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Comet Gain, The Comsat Angels, Nicola Conte, Coping Saw, Corndolly, The Cortinas, Cosmetique, Cosmic Wurst, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Courtney Love, Crash Course In Science, Crawling With Tarts, Crayon, The Creation, Crent, Crescent, The Crownhate Ruin, Crude SS, Cub, Cubismo Grafico, The Cure, Mr Curt, The Cyrkle, Dahlia Seed, Daisy Age, Damon & Naomi & Batoh & Kurihara

April 24, 2018

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Part One
Song Release Date Label
If I Had a Soul Comet Gain – Mailorder Freak 7″ Singles Club 1998 Kill Rock Stars
It’s History The Comsat Angels – It’s History 1982 Polydor
Fuoco Fatuo Nicola Conte – Arabesque 1999 Schema
Slamina Coping Saw – Slamina 1995 Mook Records
Squirting Banana Dildo Corndolly – Human Cannonball 1992 Mud Records
Television Families The Cortinas – Fascist Dictator 1977 Step-Forward Records
Lady Di, Why Did You Have To Die? Cosmetique – Lady Di, Why Did You Have To Die? 2000 PPQ Records
Carlos Rodriguez Is Back To L.A Cosmic Wurst – Carlos Rodriguez Is Back To L.A 1988 Elastic Force Records ‎/ Auto Da Fé Records
Neat, Neat, Neat Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Stranger In The House 1978 Radar Records
Hey! Antoinette Courtney Love – Hey! Antoinette 1991 Feel Good All Over
Kitchen Motors Crash Course In Science – Cakes In The Home 1979 GO GO Records
Cotton Flys Crawling With Tarts – Radio 45 1991 ASP
The Snap-Tight Wars Crayon – The Snap-Tight Wars 1993 Harriet Records
Making Time (Instrumental) The Creation – Making Time 2017 Numero Group
9.K.? Crent – 9.K.? / F.S.W. 1990 Waterfront Records
Part Two
Song Release Date Label
Lost Crescent – Lost / 360° 1993 Planet Records
My Country Getaway The Crownhate Ruin – A Primer 1995 T. C. Ruin
Destroy Capitalism Crude S.S.* – Who’ll Survive E.P. 1985 Uproar Records
Vacation Cub – Come Out, Come Out 1995 Mint Records
Tout, Tout Pour Ma Chérie Cubismo Grafico – Jour De Vanves 2000 Escalator Records
Plastic Passion The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry 1979 Fiction Records
Write Down Your Number Mr. Curt – Write Down Your Number / I’m Going Blind 1978 Euphoria Records
I’m Going Blind Mr. Curt – Write Down Your Number / I’m Going Blind 1978 Euphoria Records
How Can I Leave Her The Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball 1966 Columbia
Teas! Dahlia Seed – Teas! 1994 Theologian Records
L’Imprévu Daisy Age – Dans Les Étoiles 1994 Disco 2000
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Damon & Naomi & Batoh & Kurihara – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 1999 Grimsey Records ‎


April 18, 2018

Chickita, Chicks on Speed, Wild Billy Childish CTMF, Children’s Crusade, China Crisis, The Chords, Chords, Christopher Robin, Cibo Matto, Cinnamon, Circle, The Clash, Clay Allison, Clearlake, Clem Snide, The Clientele, Clinic, Cobra Killer, Cockpit!, Cocteau Twins, Coldwatercrane, Coloring Book, Combustible Edison, Come, Come On, Common Thread

