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February 27, 2024

This week Gulls Window Circus presents a one-off vinyl non-rock show. There are a few 2000+ blasts for you [Yoko Mono, Peace Orchestra, Rick Wade, Titan], a few 2010+ ones [Panoram , Shpongle, Yves Tumor, Japan Blues, Tosca], a mid-80s track [RAH Band], along with some new stuff and welcome reissues by fave current labels. Everything fits together and complements each other.

RAH Band

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Artist Song Release Label
Yoko Mono Higher Than Phunk (Crisp-Click RMX) Higher Than Phunk Force Tracks
Peace Orchestra Shining Peace Orchestra G-Stone Recordings
Rick Wade Can’t You See The Bumbaye EP Funky Chocolate
RAH Band Shadow Of Your Love Producers Choice Atjazz Record Company
Sonia Whittingham Sweet Dub Sweet Sensation Isle Of Jura
Al Kent Dubanova Welcome To The Dub G.A.M.M.
Neumayer Station Crossings Claremont Editions Three Claremont 56
ETNOBOTANIKA Planeta Las Le​ś​ne Duchy Superkasety Records
Panoram Awake Walk Everyone Is A Door Firecracker Recordings
Yves Tumor Seed Serpent Music PAN

Artist Song Release Label
Japan Blues Everything Passes Sells His Record Collection Japan Blues
Philipp Otterbach Solid Maybe The Dahlem Diaries Music From Memory
Shpongle Juggling Molecules Museum Of Consciousness Twisted Records
Titan C’mon Feel The Karaoke C’mon Feel The Noise Emperor Norton
Paternoster Mammoth Opus O (Disco Rigido Remix) Remixes And Versions HHV.DE
Tosca Supersunday Going Going Going !K7 Records
Soul Supreme Rich in Soul Soul Supreme Soul Supreme Records
Steamy Windows & Woolfy One Of Those Nights (L.u.c.a Quirky Version) One Of Those Nights Ambassador’s Reception
Harri Pierson Young Australians DB12 013 Duca Bianco
Pejzaż Wizje List II The Very Polish Cut-Outs


November 14, 2023

Rock LP tracks show with lots of new music [Uni Boys, Wreckless Eric, The Evening Sons, Inner Lorre, Chris Stamey, Now, Julian Cope, Gaye Su Akyol], stuff a few years old that is waiting to be heard or heard again [The Mudd Club, Burnt Envelope, Giant Sand, The Hepburns, Beachwood Sparks, Dave Lombardo], great reissues [Betty Davis, Game Theory, Fun Boy Three, Eddie Hazel, David Byrne, Lung Leg], hidden compilation tracks [Bunnygrunt from Cool English Jumpsuit, Cypress Grove from We Are Only Riders (The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project), and just plain must-hear tracks from the past [Band 19, , John Fogerty, Harry Crews, The Mad, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Marcel Bontempi, Blairmailer]. Hope you hear them all.

Harry Crews

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Artist Song Release Label
L7 Can I Run Hungry For Stink Real Gone Music
The Mudd Club Surf Kansas Bottle Blonde Raving Pop Blast! Records
Burnt Envelope Friends Of Mine Alien Nation: Collected Singles Thus Far Feeding Tube Records
Giant Sand You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men Fire Records
Uni Boys I Don’t Believe In Love Buy This Now! Curation Records
Wreckless Eric Badhat Town Leisureland Tapete Records
The Hepburns White Dog There’s No Such Thing As The Hepburns Radio Khartoum
The Evening Sons Summer Rain Tracks Curation Records
Cypress Grove Ramblin’ Mind We Are Only Riders (The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project) Glitterhouse Records
Inger Lorre Song For Elliott Smith Gloryland Kitten Robot Records
Chris Stamey Dear Friend The Great Escape Car Records
Blairmailer Wall Home Of The Falcon IMP Records
John Fogerty Rattlesnake Highway Blue Moon Swamp BMG
Beachwood Sparks This Is What It Feels Like ’99 Beachwood Deluxe Curation Records
Bunnygrunt Down By The Racetrack Cool English Jumpsuit Silly Moo Records
Now Spacer And Blue Space Is Burning Noon Sloth Mate Productions

