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October 12, 2021

This was a live in-studio show created for the 2021 WZBC (Boston College) fundraiser. Gulls Window Circus listeners know I like to break every two songs and talk about what is going to play next. In this show I am joined by my friend Chris Marstall and together we talk after EVERY song, and there is a lot more talking than usual. My apologies for all thew calls-to-action that are fundraiser related, but there are lots of good songs and insights contained within.

Port Sulphur

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Artist Song Release Label
Mott The Hoople Alice The Hoople CBS
Downliners Sect Outside The Birth Of Suave Hand Of Glory
Ducks Deluxe Daddy Put The Bomp Ducks Deluxe RCA Victor
Smokescreens I Love Only You A Strange Dream Slumberland Records
Misty Roses Jellypop Perky Jean Komodo Dragons Frog Man Jake
Neil Young ‎ Try Homegrown Reprise Records

Artist Song Release Label
Port Sulphur A Gift Compendium Creeping Bent
The Winkies Out On The Run The Winkies Lemon Recordings
Doug Bielmeier Backscatter Ambient Works Albany Records
David Bowie ‎ Holy Holy The Width Of A Circle Parlophone
Shocking Blue Morning Sun Good Times Pink Elephant
Josef K Endless Soul Endless Soul Marina Records
The Flys Fascinate Me Today Belongs To Me – The Complete Recordings 1977-1980 Cherry Red
The Boys Cool The Boys … On Safari Captain Oi!
The Long Ryders ‎ Lights Of Downtown State Of Our Union Island Records
Betwixt Spencer For Hire The Salty Tang Woodside Records
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 49th Parallel The Best Years Of Our Lives EMI


April 27, 2021

Today 5-7pm EST on The blurry sound of shoegaze reminds me of the gaussian filter in Photoshop. This show pushes aside the mist to highlight two dozen excellent examples of the sound, from the NYC band The Stargazer Lilies (who evolved out of Soundpool), to Boston artists Violet Nox, Seana Carmody, 27, Swirlies and Sydra. In between we visit Bristol for Movietone, Crescent and Secret Shine, SF for Crawling With Tarts, Scotland for Arab Strap, One Dove and Dot Allison. We also have Julian Cop in his Dope guise, Baltimore artist Linda Smith, Japanese art The Beauty, Sweden with Easy and Germany with Mrs. Wallace. And of course, the king of the gaussian sound, MBV, from Ireland.

Stargazer Lilies

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Artist Song Release Label
Movietone Mono Valley Movietone Planet Records
The Stargazer Lilies Blows My Mind Occabot Rad Cult
Sydra Passive Like A Whiskey Soda Passive Like A Whiskey Soda Shifty Records
Crescent Superconstellation Now Planet Records
Linda Smith I Just Had To Till Another Time Slumberland Records
Movietone Useless Landscape Day And Night Drag City
Soundpool Kite Of Love Mirrors In Your Eyes Killer Pimp
Arab Strap ‎ Intro/My Favourite Muse Mad For Sadness Go! Beat
Dot Allison ‎ Message Personnel (Arab Strap Long Version) Colour Me Arista ‎
27 ‎ Sky Walker Animal Life Kimchee Records
Swirlies ‎ One Light Flashing I Love You Damon Andy Rob Ron: The Yes Girls Sneaky Flute Empire

Artist Song Release Label
My Bloody Valentine Don’t Ask Why Glider Sire
One Dove White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix) Morning Dove White FFRR
Seana Carmody Oh Tokyo Not Foolin You Not On Label
Easy New Spring Never Seen A Star EP Snap Records
The Beauty ‎ Hold On Love In The Heart Of The World Shout Crue-L Records
Medicine She Knows Everything The Buried Life American Recordings
Mrs. Wallace Sense Sense E.P. Not On Label
Seana Carmody ‎ Deirdre Struts & Shocks Kimchee Records
Crawling With Tarts New Islands Maytens Throw ASP
Secret Shine ‎ Deep Thinker Greater Than God E.P. Sarah Records
Violet Nox Shapeshifter Whispering Galaxy Infinity Vine Records
Dope The Binding Of Loki Dope On Drugs Head Heritage


