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March 30, 2021

7″ played alphabetically series returns: Hardcore part 1 of 4 – 21 songs in part 1 and 22 songs in part 2 – whew! Highlights? I recommend just putting this on and letting it play. Songs were not chosen simply because I had access to the 7″ – every track earned its place. Special callout to Boston artists Bloodletter , Chickita, Eight Route Army, The Edge, The Evil Streaks, Fat Day, Gang Green, Gerty Farish and GingerBread Men. Special love to Mystic Records singles by Doggy Style, Don’t No, Dr. Know, False Confession, and Flower Leperds. Hi to my college mates Ed Gein’s Car.

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Artist Song Release Label
A.M.Q.A. Nice Truck Cats Are Neat Subcore Records
A.M.Q.A. Cats Are Neat Cats Are Neat Subcore Records
A.M.Q.A. Bowling Balls (In My Back Seat) Cats Are Neat Subcore Records
Angry Samoans ‎ D. For The Dead D. For The Dead Shakin’ Street Records
Babyshit Brown Don’t Play That Game Babyshit Brown EP Intestinal Fortitude
Bikini Kill ‎ Rah! Rah! Replica The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation Kill Rock Stars
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks Digging Through Trash Obama Is A Cyborg Red Lounge Records
Black Fork Ladle Junkies Quality Job One Vinyl Communications
Black Fork Doo Doo Gotch Lulu Quality Job One Vinyl Communications
Bloodletter ‎ On The Rim On The Rim Reproductive Records
Brine Velcro Head Operation Manual Amendment Records
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers Frustration I Furious Party Belfagor Records
Chickita The Low Song Eat When Soft To The Touch 100% Breakfast! ‎
Crude S.S. Destroy Capitalism Who’ll Survive E.P. Uproar Records
Dark Sarcasm Hollowlands Lego Facilities Gravity / Vinyl Communications
Dark Sarcasm Dripaway Lego Facilities Gravity / Vinyl Communications
Dawson Whistle Shunt Symmetry Small Eared Rank Outsider Earth Summit EP Project A Bomb
Doggy Style Be Strong Work As One Mystic Records
Doggy Style Donut Shop Rock Work As One Mystic Records (8)
Doldrums Stabilizer Doldrums No Idea Records
Don’t No Society The Real World. Mystic Records

Artist Song Release Label
Don’t No The Rule The Real World. Mystic Records
Dr. Know These Pressures Burn Mystic Records
Eighth Route Army Vice Presidente Think For Yourself 1 Dimensional
The Edge Corporate Abuse Alternative Allston Throbbing Lobster ‎
Ed Gein’s Car ‎ Too Old To Die Young Brain Dead Baby Ed Gein’s Car
Electric Eels Wreck And Roll Accident HoZac Records
The Element Of Crime Jaws All Ism The Things You Do For Love Soul Static Sound
The Evil Streaks Little Witch Stomp Go Go To Hell Necro-Tone
False Confession Feline False Confession Mystic Records
Fat Day Delicate Cutter Choad Nickel 100% Breakfast!
Fat Day B-17 Bomber Gun Court Singles Series Wabana Ore Limited
Filth Sex Don’t Hide Your Hate Plurex Records
Flower Leperds Has Hate Been Kind Enough Has Hate Been Kind Enough Mystic Records
Frumpies Safety First Safety First Wiiija Records
Frumpies ‎ I Just Wanna Puke On The Stereo Alien Summer Nights Chainsaw
F.U.K. ‎ I Got A Head Road Kill HoZac Records
Gang Green ‎ Skate To Hell Skate To Hell Taang! Records
Gaunt Solution Solution Snap! Crackle Punk!
Gerty Farish Why No Nice Things Deadly Attackers Menlo Park Recordings
Gilded Lil Wang Wang Bosque Records
GingerBread Men Day Job, Night Band Happy Squirrel 1988
Giorgio Murderer Computer Simulation Lazer Lord Goner Records


