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February 13, 2024

The eighth and final week of the Gulls Window Circus hard rock series: We complete the alphabetical series in the first 5 tracks, then we start a quick A-Z of CDs with this sound, bringing a lot of fun tracks that aren’t easily available on vinyl. Got the first 5 tracks in the show, White Zombie (Like Red Kross in week 6) cover Kiss, rather spectacularly. Black Sabbath make their 3rd appearance in this series, completing a view of the last 3 LPs Ozzy sang on, this time with the title song of the final Ozzy LP Never Say Die. In the CDs section, the recent movie The Creator had 2 Deep Purple tracks in it, and we hear Flight Of The Rat. Maggie Estep has a fun track (all hers are) that you will remember. 45 Grave is heard without Dinah Cancer singing in the epic track Slice O’ Life. Long Island 70’s band Good Rats sound just right. Inter Lorre’s original band Nymphs sound fine on one of their singles. Ten Foot Pole is really the HC band Scared Straight after they changed their name and sound (much like Ill Repute did back on show #606). 70’s artists in the CD portion include Cycle, John Du Cann, Terry Reid, Stray, Tear Gas, Thin Lizzy, Uriah Heep, and Vanilla Fudge. Permanent Green Light is the post-Three O’Clock band.

Minimalist Love Gods

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Artist Song Release Label
Wet Dreams Her Wet Dreams Black Pop Records
Whirlywirld Sextronics Complete Discography 1978-80 HoZac Records
White Zombie God Of Thunder God Of Thunder Caroline Records
Wildest Dreams She Loves Me Not Wildest Dreams Smalltown Supersound
The Wonder Stuff Grin The Eight Legged Groove Machine Polydor
Black Sabbath Never Say Die! Never Say Die! BMG
Cycle Rich Man, Poor Man, Pig Cosmic Clouds Rise Above Relics
Deep Purple Flight Of The Rat Deep Purple In Rock Parlophone
John Du Cann Don’t Be A Dummy The World’s Not Big Enough Angel Air Records
Maggie Estep The Stupid Jerk I’m Obsessed With No More Mister Nice Girl NuYo Records
45 Grave Slice O’ Life Sleep In Safety Real Gone Music
Faz Waltz Good Time Is Callin’ Loud Callin’ Loud Contra Records
Good Rats Back To My Music Tasty Mondo Records Corporation

Artist Song Release Label
Minimalist Love Gods Cyclone Fence Devolver Igor Records
Nymphs Imitating Angels A Practical Guide To Astral Projection DGC
Permanent Green Light We Could Just Die Hallucinations Omnivore Recordings
Terry Reid The Way You Walk Seed Of Memory BGO Records
Sleepers Flying The Less An Object Tim/Kerr Records
Stray Time Machine All In Your Mind – The Transatlantic Years 1970-1974 Esoteric Recordings
Tear Gas That’s What’s Real Tear Gas Esoteric Recordings
Ten Benson Dark Forces Benson Burner Jetset Records
Ten Foot Pole Man In The Corner Swill Ten Foot Records
Thin Lizzy It’s Only Money Nightlife Vertigo
Thin White Rope Eleven When Worlds Collide Munster Records
Thirty Ought Six Eris Hag Seed Mute America
Uriah Heep I Wanna Be Free Look At Yourself Sanctuary
Vanilla Fudge Shotgun Psychedelic Sundae (The Best Of) Rhino
The Winkies Long Song Coming The Winkies Lemon Recordings


February 6, 2024

In this seventh week of the 8 week Gulls Window Circus hard rock series (I’ve been thinking more of it as ‘hardrock-like’) we speed through the letters S-W. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band is Fred Smith of MC5, The Split Squad includes Clem Burke, Keith Streng (Fleshtones) and Eddie Muñoz (Plimsouls). That Petrol Emotion is basically Undertones after Feargal Sharkey left. The Tourists is pre-Eurythmics, Tyla Gang is post Ducks Deluxe. Ronnie Spector rocks it out from her 1980 lp. I am very happy to bring you Spitboy, Starcrawler, The Strings, The Twinkeyz, The Velvet Monkeys, The Victims (The NYC ones, not the Aussie ones) and Wasted Youth (The English ones, not the California ones). Much to uncover, let’s get started!

