Monthly Archives: June 2013

Playlist 118

Artist Song Disk Label
Daniele Baldelli Got To Get Your Own Back To My Funky Side Cenedlic
Secret Circuit Nebula Sphynx Tactile Galactics Beats In Space
Soft Rocks Little Lights (Cos/Mes Remix) The Revenge Of Soft Rocks ESP Institute
Dariush Nefrim Namch Khana Khana! Pharaway Sounds
Patti Jo Make Me Believe In You Loft Classics Vol. 10 Dotan
LTJ Experience What I Feel Ain’t Nothing But A Groove Irma
Nik Weston Riviera Jam Archway Riviera Tropical Jam EP Guynamukat
Pizzicato One (Konishi Yasuharu) If You Went Away One And Ten Very Sad Songs Readymade
Almunia Wrapped In Your Hair Pulsar Claremont 56
Walter Hawkins Metropolis Psychemagik Presents: Magik Sunrise Leng
Ned Doheny I’ve Got Your Number Hard Candy Superbird
Psychemagik Dreams (Crystal Vision Remix) Fleetmac Wood EP Fleetmac Wood
Mary Weiss Stop And Think It Over Dangerous Game Norton Records
Niagara Maggie McGill Maggie McGill munster

Playlist 117

Artist Song Disk Label
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators (I’ve Got) Levitation The Albums Collection Charly
Wizzard Buffalo Station – Get On Down to Memphis Wizzard Brew EMI UK
The Idle Race Alcatraz Back to the Story EMI Catalogue
The Sound In Suspense All Fall Down 1972
The Undertones Joyland Get What You Need Dothefast
The Ad Libs On The Corner Boys Can Be Mean Charly
Toys Noise Kitsune Parisien 3 Kitsune
Logo Jacob Gildas & Jerry – Kitsuné Soleil Mix Kitsune
Kent Odessa Bo Jacksons Kitsuné America 2 Kitsune
Maximum Joy Let It Take You There Andrew Weatherall – Watch The Ride harmless
Mock & Toof Beat Up Andrew Weatherall – Watch The Ride harmless
E.S.C. The Legacy (Andrew Weatherall Mix) Andrew Weatherall – Watch The Ride harmless
BonaDish Tactile Sob The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982 Captured Tracks
Jar Moff JmEpSp EP JmEpSp EP Leaving Records

Playlist 116

Artist Song Disk Label
Marjan Kavire Del Khana Khana! Pharaway Sounds
Mary Weiss Break It One More Time Dangerous Game Norton Records
Torn Sail Treasure (Part 1) Treasure, Pt. 1 Claremont 56
Donna Regina Missing Link Pool Karaoke Kalk
Om Unit Le Singe Om Unit Edits Vol. 2 Om Unit
Hikaru meets Kenichi Yanai Beach Clean High Psy SMR Records
Ashley Beedle vs. Warbox More Trouble (Dubplate Mix) Modern Artifacts 07 Modern Artifacts
Neo Eros In Exile Parts 1&2 Global Network EP Emotional Rescue
The Machine Contintental Drift (Joe Claussell Re-Interpretation) Redhead – The Joaquin Joe Claussell Interpretations Rekids
Chari Chari Tranqulizer Snaker 002 Snaker
Dunkelziffer This Is How You Came Retrospection (Parts 1-3) Emotional Rescue
Tiago JooJoo JooJoo Interzona
Alex DANILOV More Analog Vibes iinnii EP Contrast
Being Borings The Romance Edit Sculptures Altz.P vs Being Borings Crue-L

Playlist 115

Artist Song Disk Label
John Foxx Free Robot (with Metamatics) Glimmer – Best Of Music Club
The Human League Into The Night Credo Wall of Sound
Agitation Free You Play For Us Today Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 Soul Jazz
Wicked Lady War Cloud The Axeman Cometh Guerszen
The KPM Music Library Assault Course Music For Dancefloors Strut
Robert Delgado Salambo No. 1 Lounge Legends Polydor
Almunia Ode to Mom Pulsar Claremont 56
The Richie Family Bad Reputation Bad Reputation Gold Legion
Waxist On Red Stripe Disco Vol 2 Red Stripe Disco
Marvin & Guy Disco Panorama Let’s Get Lost Vol. 22 Let’s Get Lost
Suzy Andrews Der Komissar – Don’t Turn Around We Bang The Bomb Light Sounds Dark
Simple Symmetry Beetles In the Bog Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club – Contemporary Sound of Russia, Vol. 1 Glenview
Avanti Cabezaurio Cabezaurio Porn Wax
Nik Weston Paradise Uncertain in Eucharis Archway Riviera Tropical Jam EP Guynamukat