January 5, 2021

This week begins the grandest project of Gulls Window Circus ever. Week 1 of a 12-week series I’m calling Brazen Ladies – the idea was conceived independently, but expanded exponentially after reading the graphic novel ‘Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World’ by Penelope Bagieu. The shows are spun in real time on turntable. All tracks are from 7″ singles, played alphabetically. Today starts with The Action Time, and runs through Brown Velvet Couch.

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Artist Song Release Label
The Action Time ‎ Don’t Sell Your Soul Don’t Sell Your Soul The Action Time
Adjustable Boy ‎ Bean Flower Bean Flower, Polite Song / Saybe Prospective Records
ADULT. ‎ Suck The Air The Controlled Edition Ersatz Audio
Adventures In Stereo ‎ Nobody’s Scared A Brand New Day Bobsled Records
Jane Aire And The Belvederes ‎ Nasty Nice Yankee Wheels Stiff Records
Alkaline She Speaks Soon Remora
Altered Images ‎ A Day’s Wait Greatest Original Hits – 4 Track E.P. Epic
Angel Corpus Christi ‎ Pull Girl (Love Letter 2H) Little Surfer Girl The Next Big Thing
Angie Peppermint Lump Peppermint Lump Stiff
Annex Cleansing Cleansing Girlfriend Records
Ashes Flood Flood Network Sound
Au Pairs Diet Diet Human Records
Avengers ‎ Uh-Oh The American In Me Superior Viaduct ‎
Azalia Snail ‎ Into Your World Into Your World Prospective Records
Baby Tooth ‎ The Explosive Crescent Man Jet Lag Remora
Bananarama ‎ Don’t Call Us… Shy Boy London Records

Artist Song Release Label
Bardo Pond Blues Tune Dragonfly (Lying On The Floor) Compulsiv Music
Sandra Bell Angel Angel Zabriskie Point ‎
The Belle Stars Sweet Memory Sweet Memory Stiff Records ‎
The ‘B’ Girls ‎ “B” Side Fun At The Beach BOMP! ‎
Bikini Kill ‎ Anti-Pleasure Dissertation The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation Kill Rock Stars
Bimbo Shrineheads Implosion Bimbo Shrineheads Tulpa Productions
Bis ‎ Conspiracy A Go-Go Disco Nation 45 Chemikal Underground
Bis This Is Fake D.I.Y Bis vs. The D.I.Y Corps Teen-C Recordings
Bite Dandelion Canker Derivative Records
Bite Memphis Funbuns Derivative Records
Black Barbie Brat Brat Wounded Knee Records
Black Tambourine ‎ Drown By Tomorrow Slumberland Records
Blast Off Country Style Comet Song Giggles ‘n’ Gloom Teenbeat
Blast Off Country Style ‎ The Boy Whose Head Exploded (Meets Electric Girl) Pretty Sneaky Sis’ Teen-Beat
The Bloods ‎ Button Up Button Up 021 Records
Bratmobile ‎ No You Don’t Kiss And Ride Homestead Records
Brown Velvet Couch ‎ Soft October Once In A Very Blue Moon Roof Bolt ‎


December 29, 2020

Last show of 2020 is an all vinyl LP tracks comfort show, pulled as if on auto-pilot to showcase some records I love that have undiscovered joys. The show starts right off at peak with Tommy Jay. The 4 song quartet of Danny Graham, Joe Ghatt, Torgeir Waldemar and Irmão Victor capture exactly what I want to say with this show. In the second hour the pair of tracks by Jordan Jones and No Direction carry the torch. BMX Banditos and Velvet Crush close out the 2 hours tying it all together nicely.

