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July 26, 2016

Rock show with 3 electronic tracks in the middle, closing out part 1 and starting part2. T. Rex Regeneration is a tape manipulation project from Tony Visconti and his son that takes discarded studio tape from prime-era T Rex and builds two songs that never existed from them. Either sacrilege or heaven, depending on your view.

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Artist Song Release Label
The Hollywood Brats Nightmare Sick On You Cherry Red
Crushed Butler Factory Grime Uncrushed RPM Records
Iggy Pop Funtime Shot Myself Up Easy Action
The Pop Group Blind Faith [Live Sheffield 1979] The Boys Whose Head Exploded Freaks R Us
The Black Tambourines Green Chica EP Easy Action
Dressy Bessy Cup ‘o Bang Bang Kingsized Yep Roc
T. Rex Regeneration Childlike Men Childlike Men Fly Records
T. Rex Regeneration Hey Let’s Do It Childlike Men Fly Records
Mueran Humanos Un Lugar Ideal Miseress ATP/Recordings
Blondes Son Persuasion Rvng Intl.

Artist Song Release Label
Blondes Son Persuasion Rvng Intl.
AZ Simigwado (Edit) BPRSD01 Banofee Pies
J.J. Burnell Deutschland Nicht Uber Alles Euroman Cometh Mau Mau
Manicured Noise Metronome Northern Stories 1978/80 Caroline True Records
The Lines Haberdasher Hull Down Acute Records
Der Gotling Halleluja II G ZX Mond Musik
Hunting Lodge Tribal Warning Shot So Low – Mixed By Optimo The Vinyl Factory
Mystery Plane Something To Prove Still Life Color Tapes
Rema Rema Entry Entry / Exit Le Cog Musique


July 19, 2016

Electronic show that has some mid paced (Timothy Blake, Willie Burns, Schmoltz, Pontchartrain, Siam) and some laid back (Quiet Sun, Blkshrk, Bing Ji Ling, Jack J, Om Unit, Chaos In the CBD, Andres).

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Artist Song Release Label
Quiet Sun Trot Mainstream Polydor
Mariah #5 Utakata no Hibi
Blkshrk Swimming For Todd …For Todd Fat Finger Cosmic / Rocksteady Disco
Timothy Blake United States Of Hinterland (Pablo & Shooey rejig) United States Of Hinterland Fatty Fatty Phonographics
Cherry Garcia Mystic Mountain High Priest EP Golf Channel Recordings
Bing Ji Ling Won’t Wait For Yesterday (Idjut Boys Last Orders dub) Won’t Wait For Yesterday Tummy Touch
Jack J Something (On My Mind) Looking Forward To You Mood Hut
Om Unit Friend of Day Friend of Day Idle Hands

Artist Song Release Label
Schmoltz Dai Mne Piau Bah027 Bahnsteig 23
Pontchartrain Gone Home Rocksteady Disco All-Stars Vol. 1 Rocksteady Disco
Willie Burns Got To Be A Bang The Box Ultimate Hits
Chaos In the CBD Background Explorer Global Erosion YAM Recordings
Andres Chevy Status Mighty Tribe La Vida
Siam Tel Aviv Downtown (Red Axes edit) Tel Aviv Downtown Garzen


July 12, 2016

All Vinyl electronic/re-edit chow. Cover star The Cosmologist illustrates where the sound goes quite well – mid paced, and into space. Greek artist Lena Platonos disorients in a wonderful way. Healing Force Project up the pace and give us a free-jazz feel in their electronic sound, particularly with the drums. Rouge Mécanique rattles like sounds though a decompression chamber. Glasgow’s Golden Teacher brings back The Cosmologist sound, but with vocals telling a story about leaving home.

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Artist Song Release Label
Mizz Beats Scientific Brainpriest Eglo Records Vol. 1 Eglo
Topher Horn Why Eye Oughta The Detroit Jazz Sessions Vol 1 Rocksteady Disco
The Cosmologist Future Space Cosmology, Vol. 4 Under The Influence
Shrinkwrap Outhouse (Sundown mix) Outhouse U-Star Records
Lena Platonos Witches Red Axes Remixes Dark Entries Records

Artist Song Release Label
Lena Platonos Witches Red Axes Remixes Dark Entries Records
Healing Force Project Apophenia Gravitational Lensing Firecracker Recordings
Rouge Mécanique Sis Don’t Touch My Sister Rouge Mécanique Musique
Bryan Ferry Avonmore (Johnson Somerset remix) Avonmore (remixes) The Vinyl Factory
Roisin Murphy House of Glass (Maurice Fulton Remix) House Of Glass (Maurice Fulton Remix) Play It Again Sam
Hysteric Tuageg Oasis Room Ostra Discos
Golden Teacher Divine Raveinstigator Sounds Of The Universe Records
Gala Drop Nova (Niagara Remix) Nova (Remixes) Golf Channel Recordings
Auntie Flo Sun Ritual II 5UN – Highlife Vol. 5 Highlife


July 5, 2016

Electronic show – Brina and her 84 Italo track step you right into the air after three tracks that relaxed you like a dip in the pool. House Of Doors bring us right back into the pool, before you jump in the elevator and every remaining track take you to the roof deck to dance.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Dip In The Pool I’m Still In Love With You Dipper 1985-91 Dipping warner japan
Stereo 12″ I Like It Diggin’ Disco Deep Record Store Day 2016 Diggin’ Disco Deep
Naphta Guardians Of The Forbidden 7th Expedition Transatlantyk
Brina Stranamore Per Te Stranamore Per Te Disco Segreta
House Of Doors Moesha The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol. 1 Mood Hut
DJ Dook Togo Disco Edity Transatlantyk
Macadam Mambo DJs Boys & Boys Macadam Mambo EP Passport To Paradise
Basil & Rogers Mirror Mirror Basil & Rogers Forest Jams
Beaner It Takes Two BP004 Banoffee Pies

Artist Song Release Label
Beaner It Takes Two BP004 Banoffee Pies
The Mighty Zaf Doin’ It Doin’ It Moton
Black Booby Sold Soul Special Edition Volume 1 Black Booby
Man Power Ablett Thnk U Stamp
Osmose Ready 2 Pop Disco Dreams Smokecloud
Magic Source Lovestruck (Patchworks Special Disco Remix) Lovestruck Favorite
Dan Shake Get It Together Shake Edits 2 shake