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July 25, 2017

Tropical, ambient, jazzy minimal, re-edit, disco and balearic sounds in this all electronic vinyl show spun in real time.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Suso Saiz Linda Cuban Music From Memory compiled by Chee Shimizu Music From Memory
Ali Kuru Ashoka (Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana Remix) Remixes Leng Records
Blind Rape Long Journey To Liman Special Delivery Edit Service
The Naturals Brilliant Light On the Way (To the Laughing Light of Plenty) Emotional Response
Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda Wawaki A La Izquierda Del Colibrí Emotional Rescue
Chaos In the CBD Global Erosion Global Erosion Yam
Shadow D’Hardest D’Hardest Jamwax
E.T. Webster My Music, Pt. 1 My Music SOL Discos
Disconnection Bali Ha’i (UK Discomix) Bali Ha’i Optimo Music

Artist Song Release Label
Disconnection Bali Ha’i (UK Discomix) Bali Ha’i Optimo Music
Ramuntcho Matta O Clapo Ecoute… Emotional Rescue
Nicola Cruz Tzantza Cantos de Visión Multi Culti
Cantoma Tabarin (Whatever/Whatever Remix) Tabarin Highwood Recordings
Hotmood My First Love Hotmood Volume 4 Star Creature
Resonance Go Go Go (Joakim Remix) Tele Music Reinterpretations Tele Music
Floating Points Silurian Blue Reflections – Mojave Desert Pluto


July 18, 2017

Three hour rock show that has bands from very different regions and eras sitting next to each other in ways that make sense and provide bridges between the artists.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Del Shannon Love Don’t Come Easy The Dublin Sessions Rock Beat
The Gun Club Bill Bailey Mother Berlin Bang! Records
Rock City I Think It’s Time To Say Goodbye Looking Forward… the roots of Big Star Omnivore
The Rubs Ruby Impossible Dream Hozac Records
Willie Alexander and The Boom Boom Band Home Is Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band MCA
The Music Machine Tax Man (Turn On) The Music Machine The Bicycle Music Company

Artist Song Release Label
Gala Drop Slow House ii Golf Channel Recordings
The Distractions The Connection’s Dropped Again Kindly Leave the Stage Occultation
Grin True Thrill Gone Crazy A&M
Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds Entry Of The Slaves The Beginning…
The Leaving Trains Warning Track Kill Tunes SST records
The Bangles Getting out of Hand Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bangles! Down Kiddie!
Novak Honey Dew Dumb Records: 1977-1979 Athena
Stiv Bators Don’t Go Away Do You Believe In Magyk Easy Action
Maggie’s Marshmallows Chubby Bunny Maggie’s Marshmallows Get Hip
John Cale Hungry For Love Caribbean Sunset Ze Records
Jody Harris I’m After Hours Again It Happened One Night Press Records
The Robert Bensick Band After The Ball French Pictures In London Smog Veil
Preoccupations Anxiety Preoccupations Jagjaguwar
The Scenics Sunshine World In The Summer Dreamtower Records
Savoy Motel Hot One Savoy Motel What’s Your Rupture
Sods Transport Minutes to Go Parlophone Denmark
Mike Rep And The Quotas Even Higher Hellbender Hozac Records
Lou Reed Kicks Perfect Night Live In London Rhino

Artist Song Release Label
Peter Perrett An Epic Story How The West Was Won Domino
Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove Midnight Rider Under the Covers Rustblade Records
Locust Some Love Will Remain Unsaid Morning Light Apollo
Can Butterfly Delay Spoon Records
Jowe Head Paper Mache Cabinet Of Curios Munster Records
Alan Vega Kung Foo Cowboy Alan Vega Futurismo
Tee Vee Pop Touching The Only Years Desire
Fanny Kaplan Fake Shooter Fanny Kaplan Inflammable Material
James Chance & The Contortions The Splurge The Flesh Is Weak True Groove
Ivy Green Every Day the Same Ivy Green Psuedonym
Speedtwins Midnight Ladies It’s More Fun To Compete Psuedonym
Paint Fumes Golden Child If It Ain’t Paint Fumes It Ain’t Worth a Huff Get Hip


July 11, 2017

Inspired by the films ‘Get Out’ and ‘My Life As A Zuccini’, this show has ambient, balearic and pastoral prog, with a Polish artist (Mikolaj Bugajak, who used to record as Noon), an Estonian artist (Jaak Jurisson) and a Ukraine artist (Vakula).