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Artist Song Release Label
Tommy Jay I Was There Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales of Trauma Assophon Records
Parsnip Seafarer When the Tree Bears Fruit Trouble In Mind
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs And Your Bird Can Sing Under the Covers: The Best of Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs Demon Records
Chris Bell I Don’t Know I Am The Cosmos Omnivore Recordings ‎
Danny Graham Watercolours In The Sun Danny Graham Xerox Music
Joe Ghatt Turn to Burn Banana Sludge Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Torgeir Waldemar Leaf in The Wind Love Jansen Records
Irmão Victor Canção Pra Minha Chaleira Vermelha Irmão Victor Pop Supérette
Nick Lowe Featuring Los Straitjackets ‎ Venus Lay It On Me Yep Roc Records
Gerry Cinnamon ‎ Every Man’s Truth The Bonny Little Runaway Records ‎
The Limiñanas Feat. Peter Hook ‎ Garden Of Love Garden Of Love Andrew Weatherall Remix Because Music
Red Lights Kitty Red Lights In The Red Records
Chris Spedding Wild In The Street Hurt RAK
The Last That’s Just Life Look Again House Arrest

Artist Song Release Label
House Of Pants Photographs Pressed Amorous Records
The Scruffs Now Teenage Tragedies 1974​​-​​1979 Pop Supérette
The Springfields Bicycle Song Singles 1986-1991 Slumberland Records ‎
Jordan Jones Understood Jordan Jones Spaghetty Town Records
No Direction Charity Fool No Direction Rerun Records
Faz Waltz Born In The Wrong Time Rebel Kicks Spaghetty Town Records
The Radiators Kitty Ricketts Ghostown Chiswick Records
The Exploding Hearts Modern Kicks (Alternate Version) Shattered Dirtnap Records
Zac Stay Up All Night Zac Damaged Goods
The Shivvers Life Without You The Shivvers Rerun Records
Wipers ‎ Different Ways Land Of The Lost Jackpot Records
The Haskels Walk To The Beach The Haskels Splunge Communications Inc. ‎
The Cure ‎ Meathook Rare 70s Recordings 18 Age Records
E. Coli 100 Hit To Drool Triple X Records
Naked Prey ‎ Blind Man Live In Tucson Fundamental
BMX Banditos But Tonight C86 Glass Modern
Velvet Crush Superstar In The Presence Of Greatness Glass Modern


December 15, 2020

All vinyl rock show. Helen Love sing “We love the way you dance in your plastic pants, like a New York Doll” right before the Johnny Thunders track from the just released Live From Zürich 1985 that starts the second hour. A few Black Friday RSD releases included (Jesus People Music, Luther Dickinson, Blue Öyster Cult, The Bangles, Geraint Watkins & The Dominators, Masters Of Reality, Lou Reed). The Lurkers track London Jeepster has been going through my head, despite its nonsense topic (what the hext is a London jeepster?). The Auteurs track is pretty nifty as well.

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Artist Song Release Label
U.S. Apple Corps Will the Circle Be Unbroken Jesus People Music Vol. 1: The End is At Hand Aquarium Drunkard
The Prime Movers Blues Band Endless Blues The Prime Movers Blues Band Modern Harmonic
Luther Dickinson ‎ Mean Ol’ Wind Died Down Rock, Live Concert New West Records
Greg Sage ‎ Soul’s Tongue Straight Ahead Luxury Products
Ruts DC ‎ Fools Animal Now Virgin
The Lurkers ‎ London Jeepster Sex Crazy Damaged Goods
The Beat Farmers ‎ Beat Generation Glad ‘N’ Greasy Demon Records
Blue Öyster Cult Before The Kiss, A Red Cap Live ’83 Real Gone Music
The Bangles Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s A Doll Revolution) Doll Revolution Real Gone Music
Bongwater ‎ Ride My See-Saw Breaking No New Ground! Shimmy Disc
Buzzcocks ‎ Paradise A Different Kind Of Tension Domino
Helen Love ‎ No 1 Star Power On Alcopop! Records