Teenage Head

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Artist Song Release Label
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band Electrophonic Tonic Detroit Tango Svart Records
Soul Asylum April Fool Grave Dancers Union Music On Vinyl
Sort Sol Fire Engine Everything That Rises… Must Converge! Medley Records
Specimen Tell Tail Batastrophe Sire
Spitboy Seriously Body Of Work 1990 – 1995 All The Songs Don Giovanni Records
Ronnie Spector Boys Will Be Boys Siren Polish Records
Speedtwins Selfmutilation It’s More Fun To Compete Pseudonym
The Split Squad Showstopper Another Cinderella Folc Records
Queer Hot Child In The City Spore / Queer – Phuko & Flan Is Ta Chunk Records
Starcrawler Goodtime Girl Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack Loma Vista
The Strings Deflower Yum Yum Parsley
The Struts Wild Child Strange Days Interscope Records
The Sueves Mop Bucket Tears of Joy Magicatalog
Sundowners The Rush That Blinds Gnome & Glacier Dirt Cult Records
Sunflower Bean Puppet Strings Twentytwo In Blue Mom + Pop

Artist Song Release Label
SWA Optimist XCIII SST Records
Tad Lycanthrope Inhaler Real Gone Music
Teenage Head Lucy Potato Teenage Head Warner Music Canada
Teenage Fanclub Interstellar Overdrive The King Pema
That Petrol Emotion Creeping To The Cross Babble Polydor
The Tourists Circular Fever Reality Effect Logo
The Twinkeyz Wild Love Alpha Jerk S-S Records
Tyla Gang Flashing In The Subway Moonproof Beserkley
The Vaselines Sex Sux (Amen) Dum-Dum Glass Redux
The Velvet Monkeys World Of … Future Fountain Of Youth Records
The Victims She’s So Hot Real Wild Child Golden Disc Records
Sonny Vincent Lament Diamond Distance & Liquid Fury- Sonny Vincent: Primitive 1969-76 HoZac Records
Violence Creeps Whine Soul Narc Digital Regress
Virgin Prunes Pagan Lovesong Pagan Lovesong BMG
Wasted Youth Something’s Going Wrong The Beginning Of The End Bridge House Records


January 23, 2024

Fifth week of 8 in the Gulls Window Circus hard rock series covers the letters L-N. Several bands follow the artist from very popular previous bands [Screaming Trees > Mark Lanegan Band , Psychedelic Furs > Love Spit Love, Dead Boys > Lords Of The New Church, Nymphs > Inger Lorre, Codeine, Come, Volcano Sons > The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries, Hanoi Rocks > Michael Monroe, Husker Du > Bob Mould], a few of the artists went on to bigger fame in subsequent bands [The Living > Guns ‘n Roses, The Mike Gunn > Charalambides, Mother Love Bone > Green River > Pearl Jam]. All songs have mentionable aspects, but I want to draw your attention to the Menace Dement track, the fact that Map Of Africa is re-edit wizard DJ Harvey, and Manikins, who were formed as Cheap Nasties in Australia.

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus

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Artist Song Release Label
Mark Lanegan Band Stitch It Up Somebody’s Knocking Heavenly
Leather Towel Food Poisoning II Leather Towel IV HoZac Records
The Living A Song For You 1982 Loosegroove Records
Love Spit Love Sweet Thing Trysome Eatone Real Gone Music
The Lords Of The New Church World Without End Is Nothing Sacred? I.R.S. Records
Inger Lorre Monitor Live At The Viper Room Sweet Nothing Records
L7 Drama The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum Real Gone Music
The Lurkers Sex Crazy Sex Crazy Damaged Goods
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Snakepit Breakdown Urge To Kill Rustblade
The March Violets Steam Natural History Rebirth
Manikins Young And Restless From Broadway To Blazes Manufactured Recordings
Map Of Africa Get Outta Bed Map Of Africa Whatever We Want Records
The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries The Know It All Suns Out Guns Out Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Masters Of Reality V.H.V. Sunrise On The Sufferbus Real Gone Music

Artist Song Release Label
Melvins Hot Fish Working With God Ipecac Recordings
Menace Dement Corpse Menace Dement Vermiform
Metal Urbain Numéro Zéro Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux Byzz
The Mike Gunn Liska Durban Poison Double Naught
Ministry Stigmata Greatest Fits Run Out Groove
The Mission UK Child’s Play Children Mercury
Mirrors Penthouse Legend Something That Would Never Do Violet Times
Michael Monroe All Fighter I Live Too Fast To Die Young! Silver Lining Music
Mother Love Bone Half Ass Monkey Boy Shine Stardog Records
Motörhead Iron Horse – Born To Lose On Parole Parlophone
Bob Mould When You Left Blue Hearts Merge Records
Mudhoney Overblown Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge Sub Pop
Neon Christ The Knife That Cuts So Deep 1984 Southern Lord


A one-off single week special in 4 parts: CD tracks spun alphabetically in real time. The trip goes from Agent Ribbons to Calef Brown in part 1, Buttsteak to Further in part 2, Garlands to Iggy Pop in part 3, and Prickly to White Town in the final hour. Keeping’ it deep!