Artist Song Release Label
Band 19 Animal Grey Dictate Modern Method Records
Game Theory White Blues Blaze Of Glory Omnivore Recordings
Julian Cope Charles The Turd Robin Hood Head Heritage
Fun Boy Three Way On Down The Fun Boy Three Chrysalis Catalogue
Harry Crews Gospel Singer Naked In Garden Hills Widowspeak Productions
Lung Leg Viva By Spectacula Maid To Minx Last Night From Glasgow
The Mad Mask Mask / Eyeball / Devil Brain Transplant
Marcel Bontempi Big Fat Spider Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes (Demos & Recordings 2009-2014) Stag-O-Lee
Eddie Hazel Frantic Moment Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs Real Gone Music
Gaye Su Akyol Yaram Derin Derin Kanar Anadolu Ejderi Glitterbeat
Betty Davis Whorey Angel Is It Love Or Desire Light In The Attic
Bootsy’s Rubber Band Another Point Of View Stretchin’ Out In Bootsy’s Rubber Band Music On Vinyl
Dave Lombardo Separation From The Sacred Rites Of Percussion Ipecac Recordings
David Byrne Big Business The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel” Rhino Records


November 7, 2023

Today’s Carl’s living room Gulls Window Circus plays a lot of post-punk an artists that pushed boundaries after leaving their more successful bands. Mick Jones went from The Clash to Big Audio Dynamite, Lara Logic went solo after X-Ray Spex, Steve Hackett went solo after Genesis, Edgar Froese went solo after Tangerine Dream, Jody Harris went solo after Contortions, Paul Haig went solo after Josef K, Gareth Sager went solo after The Pop Group, Klaus Dinger went solo after Neu! On the flip side, The Gordons turned into the better known band Bailter Space.

In Camera

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Artist Song Release Label
Jenny Mae Interview There’s A Bar Around The Corner… As*holes Anyway Records
Jenny Mae Revolution Thing There’s A Bar Around The Corner… As*holes Anyway Records
Giant Sand Desperate Man Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men Fire Records
Big Audio Dynamite Other 99 Tighten Up Vol. ’88 Columbia
Lora Logic Horrible Party Pedigree Charm Rough Trade
Lolina The River The Smoke Not On Label
Kingdom Scum I’m Gonna Kill You Punk Eerie Materials
Inner Landscapes Over The Edge The Gospel According To The Women In White Inner Landscapes Records
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Seneca Here Be Dragons Denovali Records
ISAN Peg Salamander Morr Music
Hood The Light Reveals The Place Rustic Houses Forlorn Valleys Domino
Steve Hackett Watcher Of The Skies The Tokyo Tapes Esoteric Antenna
Edgar Froese Upland Aqua Culture Factory

Artist Song Release Label
Mudd Katanaboy In The Garden Of Mindfulness Claremont 56
In Camera The Conversation Era 4AD
Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds Well Of Misery From Her To Eternity Mute
Swamp Children Taste What’s Rhythm Taste What’s Rhythm Be With Records
Jody Harris Mystic Mints It Happened One Night Press Records
Savage Republic Attempted Coup : Madagascar Tragic Figures Real Gone Music
Paul Haig Chasing The Tail The Wood Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Gareth Sager They’re Playing Kraftwerk In The Coffee Shop Maelstrom In The Bare Garden Last Night From Glasgow
The Gordons Growing Up The Gordons 1972
Klaus Dinger + Prejapandorf Pure Energy 2000! Grönland Records
The Dub Syndicate Pounding Systems The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub) On-U Sound


October 31, 2023

A Carl’s living room LP tracks show that brings a middle ground rock sound (not too fast, not too slow) into the fringes, with the likes of… well, pretty much every artist fits the bill, none to be missed, all to dig deeper on your own. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Joe Ghatt

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Artist Song Release Label
The Laughing Dogs Don’t Bring Me Down Meet Their Makers Columbia
Bob Mould Lost Faith Sunshine Rock Merge Records
Debbie Harry Lucky Jim We Are Only Riders (The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project) Glitterhouse Records
Jowe Head Felt And Fat Cabinet Of Curios Munster Records
The Sound The Fire Larger Than Life Dear Boss.
John Sims Blackberry Motorist Palomino Fortuna Pop!
Sylvia Juncosa Open Ocean Nature SST Records
Litfiba Luna Guerra Contempo Records
Paternoster The Pope Is Wrong (Kabuki’s Kraut Odyssey Remix) Remixes And Versions HHV.DE
The Legendary Pink Dots Lisa’s Separation / The Golden Age The Golden Age Metropolis
Mark Lanegan Band Penthouse High Somebody’s Knocking Heavenly
Annabel Lamb Heartland Once Bitten A&M Records
The Lines Nicky Boy’s Groove Hull Down Acute Records