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Part One
Song Release Date Label
The Low Song Chickita – Eat When Soft To The Touch 1995 100% Breakfast!
Mind Your Own Business Chicks On Speed – Mind Your Own Business 1999 Go Records
I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind Wild Billy Childish CTMF – I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind 2017 Damaged Goods
Your Time Is Through Children’s Crusade – Scorpio Moon 1990 Scat Records
Scream Down At Me China Crisis – Scream Down At Me 1982 Virgin
Now It’s Gone The Chords – Things We Said 1980 Polydor
Eat Your Heart Out Chords – Eat Your Heart Out 1993 Fuel Records
One Million And One Watts Christopher Robin – Christopher Robin 1994 Repercussion
Beef Jerky Cibo Matto – Know Your Chicken 1995 El Diablo Records
I Used To Be Your Loneliness Cinnamon – In The Next Life 1999 Firestation Tower Records
Polka Circle – Crawatt 1993 VHF Records
The Call Up The Clash – The Call Up 1980 CBS
Fell From The Sun Clay Allison – Fell From The Sun 1984 Serpent Records
Part Two
Song Release Date Label
I Hang On Every Word You Say Clearlake – Don’t Let The Cold In 2000 Dusty Company
Song For Bob Crane Clem Snide – Song For Bob Crane EP 1995 Cardboard Records
What Goes Up The Clientele – What Goes Up, Five Day Morning 1998 Pointy
Cement Mixer Clinic – Cement Mixer 1998 Aladdins Cave Of Golf
Try It Six Secs 1999 DHR
Phantom Limb Cockpit! – Hair Of The Dog 1994 K
Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops Cocteau Twins – Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops 1984 4AD
Surface Coldwatercrane – Surface 1994 Goldenrod Records
Time To Grow Coloring Book – Sand In My Shoes 1994 Queenie
Blue Light Combustible Edison – Blue Light 1993 Domino
In/out Come – In/out 1994 Matador
Kitchen In The Clouds Come On – Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor 1978 Come On
Destroying Red Lights Common Thread – Destroying Red Lights 1994 Decoder Ring Records


Cake Like, Calamity Jane, John Cale,Call And Response, Camper Van Beethoven, Capsize 7, Caroliner, Caustic Resin, Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds, Celia & The Mutations, Ceramic, Ceremony, Cessna, Cha-Cha Cohen, The Chameleons, Bob Chance, Charles Brown Superstar, Charlie ‘Ungry ‎, Cheater Slicks, Cheesecake, Cheetah Chrome Motherf*ckers, Cherry Vanilla, Chia Pet

April 3, 2018

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Part One
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Mr. Fireman Cake Like Mr. Fireman 1995 Genius Records
Believe Calamity Jane Love Song 1992 Tim Kerr Records
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores John Cale Mercenaries 1980 Spy Records Ltd.
Rollerskate Call And Response Rollerskate 2003 Emperor Norton Records
Northern California Girls (Radio Edit) Camper Van Beethoven Northern California Girls (Radio Edit) 2013 429 Records
Loggerhead Odyssey Capsize 7 Subgenius 1996 Headhunter Records
The Cooking Stove Beast Caroliner Bead Trail To Jardunne 1993 Nuf Sed
Yeah Right Caustic Resin Yeah Right 1995 Up Records
In The Ghetto Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds In The Ghetto 1984 Mute
Round And Round Celia & The Mutations You Better Believe Me 1977 United Artists
Silver Song Ceramic Silver Song 1995 Skylab Records
Someday Ceremony Someday 2010 Killer Pimp
Part Two
Song Artist Disk Year Label
Utterly Alone / Floating Cessna Holiday On Ice EP 1997 Jigsaw
Sled / Post Trailer Cha-Cha Cohen 538 EP 1996 Chemikal Underground
In Shreds The Chameleons In Shreds 1982 Epic
Wild, It’s Broken Bob Chance It’s Broken 2011 Emotional Rescue
Sweet Pea Charles Brown Superstar Slut Rock 1993 WIN Records
Who Is My Killer Charlie ‘Ungry ‎ Who Is My Killer 2016 Hozac Records
Walk Up The Street Cheater Slicks Walk Up The Street 1994 In The Red Recordings
Straight Girl Soundtrack Cheesecake Coq Fighters 1994 Fistful
Frustration I Cheetah Chrome Motherf*ckers Furious Party 1985 Belfagor Records
The Punk Cherry Vanilla The Punk 1977 RCA
Hey Baby Chia Pet Hey Baby 1992 Kokopop