March 5, 2019

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Song Artist Release Label
I’m Alright Agent Ribbons Chateau Crone Antenna Farm Records
Small Dreamy Babytooth Rare Book Room Personal Favorite
Confusion Is Nothing New Beachwood Sparks Once We Were Trees Sub Pop
Buttercup Blast Off Country Style Rainbow Mayonnaise Deluxe Teen-Beat
The Lonely Surfer Calef Brown Polkabats and Octopus Slacks Not On Label
NV Buttsteak Men Who Pause Go Kart

Song Artist Release Label
Lorraine’s Car Cake Like Bruiser Queen Vapor
I’m Going to a River Don Cavalli Cryland A Rag Records
Pinstriped Rebel Comet Gain All Done With Mirrors Le Grand Magistry
The Worst Spy Cookiepusher Heavy Is Disheveled Not On Label
Teenage Loser Anthem The Dambuilders Ruby Red Rhino/Elektra
You’re Not The Law The Dead 60’s You’re Not The Law Deltasonic Records
Whisper De Duo A Far Cry C/Z Records
(I Want To) Kiss You All Over Dirt Merchants Rarified V-Hold Records
Exactioning Drekka Exactioning Bluesanct
Rhiannon The Dry Spells Too Soon for Flowers Antenna Farm Records
I’m the Sun Eugenius Oomalama Fire
Crazy Love The Ferocious Few Juices Birdman Records
Juniper Further Notes From The Underground 2 Priority Records

Song Artist Release Label
Ancient Music Garlands (picnic, lightning) Mister
June Salutes You! Guided by Voices The Official Ironmen Rally Song – EP Matador
Waiting The Hang Ups He’s After Me Clean
All I Want Holiday Cafe Reggio spinART Records
Sleepy Time Hugh You Are Here Mafia Money Records
Elvis Juned A Far Cry C/Z Records
All Dressed Kerbivore All Dressed – EP Unblinking Ear Records, Urban Sleep Discs (Japan)
TV Whore Laurels L Revolver Records Limited
The Prefab Map 71 Void Axis Fourth Dimension Records
Digital Mia Doi Todd The Golden State Columbia
Little Milkmoney Wheelie Wicked Disc
Rock Guitar The Pancakes Global Indie Clubpop! Eenie Meenie
Howl Papas Fritas Passion Play – EP Minty Fresh
Plastic Vistas Pie 4th Independent Label Festival Purely Promotional Compilation ILF
Mask Iggy Pop Beat Em Up Virgin Catalog (V81)
Death And The Maiden Prickly Velleity Harriet Records

Song Artist Release Label
Silicon Teens Pulsars Pulsars Almo Sounds
Tiger, Tiger Paul Quinn & The Independent Group Will I Ever Be Inside Of You Postcard Of Scotland
Witches of Angelholm Rachel Stamp Oceans of Venus Captiva Records
Murder City Nights Radio Birdman Radios Appear Citadel Records
Autocoustic Transit Causwell Savalis The Omnibus Technician Not On Label
Vampire Sebadoh Rocking the Forest Domino
Rocket Girl Shake Appeal Go Kart vs the Corporate Giant Go Kart Records
On the Horizon Sloan Navy Blues murderecords
True Life Spatula 4 Bands Jesus Christ
Tripping Girl The Spiny Anteaters All Is Well Kranky
Red To Green Spore Giant Taang! Records
Solitary Man Russ Tolman Only 39,999,999 Behind “Thriller” – Down There Records 1981-1988 Down There Records
New York The Templars Go Kart vs the Corporate Giant Go Kart Records
Every Day 27 Let the Light In Hydra Head Records
Strutter Unrest Malcolm X Park Teen-Beat
I’m Alone White Town Peek & Poke Bzangy Groink


CD rock tracks that are all from bands I really like and want to bring attention to, played in alphabetical order, from Airport Girl to Betty Harris in the first hour, and Tom Heyman to Twenty Sixty Six And Then in the second.