Artist Song Release Label
Johnny Thunders Blame It On Mom Live From Zürich 1985 Chunklet Industries
Geraint Watkins & The Dominators Trying Times Geraint Watkins & The Dominators Jungle Records
The Pretty Things ‎ Blue Serge Blues Parachute Madfish
Suzi Quatro ‎ Going Home No Control Steamhammer
Meat Puppets ‎ Seal Whales Up On The Sun MVD Audio
Lora Logic ‎ Hiss And Shake Pedigree Charm Rough Trade
Skyhooks Is This America Living In The 70’s Mercury
David Bowie Look Back In Anger (Live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995) Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas 95) Parlophone UK
Keith Richards ‎ Heartstopper Crosseyed Heart Mindless Records
Masters Of Reality J.B. Witchdance Sunrise On The Sufferbus Real Gone Music
Lou Reed What’s Good (The Thesis) Magic And Loss Sire
The Auteurs ‎ Land Lovers After Murder Park 3 Loop Music
Crosby, Stills & Nash Fair Game CSN Atlantic ‎
David Crosby Cowboy Movie If I Could Only Remember My Name Atlantic


December 8, 2020

The last CD-only rock show in a three week run exposes many many finds that I am glad to bring to your ears. Cover star Mats Wawa cannot go wrong, Paul Levinson welcomes us right before an Opal track, and Ned Doheny reminds me why I defend his so much always. Finally found the right spot for the John Wonderling track I’ve been looking forward to playing since the Summer, and the second hour closes with two Fanny related tracks that are great.

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Artist Song Release Label
Jeanines Enough Jeanines Slumberland Records
The Wedding Present ‎ What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted? Tommy 30 Scopitones
Paul Kelly Midnight Rain Paul Kelly’s Greatest Hits: Songs From The South 1985-2019 Cooking Vinyl Limited
Tony Joe White ‎ Home Made Ice Cream Home Made Ice Cream Music On CD
Blackbird Liberation Chip & Tony Kinman ‎- Sounds Like Music Omnivore Recordings
Smokescreens The Lost Song Used to Yesterday Slumberland Records
Personal Effects Low Riders Personal Effects, A Collection Earring Records
The Honey Pot Tuppence For Your Thoughts To The Edge Of The World And Beyond Mega Dodo
Paul Levinson Welcome Up Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time Old Bear Records
Opal Empty Box Blues Early Recordings Rough Trade Records
Brinsley Schwarz Private Number Live Archive, Vol. 3 Vogon
The Stroppies Burning Bright Look Alive Tough Love Records
Spike Goodnight – Mark E Remix Orange Cloud Version Golf Channel Recordings
Julian Cope Immoral Self Civil War Head Heritage

Artist Song Release Label
Terry Reid Seed Of Memory Seed of Memory BGO Records
Ned Doheny Perish the Thought The Darkness Beyond the Fire P-VINE RECORDS
Mud Boy & The Neutrons Brownsville They Walk Among Us KOCH International
The Len Bright Combo You’re Gonna Screw My Head Off Wreckless Eric presents The Len Bright Combo Fire Records
Thin White Rope Valley Of The Bones When Worlds Collide Munster Records
East River Pipe My Life Is Wrong Shining Hours in a Can Merge Records
Mats Wawa Dead Mild Nights Ville Vesten Plateforening
Mata Wawa Blondie Baby Mild Nights Ville Vesten Plateforening
Fotomaker All There In Her Eyes The Fotomaker Collection Rhino Atlantic
John Wonderling ‎ Long Way Home Day Breaks Flashback Records
Tommy Hoehn She Might Look My Way Losing You to Sleep Air Mail Recordings
Cherie Currie & Brie Darling Gimme Some Truth Motivator Blue Elan Records
Fanny Walked The Earth Walk The Earth Fanny Walked the Earth Blue Elan Records


December 1, 2020

A CD-only rock show that more or less continues in the direction of the previous show #442. The Cheese Borger And The Cleveland Steamers was a fine surprise.The Jazzateers track is a joy, as is the Leaving Trains track. I never miss the joy in a Friends Again track either.The closing track by the weirdly named Various Artists ends us in style.