Artist Song Release Label
Cosmetique Jackson Jackson PPQ Records
Fleetwood Mac Rambling Pony The Pious Bird Of Good Omen Blue Horizon
The 23rd Turnoff Flowers Are Flowering Michael Angelo: The Complete 1967 Recordings Think Like A Key Music
Alejandro Escovedo Con Don Antonio MC Overload La Cruzada Yep Roc Records
Doctors Of Madness So Many Ways To Hurt You Dark Times Cherry Bomb Records
Joe Ghatt While the Coffee Brews Banana Sludge Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Glorious Din Red Dirt Closely Watched Trains OnderStroom Records
Robyn Hitchcock Raining Twilight Coast Tromsø, Kaptein Tiny Ghost Records
Danny Graham Ev’rything Will Grow From Here Danny Graham Xerox Music
Green On Red Fading Away Gas Food Lodging Enigma
Bleeding Hearts Riches to Rags Riches to Rags Bar/None Records
Joseph Airport Xeno Pariah Cool English Jumpsuit Silly Moo Records
Golden Smog Friend Down By The Old Mainstream Run Out Groove
The Goon Sax In The Stone Mirror II Matador
KRGA So Far Down Moi St. Hoser Records


October 24, 2023

Rock LP tracks show – a ‘Carl’s living room’ listening session that buzzes with lots of special faves by artists that don’t get much attention [The Bluebells, The Fans, The German Measles, The Invertebrates, Iron Prostate, Bone Of Contention, Ivy Green, The Jacks, The Jeanies, Jilted John, Joneses, The June Brides, Just Water, KRGA, The Last, Last Men, The Last Words, Laurels The Limiñanas, Liverpool Echo, The Lotus Eaters Comateen, Moviola, Blueboy, Jazzateers, Hairband], plus some that do get attention in certain circles [The Jazz Butcher, The Lemon Twigs, Lilys, Love Tractor, Nick Lowe, Richard Lloyd, Pavement]. All are chosen with love for you to enjoy.

The Jeanies

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Artist Song Release Label
The Fans You Don’t Live Here Anymore You Don’t Live Here Anymore Radiation Records
The German Measles Wild Weekend Wild E.P. Captured Tracks
The Invertebrates He’s Back Let’s Have Fun! Spineless
Iron Prostate I Am The King Loud, Fast, And Aging Rapidly Skreamin’ Skull Records
Bone Of Contention She’s Living 48 Points Of View Igor Records
Ivy Green Why Not Tonight Ivy Green Pogo Records Ltd
The Jacks (You’re) So Wrong Make ‘Em Cry Reminder Records
The Jazz Butcher Southern Mark Smith (Original) Real Men Glass Records
The Jeanies I Think You’re The Wrong One The Jeanies Discos Regresivos
Jilted John I Was A Pre-Pubescent True Love Stories Boss Tuneage
Joneses Miss 714 Jonesin’ Discography Vol. 2 Projectile Platters
The June Brides Sunday To Saturday There Are Eight Million Stories… The Pink Label
Just Water Wayward Boys The Riff Branded Records, Inc.
KRGA Countryside Moi St. Hoser Records
The Last Subway Song Look Again Backlash
Last Men The Word Jimmy Igo Ze Records
The Lemon Twigs Night Song Brothers Of Destruction 4AD

Artist Song Release Label
The Last Words Every Schoolboys Dream Animal World Papagájův Hlasatel Records
Laurels Tattooed Lady Neck Heparin
Lilys Ginger A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns Frontier Records
The Limiñanas Prisunic Malamore HoZac Records
Liverpool Echo EL Beach Liverpool Echo Sing Sing Records
Richard Lloyd King of Fools Lodestones ORG Music
The Lotus Eaters Endless Out On Your Own Sylvan Records
Love Tractor Outside With Ma This Ain’t No Outerspace Ship Big Time
Nick Lowe Cupid Must Be Angry The Convincer Yep Roc Records
Comateens Dream Tricatel Machine Tricatel
Pavement Box Elder Westing (by Musket And Sextant) Matador
Moviola Wisdom Teeth The Year You Were Born Anyway Records
Blueboy Try Happiness Singles 1991​-1998 A Colourful Storm
Jazzateers Religious Me Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey Creeping Bent
Hairband Sassy Moon Hairband Monorail Music
The Bluebells Red Guitars Sisters Past Night From Glasgow


February 7, 2023

Today’s show has 6 pairings of Television or Tom Verlaine tracks with suitable companions, then a bunch of songs his stuff makes me think of. I did not play Felt, who may be the most Television-like band, but I will have them covered in weeks to come and I wanted to make lass obvious parallels. The tracks that have thrilled me and stuck in my head the most are ‘Penetration’ and it’s New Order pairing (both just incredible), and the TV21 / Psychedelic Furs pairing. I also love the dB’s track ‘I Lie’.