February 19, 2019

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Song Artist Release Label
The Weather Song Airport Girl Slow Light Fortuna Pop!
Boosterstown Bees Make Honey Music Every Night Vivid Sound
Baby Strange Big Star Live At Lafayette’s Music Room Omnivore Recordings
Rosie’s Drugstore Birdie Triple Echo Rock Records (Japan) Co. Ltd.
Wanda Lu Tim Buckley Wings: The Complete Singles 1966-1974 Omnivore Recordings
Sundamental Michael Chapman Millstone Grit BGO Records
Desert Island Woman Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers Real Sharp – A Thrilling Two CD Anthology The Last Music Company
Carolay Crazy Horse Scratchy: The Complete Reprise Recordings Wounded Bird Records
Miracle Mile Danny & Dusty Here’s To You Max Morlock – Live In Nuremberg Blue Rose Records
80 West The Dream Syndicate How Did I Find Myself Here? Anti-
Hands And Knees Green On Red Too Much Fun Off-Beat Records
Lost A Number Grin Featuring Nils Lofgren Grin, 1+1 & All Out Floating World
All I Want Is You Betty Harris The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul Soul Jazz Records

Song Artist Release Label
Cool And Blue Tom Heyman That Cool Blue Feeling Bohemian Neglect Recording Works
1-900-World The Leaving Trains The Lump In My Forehead SST Records
Pyramid Of Night Andy Mackay In Search Of Eddie Riff Rifff Records
When It All Began Richie Parsons Black Throated Blue LawLess
Look Both Ways The Rain Parade Emergency Third Rail Power Trip / Explosions In The Glass Palace Real Gone Music
Stretch Your Skin The Rockets The Rockets Rev-Ola
Finally… The Slummers Love of the Amateur Blue Rose
Gonna Change Dan Stuart The Deliverance Of Marlowe Billings Cadiz Music
Preference The Summer Hits Beaches and Canyons 1992-96 Medical Records
Return Of The Mozabites Suns Of Arqa Revenge Of The Mozabites Corbett vs. Dempsey
Look Around (Tom Verlaine demo) True West Hollywood Holiday Revisited Atavistic
Butterking Twenty Sixty Six And Then Reflections On The Future MIG


Curiously, only two exceptions to the rule of today (70s rock) – the first would be the track by the Norwegian band Flunk from their 2007 LP Personal Stereo. But the Flunk track fits super well, sounding like a cross between Pink Floyd ‘Breathe’ and Crazy Horse. The second exception is a 1985 track by The Deadbeats from their On Tar Beach LP. It too fits in very well, reminding me of The Motels ‘Only The Lonely.’ The rest of the tracks inhabit their own sound, but slide in to a cohesive set that I think you will love.

February 5, 2019

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Song Artist Release Label
Range War Brinsley Schwarz Silver Pistol United Artists Records
Token Chokin’ Cactus Restrictions Hear No Evil Recordings
New Girl The Deadbeats On Tar Beach Big Beat Records
Another Country Demon Fuzz Afreaka! Castle Music
Cajun Woman Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking Universal Music International
Change My Ways Flunk Personal Stereo Beatservice
Hook, Line ‘n’ Sinker Betty Harris Soul Jazz Records Presents Betty Harris: The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul Soul Jazz Records
Love Is The Way Rikki Ililonga & Musi-O-Tunya Dark Sunrise Now-Again
Lemonaide Kid Kak Kak-Ola Big Beat
Land of 1000 Nights Mahogany Rush Strange Universe Big Beat

Song Artist Release Label
Spaceage Sacrifice Montrose Paper Money Rhino/Warner Bros.
Down Nazareth Hair of the Dog Eagle Records
Embryo (BBC Radio Session, 16 July 1970) Pink Floyd The Early Years 1967-72 Cre/ation Pink Floyd Records
Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil Quiet Sun Mainstream Blue Pie
Stoned Silence Ram Where? (In Conclusion) Akarma
One Way Glass The John Schroeder Orchestra One Way Glass RPM Records
Time Slips Away Shocking Blue Ham Red Bullet
Earschplittenloudenboomer Steppenwolf The ABC/Dunhill Singles Collection Real Gone Music
Pretty Things Stray All In Your Mind – The Transatlantic Years 1970-1974 Esoteric Recordings
Poet’s Justice Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards Sanctuary Records
Need Love Vanilla Fudge Psychedelic Sundae: The Best of Vanilla Fudge Rhino
For Whatever Its Worth Yellow Dog Yellow Dog Prog Temple


A all-in-a-week A-Z show that sure skips around, but has many winners that I may not have been able to build a full show on, so in the end, they all DO fit together, and you will for hearing these tracks.

