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November 28, 2023

An LP tracks rock show in groups of 3. Was good to hear Orange Juice and Band Of Outsiders (who went perfectly with Love And Rockets). Coil tested my skills getting rid of the FCC violations. New Sparks is way better than I hoped. The ‘Keep It In Motion’ GBV tribute comp on Bunnygrunt’s Silly Moo Records brings 2 awesome tracks to the second hour. The In Camera / PIL segue that close out the second hour works so well. Every song has a story – listen and love.

Keep It In Motion

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Artist Song Release Label
Love And Rockets No Worries Hot Trip To Heaven Beggars Arkive
Band Of Outsiders Image Everything Takes Forever L’Invitation Au Suicide
Coil Careful What You Wish For The New Backwards Infinite Fog Productions
Everything But The Girl Are You Trying To Be Funny Love Not Money Blanco Y Negro
Pretenders The Buzz Hate For Sale BMG
Unicorn I’ve Loved Her So Long Uphill All The Way Trading Places
Braid Never Will Come For Us Frame & Canvas Polyvinyl Record Company
The Jesus And Mary Chain Just Like Honey Sunset 666 Fuzz Club Records
Leroy Coral Girl Bambadea Schamoni Musik
Chisel All My Kin Set You Free Numero Group
The Who My Wife Who’s Next Decca
Orange Juice Lean Period The Orange Juice Polydor

Artist Song Release Label
Hüsker Dü Can’t See You Anymore Tonite Longhorn Reflex Records
Screaming Trees Halo Of Ashes Dust Music On Vinyl
Bush Tetras Things I Put Together They Live In My Head Wharf Cat Records
Fun Boy Three The More I See (The Less I Believe) Waiting Chrysalis Catalogue
Sparks Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte Island Records
Tortoise Tin Cans (The Puerto Rican Mix) Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters Thrill Jockey
The Interrupters Take Back The Power The Interrupters Hellcat Records
Game Theory Here It Is Tomorrow The Big Shot Chronicles Omnivore Recordings
The Beths Whatever Warm Blood Carpark Records
Air Miami Sweet As A Candy Bar Me. Me. Me. Teenbeat
bLUSH White Flag Keep It In Motion: A Tribute To Guided By Voices Circa 20 Something And 12 Silly Moo Records
Bunnygrunt The Corners Are Glowing Keep It In Motion: A Tribute To Guided By Voices Circa 20 Something And 12 Silly Moo Records
Silver Jews Black And Brown Blues The Natural Bridge Drag City
In Camera Co-Ordinates Era 4AD
PiL End Of World End Of World PiL Official


November 21, 2023

A non-rock LP tracks show that starts controversially (is it non-rock?) with a track from Roxy Music’s ‘Siren’, and later in the show has a track from Dave Lombardo (drummer of Slayer – can THAT be non-rock!?) – I say yes, and this show is a great place to sit yourself during a Thanksgiving dinner: a decidedly US-centric event, even as it features artists from all over the world [Romain Azzaro, Nikolaienko, Eva Hurychová & Jan Neckář, Zuchy, Pejzaż, Sylvester Levay] and artists the seem from another world altogether [Yves Tumor].

Yves Tumor

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Artist Song Release Label
Roxy Music Could It Happen To Me? Siren Virgin
Yves Tumor God Is A Circle Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) Warp Records
Lewis Taylor Song Lewis Taylor Be With Records
Romain Azzaro Above Space 35 (feat. Jason Bakker) La Vita Non E Un Film Rotary Phono Lab
The Emperor Machine & Bom Carrot 봄캐롯 – 춤춰 Chumchwo 춤춰 Chumchwo – Let’s Dance (Extended Vocal) Let’s Dance Leng
Nikolaienko Misantropicalia Nostalgia Por Mesozoica Muscut
David Byrne Eggs In A Briar Patch The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel” Rhino Records
Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of Excited Strings Bowing Propellers In Love Superior Viaduct
Eva Hurychová & Jan Neckář To Chce Mít Svůj Systém (Original Version) To Chce Mít Svůj Systém EP LBD Sounds
Axnér Got The Look (Al Kent’s Feel Good Remix) Got The Look Disco Freaks Recordings

Artist Song Release Label
Freddie Cannon Sugar (Part 2) Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 6 (12 Dancefloor Groovy Disco Gems From The ’70s) Naughty Rhythm Records
Mid City Crew Get Right Space Funk 2 (Afro Futurist Electro Funk In Space 1976-84) Soul Jazz Records
King Sporty & The Laptop Computer Age (Universal Cave Discomix) Computer Age Emotional Rescue
Violet Nox Loki Vortex & Voices Somewherecold Records
Crossed Wires A6 Untitled Crossed Wires III Light Sounds Dark
Good Block Sleep Bullet DB12 016 Duca Bianco
Zuchy Na Jednej Fali (Tribute to Brygada Kryzys) The Very Polish Cut-Outs Sampler Vol. 9 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Pejzaż Sekret Wyspa The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Dave Lombardo Interfearium Rites Of Percussion Ipecac Recordings
The N.M. Band She Wants (More) She Wants Isle Of Jura
Sylvester Levay Sit Three O’Clock High (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Varèse Sarabande
Sylvester Levay The Fight Three O’Clock High (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Varèse Sarabande


November 14, 2023

Rock LP tracks show with lots of new music [Uni Boys, Wreckless Eric, The Evening Sons, Inner Lorre, Chris Stamey, Now, Julian Cope, Gaye Su Akyol], stuff a few years old that is waiting to be heard or heard again [The Mudd Club, Burnt Envelope, Giant Sand, The Hepburns, Beachwood Sparks, Dave Lombardo], great reissues [Betty Davis, Game Theory, Fun Boy Three, Eddie Hazel, David Byrne, Lung Leg], hidden compilation tracks [Bunnygrunt from Cool English Jumpsuit, Cypress Grove from We Are Only Riders (The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project), and just plain must-hear tracks from the past [Band 19, , John Fogerty, Harry Crews, The Mad, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Marcel Bontempi, Blairmailer]. Hope you hear them all.