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Artist Song Release Label
The Teardrop Explodes Camera Camera Zoology Head Heritage
Wasted Youth Housewife Wild and Wandering Bridgehouse Records
Palace Of Swords Lila Engel Head Quarters – An Introduction To Fruits de Mer Records Friends Of The Fish ‎
The Passage A Certain Way To Go Musik Music Musique (1980 | The Dawn Of Synth Pop) Cherry Red Records
Electric Guitars Continental Shelf The Best of Fried Egg Records (Bristol 1979-1980) Bristol Archive Records
Cheese Borger And The Cleveland Steamers Cleveland Terminal Smog Veil Records
Track Star The Big F*ck You The Patio Collection Volume 2 Smilex Records
Jazzateers I’m No Tarzan Don’t Let Your Son Grow up to Be a Cowboy: Unreleased Recordings 1981-82 Cherry Red Records
Gala Drop Holy Heads Gala Drop GDRecords
The Flesh Eaters Youngest Profession Dragstrip Riot SST Records
Ben Vaughn Combo Sharp Dressed Man Outstandingly Ignited (Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings Volume Four) East Side Digital
Julian Cope ‎ Nineteen Ninety-Five Barrowlands F*ck Off & Di
Et Cetera Mellodrama 2a Kraut! Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968 – 1979 Teil 3 Der Süden Bear Family Records

Artist Song Release Label
Bobbie Gentry ‎ Okolona River Bottom Band The Delta Sweete Capitol Records Nashville
Giant Sand Back to the Black and Grey Ramp Fire Records
Russ Tolman Talking Hoover Dam Blues Only 39,999,999 Behind “Thriller” – Down There Records 1981-1988 Down There Records
The Detroit Cobras ‎ Insane Asylum Seven Easy Pieces Rough Trade
The Leaving Trains ‎ Creeping Coastline Of Lights Amplified Pillows Steel Cage Records
Shape Of The Rain ‎ Broken Man [Demo Version] Riley, Riley, Wood And Waggett Grapefruit Records
Keith Relf Knowing All The Falling Angels (Solo Recordings & Collaboration 1965-1976) Repertoire Records
Friends Again ‎ Moon 3 Trapped And Unwrapped Cherry Red
Shoes A Thing Of The Past 35 Years: The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012 Real Gone Music
Nikki & The Corvettes He’s A Mover Girls Go Power Pop! Big Beat Records
Detonators Light At Your Window 1978: The Year The UK Turned Day-Glo Cherry Red
Daggermen Ivor The Engine Driver Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Revival Edsel Records
VA6 Pit Stop Martin Green Presents: Super Sonics – 40 Junkshop Britpop Greats RPM Records
Kings Of Hong Kong Hell Yeah! At The Rockin’ Record Monster Hop – A Trash Wax Sampler Trash Wax
Nels Cline Totally Tourist The Patio Collection Volume 2 Smilex Records
Wild Beasts Minimum Maximum The Best Of Fried Egg Records (Bristol 1979-1980) Bristol Archive Records
Various Artists Original Mixed Up Kid The Best Of Fried Egg Records (Bristol 1979-1980) Bristol Archive Records


November 24, 2020

A rarity for Gulls Window Circus – an all CD show. However, this means a whole new trove of records can be excavated and enjoyed, many of them CD-only releases from the years that vinyl was considered bygone. I would draw special attention to the Tommy Bolin-era James Gang track, the reformed Band Of Outsiders track, and the Downsiders/Naked Prey segue.