January 29, 2019

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Song Artist Release Label
Mr. John Arthur Alexander Arthur Alexander Omnivore Recordings
Hung Over Charles “Packy” Axton Late Late Party • 1965-67 Light In The Attic
May I? Kevin Ayers And The Whole World Shooting At The Moon Parlophone
Highway Blues Ava Cherry The Astronettes Sessions Black Barbarella Records
Boogie Shoes Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert/Live In London See For Miles Records Ltd.
Talking To Myself The Distractions Kindly Leave the Stage Occultation
Dying Embers The Dream Syndicate Out Of The Grey Big Time
Pete Has Got The Power Dūrocs Dūrocs Real Gone Music
Born To Die Kim Fowley & Ben Vaughn Kings Of Saturday Night Sector 2 Records
Life Is For Learning Marvin Gaye In Our Lifetime Motown
Ruby Red The Godz The Third Testament ESP Disk

Song Artist Release Label
Winter And My Soul Grand Funk Railroad Grand Funk Capitol Records
The World You Cannot Hide From The Huns ..Conquer Ithaca, New York 1966! Jargon Records
Walk Like A River The Leaving Trains Sleeping Underwater Survivors SST Records
Remote Control Phil Manzanera Listen Now Expression Records
Keepin’ It To Myself Jaye P. Morgan Jaye P. Morgan Sonic Past Music Europe
My Train’s Done Come And Gone Don Nix Living By The Days Man In The Moon
I Can’t Understand Priscilla Paris Love, Priscilla – Her 1960s Solo Recordings Ace
Next Time Paul & The Tall Trees Our Love In The Light Big Crown Records
Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Terry Reid Bang, Bang You’re Terry Reid Epic
City Crazy Bridget St. John Fly High Cherry Red Records Ltd.
Misery Travis Pickle Travis Pickle LunaSea Records
Something New Dino Valente Dino Valente Floating World
Cool It Down The Velvet Underground Loaded Rhino


LP tracks played alphabetically by artist, starting with Baby Grande (pre-The Church), running to Wild Billy Childish & CTMF.

November 6, 2018

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Song Artist Release Label
Going There And Back Baby Grande Baby Grande Hozak Records
Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song) Brinsley Schwarz It’s All Over Now Mega Dodo
Street Herman Brood & His Wild Romance Street Music On Vinyl
Planet Caravan (feat. David Jimenez) Brownout Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.
I Can’t See You Tim Buckley I Can’t See You Manifesto
Red Heavy Bush Tetras Take the Fall – EP Wharf Cat Records
(It’s Such A) Wonderful Life The Celibate Rifles Roman Beach Party What Goes On Records
Intrigue In Tangiers The Chameleons What Does Anything Mean? Basically Statik
Service Certain General November’s Heat L’Invitation Au Suicide
Heartcatchthump Chainsaw Kittens Chainsaw Kittens Jett Plastic Recordings
The Flesh Is Weak James Chance & The Contortions The Flesh Is Weak True Groove
Siren Charles Brown Superstar Days Of Our Drive WIN Records
Vegetation Cheap Nasties Cheap Nasties Hozac Records
So 1950’s Cherry Vanilla Bad Girl RCA

Song Artist Release Label
Yes I Do! Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All Chicks on Speed Records
You Destabilize Me Wild Billy Childish CTMF Brand New Cage Damaged Goods
Satin Doll The Chills Kaleidoscope World Flying Nun Records
Gift of Freedom China Crisis Flaunt the Imperfection Virgin Records
Dreamdolls The Chords So Far Away Polydor
East Side Story Cheetah Chrome Solo Plowboy Records, LLC
Ground Zero Clikatat Ikatowi Orchestrated and Conducted By Gravity Records
Demo Codek Me Me Me MCA
Put You On My Wall Baby Grande Baby Grande Hozac Records
Syrup Herman Brood and His Wild Romance Street Music On Vinyl
My Gang In the Woods Certain General November’s Heat L’Invitation Au Suicide
The Punk Cherry Vanilla Bad Girl RCA
It’s All Gone Wrong Wild Billy Childish CTMF Brand New Cage Damaged Goods


LP tracks played alphabetically by artist (after the first 3, which completely don’t fit the model), starting with The Adverts, running to Giuda.