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Artist Song Release Label
Television Days Adventure Elektra
The Only Ones Miles From Nowhere Even Serpents Shine CBS
Television The Dream’s Dream Adventure Elektra
Talking Heads No Compassion Talking Heads: 77 Sire
Television Prove It Marquee Moon Elektra
The Gun Club L.A. Is Always Real In My Room Bang! Records
Tom Verlaine Penetration Dreamtime Warner Bros. Records
New Order Leave Me Alone Power, Corruption & Lies Factory
Tom Verlaine Mr. Bingo Tom Verlaine Elektra
The Go-Betweens Careless Send Me A Lullaby Rough Trade
TV21 Waiting For The Drop A Thin Red Line Deram
The Psychedelic Furs No Tears Talk Talk Talk CBS
The dB’s I Lie The Sound Of Music I.R.S. Records
Green Seagull Little Lady (In The Amplifier) Cloud Cover Mega Dodo

Artist Song Release Label
The Cleveland Steamers Somethin’ Bad Best Record Ever! Smog Veil Records
Gruppo Sportivo Real Teeth Are Out Back To 78 Music On Vinyl
Paul Haig The Walk The Wood Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Hand Grenades Cocoon Demos To London Last Laugh Records
Happy Hate Me Nots Best Of Intentions Out Rough Trade
The Haskels Living With A Sense Of Purpose Taking The City By Storm Splunge Communications Inc.
Jowe Head Shy Town Cabinet Of Curios Munster Records
Unwnd Terminus Live Leaves (10 Year Anniversary Edition) Numero Group
Nico + The Faction My Heart Is Empty Camera Obscura Beggars Archive
Neil Young With Crazy Horse I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone) World Record Reprise Records
The Primitives Till I’m Alive Don’t Know Where To Start Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters Pushing Me Too Far Smashed Full Of Wonder Optic Nerve Recordings
Echo And The Bunnymen Ticket To Ride B-sides & Live (2001-2005) Demon Records


January 24, 2023

All vinyl as always, an LP tracks Carl’s living room show with 11 feels-good-together pairings, then 3 David Crosby and 4 Jeff Beck tracks to celebrate the life and works of those artists. Special attention to the Traffic track that has been going through my head, the Stargazer Lilies track from their brand new record, and the David Bowie remix of a track from his The Next Day LP.

Jeff Beck

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Artist Song Release Label
The Raybeats The Backstroke Guitar Beat Don’t Fall Off The Mountain
David Bowie I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix) The Next Day Extra EP Columbia
Ultravox Stranger Within (Full Length Version) Rage In Eden [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix] Chrysalis Catalogue
Brenda Ray Return Of Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger Perfume Of The Soul Emotional Rescue
Traffic Hidden Treasure The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys Island Records
America Riverside Live At Goodbye Summer Festival ‘71 Morgan Blue Town Records Ltd.
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains Clear Spot Rhino Records
Dr. John End Of The Line Things Happen That Way Rounder Records
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers This Kind Of Music Jonathan Sings! Omnivore Recordings
The Trend (I Feel Like A) Dictionary The Trend Is In! One Way Ticket Records
Mick Farren Bela Lugosi Vampires Stole My Lunch Money Munster Records
Tintern Abbey Nightfall Beeside The Anthology Real Gone Music
The Scrubbers Street Rat The Scrubbers Vol I RAR
Jimi Hendrix Cherokee Mist / Astro Man Burning Desire Dagger Records