March 23, 2021

Part 12 (the last one!) of the Brazen Ladies series of 7″ played alphabetically by woman bands. This week we start with Tracie and run through Zuzu’s Petals. Tracks you HAVE to hear are by Velocette (love that song!), Velocity Girl, Vertical Pillows, Vibralux, and Vinyl Devotion. In closing this 12 week series, I say go back and be sure to listen to EVERY song, as not one of them snuck in here – they were all deserving and placed with love. A special thanks to Pénélope Bagieu and her ‘Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked The World’ graphic novel for inspiring me to expand a simple idea into a 12 week megadventure.

Artist Song Release Label
Tracie Dr Love The House That Jack Built Respond Records ‎
Tunic ‎ Also-ran Also-ran Love Train ‎
Turkish Delight Logo Spin Prude Records
Tuscadero ‎ Paper Crown The Mark Robinson Re-Mixes EP Teenbeat
Twig Fall Of Love Fall Of Love Harriet Records
Twiggy When I Think Of You Beautiful Dreams EP Munster Records
Two Man Bobsled Glare Glare She Scandalized My Name Records
Velocette Bitterscene Bitterscene Wiiija Records
Velocity Girl ‎ Crazy Town Crazy Town Sub Pop
Venus And The Razorblades I Want To Be Where The Boys Are I Want To Be Where The Boys Are Spark
Venus Cures All ‎ Satan-Be-Gone L.B.S. Whiskey Sour Records
Venus Tropicaux ‎ Draw Me Lycra Pants Subroutine Records
Verago-go ‎ One Nite Stand One Nite Stand Vinylhaven Records
Vertical Pillows ‎ R.U.N. Jump Back K.A.T. Records
V.P.N. Penny Penny Dark Beloved Cloud
V.P.N. LMNOP LMNOP Dark Beloved Cloud

Artist Song Release Label
Vibralux ‎ Hercules Hercules Candy Floss
Vibraslaps Ce Grand Néant Live In London The Making Of Americans
Vinyl Devotion Out In The Streets Euphoria Parasol Records
The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black ‎ Honky Tonk Bisquit Queen Honky Tonk Bisquit Queen Sympathy For The Record Industry
The Vomit Punx The Game Lost Eugene Records
V-Twin Gifted Gifted Domino
Wat Tyler Justify Your Book Sexless Damaged Goods
Mary Weiss ‎ A Certain Guy Don’t Come Back Norton Records
Mary Weiss ‎ I Don’t Want To Know Stop And Think It Over Norton Records
James Williamson And Carolyn Wonderland ‎ Open Up And Bleed Open Up And Bleed Leopard Lady Records ‎
Mari Wilson ‎ Woe, Woe, Woe Just What I Always Wanted The Compact Organization
Witchy Poo You Belong To Me Groaning Machine + 2 Kill Rock Stars
X-Ray Spex The Day The World Turned Day-glo The Day The World Turned Day-glo EMI International ‎
Y Pants Off The Hook Little Music 99 Records
Your Funeral ‎ Final Abyss I Want To Be You Eventually It Will Kill You
Zombierella’s Tentative Reels ‎ Zombi Cadavre Suicide Commando Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Zombierella ‎ The Incident On A Nuclear Station Nuclear Bitch Missing Fink Records
Zonic Shockum Tooth Testosterone Compulsiv Music
Zuzu’s Petals ‎ Star Baby Star Baby Delmore Recordings


March 16, 2021

Part 11 of 12-week Brazen Ladies series. We run from Stereo Total to Syrup USA in the first hour, and Team Dresch to Tulips in the second. Stuff you can’t miss includes The Subterraneans, A.Z., Sugarbitch, Super Eight, Suran Song In Stag, Suspects, Tribe 8 and Tsunami, but really every track will capture your heart in some way.