October 30, 2018

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Song Artist Release Label
Silver Train Naked Prey 40 Miles from Nowhere Frontier Records
John Doe’s Colleague The Shifters Have a Cunning Plan Trouble In Mind Records
Lazarus 17 Pygmies Jedda by the Sea Resistance
On Wheels The Adverts Crossing the Red Sea Bright Records
The Temple Afghan Whigs Congregation Sub Pop
One Day, After School Arab Strap Philophobia Chemikal Underground Records
Paper House The Associates The Affectionate Punch Fiction Records
Headache for Michelle Au Pairs Playing with a Different Sex Drastic Plastic
Image Band Of Outsiders Everything Takes Forever L’Invitation Au Suicide
I’m in Line The Bangles Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bangles! Omnivore Recordings
Sound Basset Hounds Basset Hounds NOS Discos
Ready Any Time Stiv Bators Disconnected Bomp! Records
Moment Of Truth Beachheads Beachheads Fysisk Format
Drop Out Beasts of Bourbon The Axeman’s Jazz Big Time Records
La Fruitmousse Beatnik Filmstars Astronaut House La-Di-Da

Song Artist Release Label
Femmes Aux Yeux d’Argile Bene Gesserit Fashion is a Dirty Word Dead Mans Curve
Time to Change The Bevis Frond Triptych Fire Records
Colin Dobbins Biff Bang Pow! Pass the Paintbrush, Honey.. Creation Records
Other 99 Big Audio Dynamite Tighten Up, Vol. ’88 Columbia/Legacy
I’m So Tired (Full Version) Alex Chilton Take Me Home And Make Me Like It Munster Records
Quina Girls Bizarros Complete Collection 1976-1980 Windian Records
I Slept in An Arcade Black Randy & The Metrosquad Pass The Dust, I Think I’m Bowie Dangerhouse
Accidents Never Happen Blondie Eat To the Beat Chrysalis
Soul Of Japan Breaking Circus The Very Long Fuse Homestead Records
Ping Pong Lovers Milky Wimpshake Encore, Un Effort! Fortuna POP!
Big City Gala Drop II Golf Channel Recordings
Let’s Go To The Beach The Gears Let’s Go To The Beach Munster Records
Social End Product The Blue Stars Social End Product Munster Records
Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting Giuda Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting Damaged Goods


February 14, 2017

A proto-alphabetical show foreshadowing a trope Gulls Window Circus will follow in many future shows – playing bands alphabetically. Here we cover the letters A-C, sticking to 80s underground rock. All vinyl – casts a wide net to a specific era. The Console track is 1998, Cornershop 1995, Charles Brown Superstar 1994, Crazy Horse 1971 – they slipped in. Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper get grouped into The Churches ‘C’ – hope you’re OK with that.

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Artist Song Release Label
ABC Alphabet Soup Tears Are Not Enough Nuetron
Band Of Outsiders Image Everything Takes Forever L’Invitation Au Suicide
The Beasts of Bourbon Psycho The Axeman’s Jazz Big Time Records
Certain General My Gang In the Woods November’s Heat L’Invitation Au Suicide
The Chameleons Looking Inwardly What Does Anything Mean? Bascially Statik
Charles Brown Superstar Cars The Summertime EP Mighty
China Crisis African and White African and White Virgin
Christian Death Desperate Hell Deathwish L’Invitation Au Suicide
Steve Kilbey Transference Unearthed Red Eye Records
Marty Willson-Piper Sleepy Metal Box In Reflection Chase Records

Artist Song Release Label
Marty Willson-Piper Sleepy Metal Box In Reflection Chase Records
The Church Fighter Pilot… Korean War Of Skins and Heart EMI Australia
The Colour Field Take Virgins and Philistines Chrysalis
Comet Gain Intergalactic Starbed Casino Classics Wiiija
Console My Dog Eats Beats Rocket In The Pocket Payola
Julian Cope The Bloody Assizes Fried Mercury UK
Cornelius Free Fall Fantasma Matador
Cornershop Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu Woman’s Gotta Have It Wiija
Elvis Costello & the Attractions Big Boys Armed Forces Radar
Crazy Horse Beggars Day Scratchy: The Reprise Recordings Wounded Bird
Crescent Light Will Pour from Our Eyes Now Planet Records
Death Cult Christians Brothers Grimm Situation
The Southern Death Cult The Girl The Southern Death Cult Situation