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Artist Song Release Label
Blondie ‎ Detroit 442 Plastic Letters Chrysalis
Kevin Rowland Rag Doll My Beauty Cherry Red Records
Day Of Phoenix Tell Me Living On The Hill A Danish Underground Trip 1967-1974 Esoteric Recordings
New Riders Of The Purple Sage Whisky Thanksgiving in New York City Omnivore Recordings
Message Turn Over Kraut! Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968 – 1979 Teil 2 Die Mitte Bear Family Records
Scars Obsessions Author! Author! Cherry Red Records Ltd. ‎
Steve Wynn Shelley’s Blues, Pt. 2 (Unreleased Demo) Decade Real Gone Music
The Flamin’ Groovies First Plane Home Jumpin’ In The Night Liberation Hall ‎
Sounds Nice Flying Looking Through A Glass Onion (The Beatles’ Psychedelic Songbook 1966-72) Grapefruit Records
James Gang Standing In The Rain Bang / Miami BGO Records ‎
Stardust Goldie Oldie Show Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! (The British Pop Explosion 1970-73) Grapefruit Records
Andrew Gold ‎ Do Wah Diddy Lonely Boy: The Asylum Years Anthology Esoteric Recordings
Chuck Prophet ‎ Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins Yep Roc Records

Artist Song Release Label
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions Brand New Friend 1984-1989 Capitol Records
Tom Verlaine Song Flash Light I.R.S. Records
Vic Godard We’ll Keep Our Chains Long-Term Side Effect Tugboat Records
Band Of Outsiders ‎ Lost And Found Sound Beach Time Hanky Panky Records
Downsiders Wild Honey Pie All My Friends Are Fish Mammoth Records
Downsiders Old Black Crow All My Friends Are Fish Mammoth Records ‎
Naked Prey Beside Me Jumbo’s Shinebox Fundamental
Clear Light Black Roses Clear Light Collectors’ Choice Music
Fumble Free The Kids Surrender To The Rhythm The London Pub Rock Scene Of The Seventies Grapefruit Records
Artful Dodger Wayside The Complete Columbia Recordings Real Gone Music
The Boys Weekend The Boys … On Safari Captain Oi! ‎
Atomic Rooster Devil’s Answer (Single Version) Peephole In My Brain – The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1971 Grapefruit Records
Badfinger Andy Norris Badfinger (Expanded Edition) Real Gone Music
The dB’s That Time Is Gone Falling Off The Sky Bar/None Records
Brian Protheroe Back Away The Albums 1974-76 7T’s


November 10, 2020

A rock show that seemed to gather itself like letters on a Ouija board. Here in the US we just completed a tumultuous election, and this show is like a run in the field that will make you happy.

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Artist Song Release Label
Alice Cooper ‎ Elected Billion Dollar Babies Warner Bros. Records
Warsaw Pakt Dog Fight Needle Time Munster Records
The Flesh Eaters ‎ Secret Life Forever Came Today Superior Viaduct
Snuky Tate New Time Break The Rules #8: Rare Punkrock 1978-’82 Insekten Records
The Flyin’ Spiderz You Gotta Help Me The Flyin’ Spiderz Music On Vinyl
Comsat Angels Ju Ju Money Bouquet Of Steel Aardvark
Mother’s Ruin Dany Hot Dog Lasst Die Alten Sterben Swisspunk ‎
Fuzzy Duck Mrs. Prout Fuzzy Duck Be With Records
The Beat Farmers ‎ Blue Chevrolet Van Go Curb Records
NRBQ ‎ Get Real In • Frequencies Omnivore Recordings
Tin Huey ‎ I Could Rule The World If I Could Only Get The Parts Contents Dislodged During Shipment Warner Bros. Records
Talking Heads ‎ Mind (Alternate Mix) Fear Of Music Unreleased Outtakes Sire
The Fleshtones Alex Trebek Face Of The Screaming Werewolf Yep Roc Records
Ace Crazy World No Strings Anchor