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Artist Song Release Label
Stereo Total ‎ Holiday Innn (10b85 Remix) Holiday Innn Bungalow
Stereo Total ‎ Holiday Innn Supergirl Bungalow
Stinky Toys Driver Blues Boozy Creed Polydor
The Stroppies Maddest Moments Maddest Moments Tough Love Records
The Subterraneans, A.Z. Battleground Stop Ratfish Records
The Subterraneans, A.Z. Shimmer Stop Ratfish Records
Sugarbitch Pepper Pants Sugarbitch Secret Afro Records ‎
Sugar Plant Cloudy Cloudy Pop Narcotic
Suns Of Arqa Soul To Save Mozabites Rock Steady Records
Super Eight The Slider The Slider Not On Label
Suran Song In Stag ‎ Kissing Judice Kissing Judice Alien Records
Suspects It’s Up To You It’s Up To You Not On Label ‎
Rachel Sweet Who Does Lisa Like? I Go To Pieces Stiff Records
Sweetcream USA Two Queers Smoking Heroin Rising Rut Rot ‎
The Swimming Pool Q’s The A-Bomb Woke Me Up Rat Bait Chlorinated Records
Syrup USA ‎ Joie De Vol Spinning At 45 Revolutions Per Minute Tru Luv

Artist Song Release Label
Team Dresch ‎ Hand Grenade Hand Grenade Kill Rock Stars
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Less Of Me Orphans Migraine
Teensy Weensy Operator Big Black Bird Teensy Weensy Operator La Brea Records
Terminal Fun ‎ Twist And Survive Great Moments Projected Image
Thee Headcoatees ‎ Mess Of Pottage My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate Vinyl Japan
Thee Girl Fridays ‎ Too Much Of A Good Thing The Love Witch Spinout Nuggets
360’s Free Free Link
Tiger Joanie Scott Baby I Need Your Lovin’ Baby I Need Your Lovin’ Light In The Attic
Tizzy New Jersey New Jersey Chunk Records
Tongue Opaque Opaque Orgasm
Tongue Here Before Opaque Orgasm
Tribe 8 ‎ Femme Bitch Top Pig Bitch HARP Records
Tribe 8 ‎ Mom Gone Song Allen’s Mom Outpunk Records
Trinket Beautiful Mess Beautiful Mess Slot Records
Tsunami Geniuses Of Crack Geniuses Of Crack Homestead Records
Tulips ‎ Empty Place Sweet And Hateful Sonic Bubblegum


March 9, 2021

Part 10 of 12-week Brazen Ladies series, running from Sleater-Kinney to Soundpool in the first hour, and Sonovac to Stereolab​ in the second hour. Special treats include a prime-era Patti Smith Group track that was a non-LP B-side, two Susan Springfield tracks (mighty – godlike) and two Starcrawler (goodness of recent vintage) tracks.

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Artist Song Release Label
Sleater-Kinney ‎ You Ain’t It! You Ain’t It! Villa Villakula
Sleepyhead ‎ Like A Girl Jesus Punk Rock City USA Slumberland Records
The Slits Man Next Door Man Next Door Y Records
Slot Starcock Last Tuesday’s Child Third Gear Records
Smack Dab Circumlunar Future Forty Five Revolutions
Linda Smith Till Another Time Till Another Time Slumberland Records
Linda Smith ‎ In This Till Another Time Slumberland Records
Patti Smith Group ‎ God Speed Because The Night Arista
Patti Smith ‎ Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect Two More Columbia
Snatch Sister Julia Sister Julia WorryBird Disk
Snatch I.R.T. I.R.T. Bomp!
Snatch When I’m Bored All I Want Lightning Records
Soap’ Joh Henshi Byoin De Go Byoin De Go Scratch Records
The Softies Goodbye Loveseat Slumberland Records ‎
Soundpool But It’s So But It’s So Killer Pimp