Artist Song Release Label
Wire Underwater Experiences Not About To Die (Studio Demos 1977-1978) Pinkflag
Chuck Berry It’s Too Dark In There Concerto In B Goode Mercury
The Stargazer Lilies Bending The Lines Cosmic Tidal Wave Floravinyl Records
Elisa Waut Being Strong Elisa Waut Numero Group
The Hawks All The Sad Young Men Obviously 5 Believers Seventeen Records
Attitudes Ain’t Love Enough Dark Horse Records (The Best Of 1974-1977) Dark Horse Records
Stiff Little Fingers Gate 49 BBC Live In Concert Parlophone
The Spencer Davis Group Moonshine Looking Back Solution Records
David Crosby Tamalpais High (At About 3) If I Could Only Remember My Name Atlantic
The Byrds Why Never Before Re-Flyte
David Crosby Shot At Me For Free BMG
Beck, Bogert & Appice Why Should I Care Beck, Bogert & Appice Epic
Jeff Beck Morning Dew Truth Epic
Jeff Beck With Terry Bozzio And Tony Hymas Behind The Veil Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop Friday Music
Yardbirds Hot House Of Omagarashid (Alternate Mono Version) Roger The Engineer Demon Records


January 17, 2023

A Carl’s living room LP tracks rock show with three 7″ tracks tucked in as a bonus at the end of Part 2. Some 80’s goodness from ten records gifted to me, which shaped some of the other selections. Special attention should be called to ALRN, an early Scott Miller (Game Theory) band, and to The Yummy Fur’s Bowie cover. EVERY track fought long and hard to be included here and has a rightful place in the Circus.

The Male Nurse

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Artist Song Release Label
The Bags Pioneer Rock Starve Restless Records
Bailter Space Glimmer Wammo Matador
Au Pairs Instant Touch Sense And Sensuality Kamera Records
The Auteurs Light Aircraft On Fire After Murder Park 3 Loop Music
Automatics Run Forever The Missing Album Destroy Records
A·Moms = Algebra Mothers Swan Song A·Moms = Algebra Mothers Third Man Records
The Apples In Stereo Drifting Patterns Her Wallpaper Reverie Earworm
April March Californian Fall In Cinerama Une Vie
ALRN Beach State Rocking Painted Windows Rational Records
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Without You Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Warner Bros. Records
The Severed Limb Bela Lugosi Good And Gone Wonderfulsound
Airport Girl Hey! Crayola Honey, I’m An Artist Fortuna Pop!
A Certain Ratio Good Together Good Together Mute
Viv Albertine Sweet Cheat Gone The Vermilion Border Cadiz Music
Adam And The Ants Killer In The Home Kings Of The Wild Frontier CBS

Artist Song Release Label
The Adicts Chinese Takeaway Sound Of Music Radiation Reissues
ABC Date Stamp The Lexicon Of Love Neutron Records
XTC Melt The Guns English Settlement Virgin
Lene Lovich Special Star New Toy Stiff-Epic
‘Til Tuesday Maybe Monday Voices Carry Epic
The Motors Do You Mind Approved By The Motors Virgin
The Unknowns Not My Memory Dream Sequence Sire
O Positive With You Only Breathing Throbbing Lobster
Scruffy The Cat Runaway Boom Boom Boom Bingo Relativity
Elvis Costello I’m Not Angry My Aim Is True Stiff Records
Pete Wylie And The Mighty Wah Seven Minutes To Midnight (Liveish) The Story Of The Blues Chrysalis Catalogue
The Soup Dragons The Same Old Story Janice Long Session 01.09.86 Precious Recordings Of London
Mother Goose Top Tune Mate! Mother Goose / Mystery Date Igor Records
The Yummy Fur Always Crashing In The Same Car Stereo Girls Roxy
The Male Nurse G-D-R G-D-R Guided Missile


January 10, 2023

A vinyl rock Carl’s living room show that offers 13 pairings (26 tracks) spread across two 60 minute segments. The first hour pairs Mary Timony w/The Farmer’s Boys, Ace Frehley w/Fanny, Can w/Grand Funk Railroad, Del Shannon w/Robyn Hitchcock, Suzi Quatro w/The Rolling Stones and live tracks from The Sound w/Duran Duran. The second hour pairs Carambolage w/The Male Nurse, Bone Of Contention w/Human Sexual Response, Julian Cope w/Detective, The Kinks w/Hot Tuna, and Swamp Dogg w/Bryan Ferry (perfect pair). Everything will make sense, I promise!