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Bridget St. John Autumn Lullaby Fly High Cherry Red
Akis The Powers of Pi Space, Time and Beyond (Selected Works 1986-2016) Into The Light
Paolo Modugno Il Minareto Brise D’Automne Archeo Recording
Don Carlos Aqua (Part One) Phil Mison – Out Of The Blue Leng
Smith & Mudd Dogwood Gorthleck Claremont 56 Records
Fernando Falcao Amanhecer Tabajara (A Alceu Valenca) Outro Tempo Music From Memory
Mikolaj Bugajak Ddinc 01 Strange Sounds and Inconceivable Deeds – EP Nowe Nagrania
Audrey Harrer The Sunbathers Alphabet Rain
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft Hanging Glass Structure Passive Aggressive Melody As Truth
Prelude Edge Of The Sea Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs present English Weather Ace
Floating Points For Marmish Elaenia Pluto

Artist Song Release Label
Slow Riffs Gong Bath Gong Bath Mood Hut
Huerco S Kraanvogel For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito Records
Wilson Tanner Long Water 69 Growing Bin Records
Belle Gonzalez Bottles Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs present English Weather Ace
Jaak Jurisson Laste Mangutuba Jaak Jurisson Frotee
Vakula A Memorable Fancy Dedicated to Jim Morrison Leleka
The Third Eye Foundation Sleeping Bristol Vs. Los Angeles Wurlitzer Jukebox
Biosphere Turned to Stone Black Mesa Biophon
The Roger Webb Sound Moon Bird Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs present English Weather Ace
Jack Cutter Gift of Our Fathers (Future Mix) Serpent Stut Claremont 56


July 4, 2017

The Sister Sledge song ‘Lost In Music comes to mind as I listen to this 4 part rock show in one gulp. There is a portion starting halfway through part 2 where Munster Records 7″ reissues are played in a row, but so much special stuff is here for you that I only want to draw your eye to that for factual accuracy. Enjoy!

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Lift to Experience Waiting to Hit The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads Mute Artists / [PIAS]
Peter Perrett How The West Was Won How The West Was Won Domino
Television Personalities Mummy Your Not Watching Me Mummy Your Not Watching Me Fire Records
Tav Falco / Panther Burns Sway Sway ORG Music

Artist Song Release Label
Merchant Tumbledown Tumbledown Ostra Discos
Garth David It’s Not Unusual Party Time Ostra Discos
Frank Murillo Letting It Rest Letting It Rest Ostra Discos
Out Of Band Experience Flexo-Bendo Show / Dreamsleep Call Now! 1-800-OUT-BAND Immortal Records
Mori-Ra Heavenly Me Jongno Edits Vol 4 Jongno Edits
Johnny Hammond Tell Me What To Do First Time On A 45 : Classics Vol 1 Mukatsuku
Billy Hawks Got My Mojo Working (But It Just Won’t Work On You) Two Sides Of Funky Club Jazz Vol Three Mukatsuku
Marius Cultier Diamant Two Sides Of Club Jazz: Hungary Vs France Volume Two Mukatsuku
Barbara Sookraj & Sammy Baksh How Can I Begin To Tell My Sad Story How Can I Begin To Tell My Sad Story Sookraj Sounds International
Zelators One Way Lover One Way Lover Munster Records
Dangerous Rhythm The Bar Stray Cat Blues Munster Records
Twiggy When I Think Of You Beautiful Dreams Munster Records
Los Junior’s Te Fuiste Algo Salvaje Munster Records
The Mickey Finn Time to Start Loving You Garden of My Mind Munster Records

Artist Song Release Label
The Mickey Finn Time to Start Loving You Garden of My Mind Munster Records
Deviants Let’s Loot the Supermarket You’ve Got To Hold On Munster Records
The In Crowd Things She Says That’s How Strong My Love Is Munster Records
The Syndicats Crawdaddy Simone On The Horizon Munster Records
Mike Stuart Span Concerto of Thoughts Children of Tomorrow Munster Records
The Rockin’ Vickers I Don’t Need Your Kind Dandy Munster Records
Palmer Perry Kellie Tall Stories Tall Stories Rhythm and Blues
Beverly Martyn Picking Up The Sunshine Picking Up The Sunshine Fly Records
Green Seagull They Just Don’t Know They Just Don’t Know Mega Dodo
Pin Group Columbia Ambivalence Superior Viaduct
Timmy’s Organism Revolution Eyes Revolution Eyes DMT
Stiv Bator’s Dead Boys All This And More Last Stand 1980 EP Ugly Pop
CTMF A Glimpse of Another Time A Glimpse of Another Time Damaged Goods
Percy Pavilion You’re An Extra, Baby! Gower Power Dead Good Dolly Platters
The Hollywood Stars Too Hot To Handle King Of The Nighttime World Blank Recording Company
Peter Dayton Back In My Arms Back In My Arms Epic
Distractions Twenty Four Hours And Then There’s… That
Giuda Roll the Balls Roll the Balls Burning Heart

Artist Song Release Label
Giuda Roll the Balls Roll the Balls Burning Heart
So What Why Can’t I See You Tonight Why Can’t I See You Tonight Just Add Water
Trevor White Understood Understood Just Add Water
Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones Blackjack Big Carrot Demon
Tiger Lily Monkey Jive Monkey Jive Dead Good Records
Brett Smiley Space Ace Va Va Voom Sing Sing
Justin Trouble Ponytail Ponytail Munster Records
The Swimming Pool Q’s The A-bomb Woke Me Up Rat Bait Chlorinated
MonDellos White Night Riot White Night Riot Swell Records
Fashion Silver Blades silver blades Fashion Music
Skylon Skylon Skylon Captured Tracks
Osmose Do Anything Do Anything Honey Disco
Implog Breakfast Breakfast LOG. Records
Raeo Daddy Legba XV El Diablo G3G Records