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June 15, 2021

A one-off that started as an experiment, which ended up turning out well and caused me to make it a show – the 88-89 LA (mostly) metal scene, filed with miscreants that saw Hanoi Rocks as their Iggy, and Gn’R as their Pistols. Listen if you dare!

Black N' Blue

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Artist Song Release Label
Circus Of Power White Trash Queen Circus Of Power RCA
Cats In Boots ‎ Evil Angel Kicked & Klawed EMI USA
Bullet Boys F#9 Bullet Boys Warner Bros. Records
Badlands Dancing On The Edge Badlands Atlantic
Bloodgood ‎ She’s Gone Rock In A Hard Place Frontline Records
Blue Murder Jelly Roll Blue Murder Geffen Records
Blind Illusion ‎ Vicious Visions The Sane Asylum Combat
Barren Cross Terrorist Child Atomic Arena Enigma Records
Black ‘N Blue ‎ Rock On In Heat Geffen Records
Mr. Big Anything For You Mr. Big Atlantic
Beyond Possession ‎ Why? It’s Youth Is Beyond Possession Death Records
Beowülf ‎ Cruisin’ Lost My Head… But I’m Back On The Right Track Caroline Records
Sphinx In Cairo Too Late Street Survivors Metal Blade Records

Artist Song Release Label
Beau Nasty ‎ Love To The Bone Dirty, But Well Dressed CBS
The Buck Pets A Little Murder The Buck Pets Island Records
Sea Hags Doghouse Sea Hags Chrysalis
The Toll ‎ Smoke Another Cigarette The Price Of Progression Geffen Records
The Sisters Of Mercy ‎ Dominion / Mother Russia Floodland Elektra
That Petrol Emotion Swamp Babble Polydor
Texas One Choice Southside Mercury
Bad Company The Way That It Goes Dangerous Age Atlantic ‎
Michael Monroe ‎ Shakedown Not Fakin’ It Mercury
Soul Asylum Heavy Rotation Hang Time A&M Records
The Batfish Boys ‎ Put Me Back Together Again Batfish Brew GWR Records
Ten Years After Working In A Parking Lot About Time Chrysalis


June 8, 2021

The third week of the 3-week Popped series – all physical copies, spun in real time on a turntable. LP tracks, 12″ and 7″ single are all featured, both current and from the past, US and England. I loosened up for tight sound requirements I started with for this episode, so several high quality tracks that might have been passed by got included (OMD and Ministry are the obvious examples). Hope you enjoyed this series, and my tracks to KRGA for providing the inspiration to pull this last 3 weeks together.


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Artist Song Release Label
The Rubinoos Troubled Heart The LP Collection Volume 2 Wild Honey Records
Ramones Needles & Pins Ramones Mania Sire
Orchestra Luna Boy Scouts Orchestra Luna Epic
Pavlov’s Dog ‎ Natchez Trace Pampered Menial ABC Records
NRBQ ‎ Chapel Of Love In • Frequencies Omnivore Recordings
Wizzard Everyday I Wonder Introducing Eddy And The Falcons Warner Bros. Records
The Toms ‎ Call The Surgeon, Pt. 2 The 1979 Sessions Feel It Records
Sorrows ‎ I Don’t Like It Like That Teenage Heartbreak Pavillion
KRGA Disposable Treat Moi St. Hoser Records
Liverpool Echo If I Told You Once Liverpool Echo Sing Sing Records
The Colors Promise The Colors Dirt Records
Sneakers What I Dig In The Red Car Records
Marbles She’s Cool Marbles Vinyl Countdown
The Donnas ‎ The Gold Medal Gold Medal Real Gone Music
Suzi Quatro ‎ She’s In Love With You Suzi… And Other Four Letter Words RSO
Helen Love Punk Boy Punk Boy Damaged Goods
Joey Ramone ‎ Please Don´t Leave A Closer Look Deaf Youth Industries
Peter Holsapple Combo ‎ Amplifier Amplifier (Live At Q Division) Hawthorne Curve Records

