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October 12, 2021

Artist Song Release Label
Mott The Hoople Alice The Hoople CBS
Downliners Sect Outside The Birth Of Suave Hand Of Glory
Ducks Deluxe Daddy Put The Bomp Ducks Deluxe RCA Victor
Smokescreens I Love Only You A Strange Dream Slumberland Records
Misty Roses Jellypop Perky Jean Komodo Dragons Frog Man Jake
Neil Young ‎ Try Homegrown Reprise Records
Port Sulphur A Gift Compendium Creeping Bent
The Winkies Out On The Run The Winkies Lemon Recordings
Doug Bielmeier Backscatter Ambient Works Albany Records
David Bowie ‎ Holy Holy The Width Of A Circle Parlophone
Shocking Blue Morning Sun Good Times Pink Elephant
Josef K Endless Soul Endless Soul Marina Records
The Flys Fascinate Me Today Belongs To Me – The Complete Recordings 1977-1980 Cherry Red
The Boys Cool The Boys … On Safari Captain Oi!
Mighty Baby Devil’s Whisper At A Point Between Fate And Destiny (The Complete Recordings) Grapefruit Records
The Long Ryders ‎ Lights Of Downtown State Of Our Union Island Records
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 49th Parallel The Best Years Of Our Lives EMI
Doctors Of Madness The Noises Of The Evening Perfect Past: The Complete Doctors Of Madness RPM Records
Betwixt Spencer For Hire The Salty Tang Woodside Records
James Gang ‎ Ride The Wind Bang ATCO Records


October 5, 2021

Part 17 in the 7″ played alphabetically series which started February 2018 and has sporadically run since. The next few episodes play catch-up on A-E, which have already been covered in earlier shows, but which now have many more candidates than were available when those early shows were recorded. The songs that keep coming back to me from today’s show are by Action Suits, Alternate Learning, The Anemic Boyfriends, Benett, The Blue Stars, Tracy Bryant, and Capri (who to my surprise sound a whole lot like a band I like lots, The Farmer’s Boys). Love the Ash cover of Helen Love track Punk Boy. ALL the tracks could be singled out as faves.


The shows in this series:

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  7. #326
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  9. #337
  10. #338
  11. #357
  12. #367
  13. #368
  14. #369
  15. #370
  16. #371

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
A Certain Ratio Berlin Berlin Mute
Action Suits Andy The Android Glazed Donuts Spot On!
The Action Climbing Up The Wall (See Me) Follow Me Solution Records
Charlie Ainley (You Tell Me) Lies (You Tell Me) Lies Nemperor Records
Airship Get Out, Take Your Mother With You Get Out, Take Your Mother With You Meanbean Records
Delai Alamos Con Los King Stay El Grito De Los King Ritmo Del GoGo Munster Records
Almen T.N.T. Ogro De Ciudad ¿A Donde Vamos Hoy? Munster Records
Aloha Swamp Aloha Swamp Aloha Swamp Missing Fink Records
Alternate Learning When She’s Alone ALRN Rational Records
The Anemic Boyfriends Fake I.D. Fake I.D. HoZac Records
Art Yard Something In Your Eyes Allston 1981 Ride The Snake
Ash Punk Boy Petrol Generator
Attrix Hard Times Lost Lenoré Munster Records
The Avalanches Information Electricity Rex Records
Baby’s Berserk What I Mean What I Mean Les Disques Bongo Joe
Beat Happening Crashing Through Crashing Through Optic Nerve Recordings

Artist Song Release Label
Beat Happening Look Around Crashing Through Optic Nerve Recordings
Beaver And The Trappers In Misery Happiness Is Havin’ Modern Harmonic
Benett Just Because I Liked You (In The Summertime) Amor The Seven Inch Contact Records
Biosphere Black Mesa Black Mesa Biophon Records
The Blue Macs It’s The Real Time It’s The Real Time Meanbean Records
The Blue Stars Social End Product Social End Product Munster Records
BMX Bandits Rosemary Ledingham Janice Long Session 09.04.87 Precious
BMX Bandits Strawberry Sunday Janice Long Session 23.06.86 Precious
BOB Coquette Convenience Optic Nerve Recordings
The Bonecollectors Bela Lugosi’s Dead Bela Lugosi’s Dead Missing Fink Records
Michael Boothman & Family Tree Featuring Andre Tanker Tabu Tabu Cree Records
David Bowie & Morrissey Cosmic Dancer (Live) Cosmic Dancer Parlophone
Tracy Bryant Between Us Between Us Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Buzzcocks Destination Zero Gotta Get Better Cherry Red
Camper Van Beethoven Colonel Enrique Adolfo Bermudez Take The Skinheads Bowling Optic Nerve Recordings
Capri Something Snaps Something Snaps Blow Up Records