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Artist Song Release Label
Mary Timony Poison Moon Mountains Matador
The Farmer’s Boys Portrait Of A Legend (Part One) Phew Wow EMI
Ace Frehley Space Truckin’ Origins Vol.2 eOne
Fanny You’re The One Charity Ball Real Gone Music
Can Cuxhaven 76 Drei Live In Cuxhaven 1976 Mute
Grand Funk Railroad Got This Thing On The Move Grand Funk Capitol Records
Del Shannon I Go To Pieces Rock On! Demon Records
Robyn Hitchcock The Inner Life Of Scorpio Shufflemania! Tiny Ghost Records
Suzi Quatro I Feel The Earth Move Uncovered Sun Record Company
The Rolling Stones Come On More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) London Records
The Sound I Can’t Escape Myself Utrecht, No Nukes Festival (April 9th, 1982) Radio Broadcast
Duran Duran Careless Memories Hammersmith ’82! Parlophone
Lung Leg Previous Condition Maid To Minx Last Night From Glasgow

Artist Song Release Label
Buzzcocks You’ve Changed Everything Now Sonics In The Soul Cherry Red
Carambolage Widerlich Eilzustellung-Exprès Tapete Records
The Male Nurse German Sleeps In My Bed The Male Nurse Decemberism
Bone Of Contention Who Are You? 48 Points Of View Igor Records
Human Sexual Response Marone Offering In A Roman Mood Passport Records
Julian Cope Levitation World Shut Your Mouth Island Records
Detective Dynamite It Takes One To Know One Swan Song
The Kinks Word Of Mouth Word Of Mouth Friday Music
Hot Tuna Free Rein Yellow Fever Friday Music
Swamp Dogg Family Pain Sorry You Couldn’t Make It Joyful Noise Recordings
Bryan Ferry Just One Look Taxi BMG
Miriam Makeba Down On The Corner Keep Me In Mind Strut
Pete Wylie And The Mighty Wah The Story Of The Blues The Story Of The Blues Chrysalis Catalogue


November 22, 2022

13 records brought back from Poland from the store Paul’s Boutique in Kazimierz, bought during a recent Unsound trip, form the centerpiece of a Carl’s living room rock show that ranges from the 60s to the 20s. An unplanned New York Dolls track HAD to be brought in because the Adam Ant track before it had background vocals that suggested it. One pairing (Aztec Camera/Rickie Parsons) showcases two songs I’ve long thought belonged together. They are long distance relationship songs, which tie in to the US Thanksgiving holiday, which causes 1 out of 5 residents to travel long distance to celebrate together.

Bevis Frond

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Artist Song Release Label
The Move (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree Shazam / Move Fly Records
Shanghai Joy Joy Joy Shanghai Warner Bros. Records
Aztec Camera We Could Send Letters High Land, Hard Rain Domino
Richie Parsons Six Hours Ahead Black Throated Blue Lawless Records
Michael Chapman Full Bottle, Empty Heart True North Paradise Of Bachelors
J.J. Cale You Got Something Troubadour Music On Vinyl
E Down She Goes Negative Work Thrill Jockey
The Rolling Stones Let Me Go Emotional Rescue Rolling Stones Records
The Real Kids Senseless Outta Place Star Rhythm Records
Lothar And The Hand People Comic Strip Machines: Amherst 1969 Modern Harmonic
Wojciech Mazolewski Union Yugen Agora Muzyka
Traffic Love When The Eagle Flies Island Records
Mott The Hoople Sweet Jane All The Young Dudes CBS
Mud Do You Love Me / Sha La La La Lee Mud Rock RAK
The Demons Gimme Love The Demons Mercury
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel Everything Changes Timeless Flight EMI
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel Nothing Is Sacred Timeless Flight EMI

Artist Song Release Label
The Tourists I Only Want To Be With You Reality Effect Logo
Adam And The Ants Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios Prince Charming CBS
New York Dolls Stranded In The Jungle In Too Much Too Soon Mercury
The Boomtown Rats She’s So Modern A Tonic For The Troops Ensign
Simple Minds Someone Life In A Day Virgin
The Belle Stars Harlem Shuffle The Belle Stars Stiff Records
JoBoxers Just Got Lucky Like Gangbusters RCA
Status Quo (April), Spring, Summer And Wednesdays The Rest Of Status Quo Music On Vinyl –
Stephen Stills The Loner Illegal Stills CBS
The Animals Bright Lights, Big City The Animals On Tour ABKCO
The Kinks Just Can’t Go To Sleep Kinks Sanctuary
The Bevis Frond Yo-De-Lo What Did For The Dinosaurs Fire Records
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Somewhere Over The Rainbow RealLive! Vol. 2 Justin Time