Artist Song Release Label
Sonovac ‎ Human Fly Human Fly Output
Space Dust Cool Car Cool Car 18 Wheeler
The Space Lady ‎ Major Tom Major Tom Night School
Ronnie Spector ‎ Tandoori Chicken Try Some, Buy Some Apple Records
Spigot ‎ I Will Be Bombed Scorched Tongue Closet Normal ‎
The Spinanes Bad Karma Spitfire Sub Pop
Spitboy The Threat Spitboy Lookout! Records
Spitboy Blue Rasana Ebullition Records
Spitboy ‎ Word Problem Mi Cuerpo Es Mio Allied Recordings
Splashdown Pandora Pandora Castle von Buhler
Spring ‎ Hansel Y Gretel Chante En Espagnol Elefant Records
Susan Springfield ‎ Lost Is Found The Tenant Of The Room Doe Records
Susan Springfield ‎ Promises The Tenant Of The Room Doe Records
Starcrawler ‎ Hollywood Ending Hollywood Ending Rough Trade
Starcrawler Tank Top Hollywood Ending Rough Trade
Star Pimp Meat Grinder Treasure Trail Boner Records
Stereolab ‎ The Super-It The Underground Is Coming Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks


March 2, 2021

Week 9 (of 12) in the Brazen Ladies series, all 7″s played alphabetically and spun in real time on vinyl. In the first hour, Jeri Rossi is classic Gull Window Circus, Runaways ‘Heartbeat was a pleasant listen I had forgotten how much I loved, and The Sally Skull track ‘Mean Woman’ will not leave my head. In the second hour Scrawl and SF Seals are crucial.

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Artist Song Release Label
Red Monkey Space Travel Versus Home Do What You Feel (Feel What You Do) Slampt
Red Monkey Not Only Do What You Feel (Feel What You Do) Slampt
Rosa Mota FV 3431 Spanish Fly Club The Flower Shop Recordings
Jeri Rossi ‎ I Left My Heart But I Don’t Know Where I Left My Heart But I Don’t Know Where Local Anesthetic Records
The Runaways Heartbeat Heartbeat Mercury
The Runaways Wasted School Days Mercury
Run On Miscalculation Miscalculation Matador
Run On Lab Rats As Good As New Matador
Joy Ryder + Avis Davis ‎ No More Nukes No More Nukes Monongo Records
Saint Etienne ‎ You Don’t Own Me Saturday Boy Heavenly
Sally Skull Running Kind Fractious Slampt
Sally Skull Mean Woman Fractious Slampt
Sally Skull ‎ Deputy Bedellus The ‘Tantivy Tracks’ EP Vesuvius
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions Isn’t It True Isn’t It True Tendril Tales
Sextiles ‎ For You I Hope You Die V-Hold Records
5chin400 ‎ Hey God, Stop Pushing! Hey God, Stop Pushing! Footlong Records
The Scissor Girls Cranks Control SGs New Tactical Outline, Sec II SG Research

Artist Song Release Label
The Scissor Girls New Tactical Plan SGs New Tactical Outline, Sec I SG Research
Scrawl ‎ Your Mother Wants To Know Your Mother Wants To Know Simple Machines
Secret Square Aerodynamic Secret Square Elephant Six Recording Co.
The Secret Stars Riot Kill Wait Simple Machines
SF Seals Dock Ellis Baseball Trilogy Matador
S.F. Seals ‎ Don’t Underestimate Me Still? Matador
The Shaggs ‎ Sweet Maria Sweet Maria Light In The Attic
Shiva Speedway Hell Twister Fire Eater Records
Shocking Blue ‎ Love Buzz Love Buzz Music On Vinyl
Siouxsie And The Banshees Melt Melt Polydor ‎
Sissy Bar ‎ Student Body Treasurer Smiley (We Become) Paris Caramel
Sixteen Deluxe The Kids In America Reactive Propeller Records
Sixteen Deluxe Idea Idea Trance
Skinner Pilot ‎ Stimulus/Response New Sun Good Sin Records
Sleater-Kinney ‎ Surf Song You Ain’t It! Villa Villakula