Harry Crews

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Artist Song Release Label
L7 Can I Run Hungry For Stink Real Gone Music
The Mudd Club Surf Kansas Bottle Blonde Raving Pop Blast! Records
Burnt Envelope Friends Of Mine Alien Nation: Collected Singles Thus Far Feeding Tube Records
Giant Sand You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men Fire Records
Uni Boys I Don’t Believe In Love Buy This Now! Curation Records
Wreckless Eric Badhat Town Leisureland Tapete Records
The Hepburns White Dog There’s No Such Thing As The Hepburns Radio Khartoum
The Evening Sons Summer Rain Tracks Curation Records
Cypress Grove Ramblin’ Mind We Are Only Riders (The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project) Glitterhouse Records
Inger Lorre Song For Elliott Smith Gloryland Kitten Robot Records
Chris Stamey Dear Friend The Great Escape Car Records
Blairmailer Wall Home Of The Falcon IMP Records
John Fogerty Rattlesnake Highway Blue Moon Swamp BMG
Beachwood Sparks This Is What It Feels Like ’99 Beachwood Deluxe Curation Records
Bunnygrunt Down By The Racetrack Cool English Jumpsuit Silly Moo Records
Now Spacer And Blue Space Is Burning Noon Sloth Mate Productions

Artist Song Release Label
Band 19 Animal Grey Dictate Modern Method Records
Game Theory White Blues Blaze Of Glory Omnivore Recordings
Julian Cope Charles The Turd Robin Hood Head Heritage
Fun Boy Three Way On Down The Fun Boy Three Chrysalis Catalogue
Harry Crews Gospel Singer Naked In Garden Hills Widowspeak Productions
Lung Leg Viva By Spectacula Maid To Minx Last Night From Glasgow
The Mad Mask Mask / Eyeball / Devil Brain Transplant
Marcel Bontempi Big Fat Spider Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes (Demos & Recordings 2009-2014) Stag-O-Lee
Eddie Hazel Frantic Moment Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs Real Gone Music
Gaye Su Akyol Yaram Derin Derin Kanar Anadolu Ejderi Glitterbeat
Betty Davis Whorey Angel Is It Love Or Desire Light In The Attic
Bootsy’s Rubber Band Another Point Of View Stretchin’ Out In Bootsy’s Rubber Band Music On Vinyl
Dave Lombardo Separation From The Sacred Rites Of Percussion Ipecac Recordings
David Byrne Big Business The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel” Rhino Records


November 7, 2023

Today’s Carl’s living room Gulls Window Circus plays a lot of post-punk an artists that pushed boundaries after leaving their more successful bands. Mick Jones went from The Clash to Big Audio Dynamite, Lara Logic went solo after X-Ray Spex, Steve Hackett went solo after Genesis, Edgar Froese went solo after Tangerine Dream, Jody Harris went solo after Contortions, Paul Haig went solo after Josef K, Gareth Sager went solo after The Pop Group, Klaus Dinger went solo after Neu! On the flip side, The Gordons turned into the better known band Bailter Space.

In Camera

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Artist Song Release Label
Jenny Mae Interview There’s A Bar Around The Corner… As*holes Anyway Records
Jenny Mae Revolution Thing There’s A Bar Around The Corner… As*holes Anyway Records
Giant Sand Desperate Man Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men Fire Records
Big Audio Dynamite Other 99 Tighten Up Vol. ’88 Columbia
Lora Logic Horrible Party Pedigree Charm Rough Trade
Lolina The River The Smoke Not On Label
Kingdom Scum I’m Gonna Kill You Punk Eerie Materials
Inner Landscapes Over The Edge The Gospel According To The Women In White Inner Landscapes Records
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Seneca Here Be Dragons Denovali Records
ISAN Peg Salamander Morr Music
Hood The Light Reveals The Place Rustic Houses Forlorn Valleys Domino
Steve Hackett Watcher Of The Skies The Tokyo Tapes Esoteric Antenna
Edgar Froese Upland Aqua Culture Factory

Artist Song Release Label
Mudd Katanaboy In The Garden Of Mindfulness Claremont 56
In Camera The Conversation Era 4AD
Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds Well Of Misery From Her To Eternity Mute
Swamp Children Taste What’s Rhythm Taste What’s Rhythm Be With Records
Jody Harris Mystic Mints It Happened One Night Press Records
Savage Republic Attempted Coup : Madagascar Tragic Figures Real Gone Music
Paul Haig Chasing The Tail The Wood Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Gareth Sager They’re Playing Kraftwerk In The Coffee Shop Maelstrom In The Bare Garden Last Night From Glasgow
The Gordons Growing Up The Gordons 1972
Klaus Dinger + Prejapandorf Pure Energy 2000! Grönland Records
The Dub Syndicate Pounding Systems The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub) On-U Sound