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September 14, 2021

Fifth and final week in the Music From Memory series closes with the subsidiary label Second Circle, running from Dazion (SC006) to DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz (SC019), with a bonus four songs at the end of artists from other labels that are heavily suggested by Music From Memory’s sound. Those are Trance, Wilson Tanner, Joan Bibiloni, and Andrew Wasylyk.


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Artist Song Release Label
Dazion Be A Man Don’t Get Me Wrong Second Circle
Giuseppe Leonardi Orpheus TBC Second Circle
Androo Naya II Naya Second Circle
D.K. Stick To The Rules Mystery Dub Second Circle
Benedek Earlyman Dance Earlyman Dance Second Circle
Dj Normal 4 Aeo (feat Aenx – Ottertasia Mix) Exoticz EP Second Circle
Yu Su The Ultimate Which Manages The World Roll With The Punches Second Circle
Dazion Eu Nao Sei A Bridge Between Lovers Second Circle
Zatua Harimau Sin Existencia Second Circle
Adam Oko Legs Akimbo Diet Of Germs Second Circle

Artist Song Release Label
Sandoz Human Spirit Sandoz Second Circle
Adam Oko Suketo Diet Of Germs Second Circle
Giuseppe Leonardi Red Loft Mentemente Second Circle
Khan Give Me More Blue Box Sessions Second Circle
DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz Taksi Şelale Second Circle
Trance Ambiente Tapes Growing Bin Records
Wilson Tanner Keith 69 Growing Bin Records
Joan Bibiloni Una Vida Larga I Tranquila Selected Works 1982 to 1989 NuNorthernSoul
Andrew Wasylyk Greendrive #2 The Paralian Athens Of The North


September 7, 2021

Week 4 of the 5-week feature on the Amsterdam label Music From Memory wraps up that label and enters MFM’s subsidiary Second Circle. This week we go from MFM046 to Second Circle’s SC005. You will notice the change in the air as we start Second Circle. The label introduces itself with the drum heavy Montezumas Rache. The artists that follow keep a consistent sound before the label starts to incorporate house elements into its sound.

Priscilla Ermel

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Priscilla Ermel Corpo do Vento Origens Da Luz Music From Memory
Fools Snodae Fools’ Harp Vol.1 Music From Memory
Suso Sáiz & Suzanne Kraft Nunca Between No Things Music From Memory
Craig Kupka Electric Piano, Vibraphone And Percussion Music For Dance & Theatre Volume Two Music From Memory
A Positive Life The Calling (Loved’Ub Mix) Virtual Dreams (Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997) Music From Memory
Garrett Watching The Skies Private Life III Music From Memory

Artist Song Release Label
Yu Su Klein Yellow River Blue Music From Memory
Love, Peace & Trance Yeelen Heisei No Oto (Japanese Left-Field Pop From The CD Age, 1989-1996) Music From Memory
The Zenmenn Topaz (The Days Of Our Lives) Enter The Zenmenn Music From Memory
Montezumas Rache Wu Du Wu Wu Du Wu Second Circle
Crotocosm Fanatic 1 Fanatic EP Second Circle
33.10.3402 Bura Bura EP Second Circle
Sombrero Galaxy The Edge Of Space The Edge Of Space Second Circle
Tornado Wallace Singing Planet Falling Sun Second Circle