kutz
Space Coast Get Away, Get Away Crystal Lake Glenview Records
Andy Hart Love Technology Love Technology EP Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Spiritual South Everyday Spiritual South Specials Basic Fingers
Young Marco Track 1 Camel 1 Cameltoe
Tim Zawada Summertime (Tim Zawada remix) Tugboat Edits 5 Tugboat Edits
JM Edits That’s The Way Love Is JM Edits #1 Kat


September 16, 2014

The show starts of with 1983 NYC disco/boogie, goes to Steve Eaton’s catchy soul/funk, then travels to Japan for a reggae-inflected Steven Stills cover. Australian Late Nite Tuff Guy does a great re-edit of Jackson 5 ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’. 1973 Bryan Ferry does a Beach Boys cover. These treats site in a bed of compatible tracks that amplify the good in each other. I love the groove in the BE track…

Turquiose Summers

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Artist Song Release Label
N.Y.C. Peech Boys On A Journey Life is Something Special P-Vine
Steve Eaton Without You Americana 2 BBE
Hiroshi Yamashita Love The One You’re With Tokyo Luxury Lounge Reggae Lounge Grand Gallery
Late Nite Tuff Guy Don’t Wanna Let You Go Soul Cut #01 Soul Cut
BE (Garth Be) GYB3 The Seven Movements Sweet Sticky
Black Merlin New World Fantasy New World Fantasy Common Thread
Vakula Thinking Out Loud Bandura003 Bandura
Bryan Ferry Don’t Worry Baby These Foolish Things Atlantic
Turquoise Summers So… Shades Omega Supreme Records
Martin Rev Mari Martin Rev Superior Viaduct
Monoton Circle Monotonprodukt 07 30y++ Desire

Artist Song Release Label
Monoton Circle (continued) Monotonprodukt 07 30y++ Desire
Monitor We Get Messages Monitor Superior Viaduct
Suns of Arqa Ananta Snake Dance Brujo Magic Emotional Rescue
Tambien Der Elf Der Elf ESP Institute
Studio 22 Dune Dune Edizioni Mondo
Victor Bach Living In Harmony Let’s Go Into Space II private
Bison Mandy (Mudd’s Extended Dub Mix) Mandy (Extended Mixes) Claremont 56


September 9, 2014

Show closer N.W. is edited by Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys (as Nad) and is both awesome and encapsulates the sound of this show, though most of the tracks bounce a little more than this one. Amid the re-edits you’ll find Detroit 1977 disco from Mike Theodore and 2014 magic from Peter Hook with Nova Nova. The song you must hear is New Jersey based Joey Anderson’s track. The Jose Manuel pre-dates the primitive future sound On The Corner Records would popularize on the ‘Door To The Cosmos’ comp.


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Artist Song Release Label
General Ludd Brothers And Sisters Brothers and Sisters Mister Saturday Night Records
Jex Opolis Birds & Morning Rain Zither Good Timin’
The Mike Theodore Orchestra Cosmic Wind Cosmic Wind / High on Mad Mountain WestBound Records
Nova Nova & Peter Hook Low Ends (Original mix) Low Ends (Part 1) Atal
Joey Anderson Above The Cherry Moon (Vakula remix) Above The Cherry Moon Avenue 66
Gonno I Got Ya I Got Ya Altzmusica
Rondenion Tokyo Story Tokyo Story Still Music

Artist Song Release Label
Rondenion Tokyo Story (continued) Tokyo Story Still Music
Pharoahs Ahumbo (Another Beach version) Island Time (Remixed) ESP Institute
Soft Rocks Tutsi’s Dance In The House Soft Rocks Recordings
Jose Manuel Ajna Ajna Kinfolk
40 Thieves The Sky Is Yours (Cantoma Remix) The Sandpiper Leng Records
Ruf Dug Magnetic Atmosphere (Lectric dub) Magnetic Atmosphere It’s A Lectric World
Placebo N.W. (Edited by Nad) Mangiami 003 ChannelXXX

Playlist 166

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Part One
Part Two
Artist Song Disk Label
Wonder Headz Midnight Romance Wonder Wanderer AWDR/LR2
Orchestre Baba National Sweet Sweet Mbombo Kenya Special (Selected East African Recordings From the 1970s &
Soundway Records
Serge Gainsbourg Sorry Angel Love On the Beat Mercury
Holger Czukay Ode To Perfume On the Way to the Peak of Normal Gronland
Roland S. Howard Pop Crimes Pop Crimes Fat Possum
Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove Jericho A Fistful of Desert Blues Rustblade
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Akue We Non Houme The Skeletal Essences Of Afro-Funk 1969-1980 Analog Africa
Warm Gun Broken Windows Paink French Punk Anthems (1977-1982) Born Bad Records
Medicine Butterfly’s Out Tonight To the Happy Few Captured Tracks
Blase Downtown Salad Sunset Dawn ESP Institute
Mind Fair Bloody Mary Downtown Nubian E.P. Golf Channel Recordings
Mark Seven My Caesar My Caesar People Must Jam