Monthly Archives: April 2013

Playlist 110

Artist Song Disk Label
X-TG Afraid (feat. Sasha Grey) Desertshore / The Final Report Industrial Records Ltd.
Bubble Club The Goddess (Quiet Village Remix) Too High To Move Pyramids Of Mars
International Observer House of the Rising Dub Felt Dubmission Records
The Selector Nameless From JA to UK: The History of Ska Fine Tune
Eddie C Surprise Pass Country City Country Endless Flight
Lyres Worried About Nothing A Promise Is A Promise munster
Sally Shapiro Don’t Be Afraid (Alternate version) Somewhere Else Paper Bag Records
Dane Canadian Colors Common Edit 5 Common Edit
Marcello Giordani Unusual Disko Disco Cutz#2 Italo Deviance
Kevin Harrison Fly Fly Emotional Rescue
Ali Renault Infinity Eyes Infinity Eyes Vivod
Inertia The Screen Dark Matters Too – Tales Of Enlightenment Light Sounds Dark
Casbah 73 Big Fat Bottom Casbah 73 presents Kat
Rahaan Shut Up & Dance (Rahaan edit) Make Me Whole Disco Deviance
DJ Steve Special Cuts #4 Special Cuts #3 & #4 B.I.S.

Playlist 109

Artist Song Disk Label
Mark Stewart Want Version Exorcism of Envy Future Noise
My Bloody Valentine Wonder 2 m b v mbv
Karl Bartos Vox Humana Off The Record Bureau B
Phil Manzanera / 801 Flight 19 Flight 19 Polydor
Gruppo Sportivo Dreamin’ 10 Mistakes Music On Vinyl
The Swimming Pool Q’s Rat Bait Rat Bait Chlorinated
Mouth Ooh, Ah, Yeah! JD Twitch ‎– Punk New Wave Post Torch Pop Synth Beats Discofil
Banbarra Shack Up (The Revenge Rework) Lost in Music (The Revenge) Disco Deviance
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show Penny (Galleon Trade’s hooked on penicillin version) Liza / Penny Golf Channel Recordings
Original Black Sheep of the Family Do You Wanna Dance Heaven must have made you girl Cultures of Soul
Rick Wade Shoe Da Lo The Bumbaye EP Funky Chocolate
Frank Booker Skin (Frank Booker’s Godfather Edit) Frank Booker Edits Razor N Tape
Late Nite Tuff Guy Africa Tuff Cut 01 Tuff Cut
Mike Simonetti Fleetwood Mike Let’s Be Careful Out There Simonetti
Storm Queen Look Right Through (Vox) Look Right Through Environ
Black Devil Disco Club Follow Me Timing, Forget The Timing Rephlex
Ray Mang Prozac Prozac Mangled

Playlist 108

Artist Song Disk Label
Ricardo Villalobos Ferenc Dependent and Happy Perlon
Herb Alpert Route 101 Fandango shout factory
Suonho Ralph Robles – Taking Over (Suonho Latin Rebogaloo) Guajira Rebogaloo Glenview Records
Waxist On Red Stripe Disco Vol 2 Red Stripe Disco
Leo Zero Music Leo Zero Edits 1 Leo Zero Edits
Psychemagik Jungle Juice Discotheque Wreckers 2 Discotheque Wreckers
Al Kent Open Up Your Mind Open Up Your Mind Kojak Giant Sounds
Free Association Love Affair Free Association #1 Free Association
Millie Jackson Somethin’ ‘Bout You (78 Edits re-edit) Glenview Sessions Vol. 1 Glenview Records
Fernando Blue Impala Blue Impala Leng
Eddie C Jam On Dallas Road (feat Dr. Mike Roma) Country City Country Endless Flight
Parlour The String Parlour No. 2 Parlour
Phil Manzanera Big Dome (Cos/Mes Remix) Phil Manzanera Remixes Vol. 3 LN-CC Recordings
Spike Magic Table Magic Table Golf Channel Recordings
Sally Shapiro Starman Somewhere Else Paper Bag Records
Mark E & Dragon Good Times (Quiet Village Remix) Too High To Move Pyramids Of Mars
Craig Bratley Birdshell (The Revenge Bonus Dub) Force of Nature – Expansions Endless Flight

Playlist 107

Artist Song Disk Label
Vortex Ost Black Box Disco New York Noise Vol. 2 Soul Jazz
Gruppo Sportivo Rubber Gun 10 Mistakes Music On Vinyl
Muro Transit 3 (Interlude) Diggin’ For Beats Disk Union
Felix (w/Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano) Tiger Stripes New York Noise Vol. 2 Soul Jazz
Suonho Tito Rodriguez – Mi Guajira Si (Suonho Remix Con Ritmo) . Guajira Rebogaloo Glenview Records
Linda Clifford Build A Fire I’ll Keep On Loving You Gold Legion
Love Unlimited Move Me No Mountain The Best of Love Unlimited Funk Essentials
Lady Money Lady Truth & Soul
Jephte Guillaume Al Di Yo Interlude (Go Tell Them) Voyage of Dreams Tet Kale
Lucio Battisti Amarsi Un Po’ (Adriatic Sun Edit) Ole Smokey Presents Kat
Torn Sail Treasure, Pt. 1 Treasure, Pt. 1 Claremont 56
Tomoki Kanda Everybody Wants To Rule The World Interstellar Interlude Crue-L Records
Ive Mendes If You Leave Me Now Ive Mendes Mr. Bongo
DJ Steve Special Cuts #3 Special Cuts #3 & #4 B.I.S.
Waxist Standing Red Stripe Disco Vol 2 Red Stripe Disco
Tony Middleton Lady Fingers The T.K. Records Story Gold Legion
Psychemagik Systematic Lover Discotheque Wreckers 2 Discotheque Wreckers
Casbah 73 Ain’t No Sunshine (Casbah 73 Rework) Casbah 73 presents Kat
Mudd & Pollard Mawson’s Walk Mawson’s Walk Claremont 56

Playlist 106

Artist Song Disk Label
Yam Who? Gettin’ High Syntho Boogie Volume Uno
Bim Marx & Master Khan Untitled Lend A Hand Stilove4music
Spike New Germany New Germany Golf Channel Recordings
Paqua Tthe Visitor Dinosaur Zappa Claremont 56
The Heretix Chapter One The Pulse of New York glass
Idjut Boys Implant (Back Passage) Implant Noid
The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks La Chiave (dub beats) The Rhythm Odyssey & Doctor Dunks! Golf Channel Recordings
DJ Steve Special Cuts #1 Special Cuts B.I.S.
John Sims Do Daisies Have Ghosts? Palomino Fortuna Pop
3rd Wave New Body Kunstkopf 2 Kunstkopf
Mystic Slot Disco Adventure No Way Back Black Cock
The Black Madonna Alright This Morning Alright This Morning Home Taping Is Killing Music
JD Twitch In A Manner Let’s Get Lost Vol. 18 Let’s Get Lost
Eddie C Aim Aim Crue-l Records Limited
Om Unit Le Singe Om Unit Edits Vol. 2 Om Unit