Artist Song Release Label
The Wee Cherubs Dreaming The Merry Makers Optic Nerve Recordings
BOB Telepathy You Can Stop That For A Start Optic Nerve Recordings
Jonathan King Gay Girl Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! (The British Pop Explosion 1970-73) Grapefruit Records ‎
Rudi Yummy Yummy (29 May 1980) Killed By John Peel Vol 1 Vatican Radio Records
Nils Lofgren Happy I Came To Dance A&M Records
Nancy Priddy My Friend Frank You’ve Come This Way Before Modern Harmonic
Terry Stamp Brushin’ With The Law Twenty Rough Rotters 1980-1989 The Bomb Shelter Tapes Just Add Water
The William Loveday Intention Again And Again People Think They Know Me … … But They Don’t Know Me Damaged Goods
Deep Purple Exposition/We Can Work It Out Looking Through A Glass Onion – The Beatles Psychedelic Songbook 1966-1972 Grapefruit Records
Suzi Quatro Four Letter Words Suzi… And Other Four Letter Words RSO
The Reducers With Roger C. Reale Rock It To The Kremlin Wake The Neighbors Rave On Records
The Strand You And Me Seconds Waiting Wasp Records
Treble Boys Finally Catchin’ On Real Life In The Red Meanbean Records
Bruce Moody Rainy Day Get Fresh! Meanbean Records
The Wild Cherries ‎ I’m The Sea (Stop Killing Me) I’m The Sea (Stop Killing Me) Just Add Water


October 13, 2020

This show covers the second RSD drop from September 26. It also includes some Drop 1 items that didn’t come into my attention until recently. I draw your attention to the three Sunbeam Records RSD releases featured herein. Raw Material, Wizz Jones and The Fallen Angels LPs will make me follow this label closely from now on. Also, the expanded Gang War LP has lots of tracks that were not on the original, and reminds me how great Johnny Thunders was. The final Television Personalities singles compilation was a very pleasant surprise as well.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Wizz Jones Earl’s Court Breakdown (Based On Trambone By Chet Atkins) Wizz Jones Sunbeam Records
America Simple Life (Alternate Mix) Heritage II: Demos/Alternate Takes 1971-1976 Omnivore Recordings
Andrew Gold Don’t Bring Me Down Something New: Unreleased Gold Omnivore Recordings
Joan Bibiloni Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila Selected Works 1982 to 1989 NuNorthern Soul
Solomon Burke Precious Flower Back To My Roots Chess
Raw Material Bobo’s Party Raw Material Sunbeam Records
Meat Puppets Multiply Meat Puppets Megaforce Records
Hanterhir Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Easy Action
Marty Willson-Piper No One There Nightjar Schoolkids Records
Yardbirds Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (A-Side Single) Roger The Engineer Demon Records
Television Personalities Do You Think If You Were Beautiful You’d Be Happy? Some Kind Of Happiness? Singles 1994-1999 Fire Records

Artist Song Release Label
Eddie and The Hot Rods On The Run Get Your Rocks Off Jungle Records ‎
The Gun Club House On Highland Avenue Live In London 1983 Blixa Sounds
Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer ‘s Gang War! Like A Rolling Stone Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer ‘s Gang War! Jungle Records
Gray Never Gonna Leave New York City Never Gonna Leave New York City Anasyrma Record Label
Second Layer ‎ In Bits World Of Rubber Radiation Records
The Fallen Angels Signed D.C. Paradise Lost Sunbeam Records
Parish Hall Lucanna Parish Hall Craft Recordings ‎
Hanterhir Dancing Out In Space Schizophrenia Easy Action
The Pooh Sticks Dying For It Dying For It Glass Modern
The Vaselines Dying For It Dying For It Glass Modern
Raw Material Badge Raw Material Sunbeam Records
Television Personalities She Lives For The Moment Some Kind Of Happiness? Singles 1994-1999 Fire Records
Wizz Jones Can’t Stop Thinking About It Wizz Jones Sunbeam Records