Artist Song Release Label
Stumblebunny ‎ Tonite While You Were Out… Mercury
Julian Leal Again Julian Leal HoZac Records
The dB’s Ask For Jill Repercussion Albion Records
The Colour Field Thinking Of You Virgins And Philistines Chrysalis ‎
Julian Cope ‎ Metranil Vavin World Shut Your Mouth Mercury
Cyclones Catch-22 Out In The Cold Plexus Trading Corp.
Brett Smiley ‎ I Want To Hold Your Hand Breathlessly Brett Beat Stack Records
The Orchids A Kind Of Eden Striving For The Lazy Perfection Sarah Records
Ministry ‎ Revenge With Sympathy Arista
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark ‎ Georgia Architecture & Morality Dindisc
Heavenly ‎ Me And My Madness The Decline And Fall Of Heavenly K
Let’s Active Make Up With Me Afoot I.R.S. Records
The Farmer’s Boys ‎ Something From Nothing With These Hands EMI
Oister ‎ Sky Blue Pre-Dwight Twilley Band 1973-1974 Teac Tapes HoZac Records
The Hepburns ‎ Little London There’s No Such Thing As The Hepburns Radio Khartoum
The Scruffs Go Faster Teenage Tragedies 1974​​-​​1979 Pop Supérette


June 1, 2021

The second week of the 3-week Popped series goes to an all 7″ format – physical copies, spun in real time on a turntable. Many of the tracks are from artists that only ever released one single and that was it, so there is gold to mine here. Special mention goes to Long Island NY band The Ecstatics [from my hometown], who on their lone 1981 single counted (in their aliases) John Ceparano from The Stargazer Lillies and Spike Cassidy from DRI, both playing WAY outside the styles you know them for – wow!

The Ecstatics

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Artist Song Release Label
Art Yard ‎ The Law Allston 1981 Ride The Snake
The Tweeds ‎ We Ran (Ourselves) We Ran (Ourselves) Autobahn Records
The Slickee Boys When I Go To The Beach When I Go To The Beach New Rose Records
The Dragons Surfin’ Again Surfin’ Again Wildcat Discovery Records
The Dragons Neutralized Surfin’ Again Wildcat Discovery Records
Nikki Corvette And The Convertibles ‎ Back Seat Love Young And Crazy Splattered! Records
The Ohms Teenage Alcoholic Teenage Alcoholic Northside
Senders No More Foolin’ The Living End S.R.I
The Jetboys Get The Kids Jumpin’ I Don’t Want To Rerun Records
Bruce Moody ‎ A.M Romance Fresh Out! Meanbean Records ‎
The Kids ‎ Another World Another World Mercury
Screen Test ‎ There’s No Place Like Work Inspired Humans Making Noise Northside
Tracy Bryant ‎ Between Us Between Us Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Pastiche Talk Show Wicked Intense! P * P Records
The Flashcubes ‎ Radio Wait Till Next Week Northside
The Daze ‎ I Wanna Be A Star I Wanna Be A Star Reminder Records
Lazy Rock n’ Roller Rock n’ Roller Reminder Records

Artist Song Release Label
The Ecstatics The Sound Of Breaking Glass The Sound Of Breaking Glass Music Systems International Records
The Heat High School Sweater Instant Love Hot Stuff Records
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs What You Got Thunder When She Walks Illegal Records
The Last L.A. Explosion L.A. Explosion Backlash
Barry Rolfe ‎ Molly Molly Look The Business And Molly Molly Splattered! Records
Buzzcocks Gotta Get Better Gotta Get Better Cherry Red
Joy Rider Money Honey Money Honey Bacillus Records
Simone Joan Mansfield ‎ Turn Your Frown Around Soldier On Dewityourself
The Times ‎ Biff! Bang! Pow! Red With Purple Flashes Static Shock Records ‎
Cheryl It’s Me Killer Kiss Reminder Records ‎
KRGA Sinners Moi St. Hoser Records
The Chemicals Out Of My Mind Out Of My Mind Meanbean Records
The Most Take A Chance Take A Chance Northside
Central Departure ‎ Rock-N-Roll D.J Rock-N-Roll D.J Meanbean Records
The Moderns Got To Have Pop The Year Of Today Hosehead Records
…Thirteen Girls Aren’t The Same Girls Aren’t The Same Sing Sing Records
Prettyboys I Wanna Make You! I’m Falling Reminder Records
Z-Cars ‎ Is There Someone Out There? This Is Z-Cars Meanbean Records
Wiggling Judys ‎ Its Too Easy Its Too Easy Moot Records
Peter Holsapple ‎ 96 Second Blowout Big Black Truck Car Records ‎