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June 2, 2020

Both hours are all-vinyl 7″ singles and all rock. Many gems and (possible) discoveries that you can cherish again and again.

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Artist Song Release Label
The Strings ‎ I Wanna Dance Love Me Big Records
So What Razor Blade Deep Freeze Just Add Water
The Flashcubes Wait Till Next Week Wait Till Next Week Northside
The Ohms Teenage Alcoholic Teenage Alcoholic Northside
Les Grys-Grys So Long Milk Cow Blues State Records
21-645 Babble Laughing At The Ground Propeller
The Names Why Can’t It Be Why Can’t It Be Fiction Records
The Action Suits Glazed Donuts Glazed Donuts Spot On!
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF Pretend Marc Riley Session Radio 6 Damaged Goods
The Most Take A Chance Take A Chance Northside
Faz Waltz I’m Bleedin’ Julie Contra Records
Wild Billy Childish and The Chatham Singers I’m Ready All My Feelings Denied (Blues) Damaged Goods
Kenny Tudrick Lightning Byrd Stay Down / Lightning Byrd Wild Honey Records
360’s Free Free Link
The Reducers Hurt By Love (Live) Hurt By Love Rave On Records ‎
Coloured Balls Won’t You Just Make Up Your Mind Won’t You Just Make Up Your Mind Just Add Water
El Pifco Meltdown Meltdown Metallic Rainforest
The Jetboys I Don’t Want To I Don’t Want To Rerun Records

Artist Song Release Label
The Buzzcocks Gotta Get Better Gotta Get Better Cherry Red
The Kids Another World Another World Mercury
Thee Girl Fridays The Love Witch The Love Witch Spinout Nuggets
Inger Lorre & The Chiefs of Infinity Snowflake Snowflake Sweet Nothing Records
The Slickee Boys When I Go to the Beach When I Go to the Beach New Rose Records
The Zantees Rockin’ In The House Rockin’ In The House Little Ricky Records
Gutterball Trial Separation Blues Trial Separation Blues Singles Only Label
The Loons A Dream in Jade Green A Dream in Jade Green Munster
Screen Test Anytime Inspired Humans Making Noise Northside
Zombierella’s Tentative Reels ‎ Suicide Commando Suicide Commando Six Tonnes De Chair Records
James Dean Driving Experience ‎ Sean Connery Sean Connery Optic Nerve Recordings
Meat Whiplash Don’t Slip Up Don’t Slip Up Optic Nerve Recordings
Dogmatics She’s The One She’s The One Run Bar Records
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF Everything Intensifies You’re the One I Idolise Damaged Goods
Kendra Smith Stille Im Meine Hande Stille Im Meine Hamburg Overzealous Editions
Jacques Charlier Loulou Kiliwatch Séance Centre
The Reducers Let’s Go (Live) Hurt By Love Rave On Records


May 26, 2020

Both hours are all-vinyl, starting with 12″ singles and changing to 7″s about 1/3 way through. This is an electronic and international show. I’m real happy with the selection and how it came out, and hope you will be as well.

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Artist Song Release Label
Midnight Runners Tonight Tugboat Edits Volume 14 Tugboat Edits
Youkounkoun Qu’est Ce Que Je Fais Ici Special Delivery Vol. 6 Edit Service
CV Porte Dorée Special Delivery Vol. 4 Edit Service
Almunia Views From A Blue Train (On Air Dub By Leo Mas & Fabrice) Serpent Strut / Views From A Blue Train Claremont 56
Música Esporádica Música Esporádica Música Esporádica – EP Music From Memory
Vox Populi! Letsam La Alternatif Réalisme Emotional Rescue
DJ Si Si Si Gracias Glide Right DB12 003 Duca Bianco
Cherrystones Meta Weta DB7 001 Duca Bianco
Il Est Vilaine Yama Yama BAHNRSD Bahnsteig 23

Artist Song Release Label
Sure To Please Untitled 7 Inches Of Pleasure Lo-Fi EdiTS
Gagle Vanta Black (Instrumental) Mukatsuku Presents Gagle/ DJ Mitsu The Beats (First Time On A 45) Mukatsuku Records ‎
The Aquanauts Bubble Beats Relentless Underground Resistance
Wavelength Life Turns Funk Dreams Glydezone Recordings
Eddie C Ponderings Atlantic Jam Red Motorbike
Sonny Okosuns My Ancestors Tom Noble & Renata – Edits Hello Sailor Recordings
4am The Man I Feel Passion Emotional Rescue
Kito Jempere Drakon DB7 003 Duca Bianco
Kay Zee Barny Barny Phantom Island
Lexx Feat. Woolfy Too Hot Too Hot Phantom Island
Tom Bolas Senopati Punk DB7 002 Duca Bianco
dane//close Bolass’d DB7 004 Duca Bianco
The Bleak Engineers Indiscriminate Introspecto Six Tonnes De Chair Records
DJ Dez/Andres Gotta Get It Save Em Frn Records


May 19, 2020

Both hours are all-vinyl 7″s in the soul/funk category, many are international, and some have gospel roots. This is not a rock show, but it is surely a Gulls Window Circus show all the way.

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Artist Song Release Label
Babalu And His Headhunters Bahamas Gone Independent Bahamas Gone Independent Pressure Makes Diamonds
Jennifer Lara I’m In Luv (Vibes4YourSoul “No Doubt” Rework) Vibes For Your Soul ‎– TSTD Edits 05 How Do You Are?
The Soul Grenades Get Lucky A Blast Of Funk! Mukatsuku Records
Wood Brass & Steel Always There (BlackCash & Theo Edit) Wood, Brass & Steel / Seaquence Galaxy Sound Co. ‎
Georges Ouedraogo Deni Afro Funk & Disco Gems (Volume Nine) Mukatsuku Records ‎
Peter Yamson Everybody Dance Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume Ten Mukatsuku Records
Al-Tone Edits x Tambourine Party Superstition Edit Superstition Edit / Highlife Jam Edit Tambourine Party Records
Jorge Navarro Funk Yourself Mukatsuku Presents Jorge Navarro Argentina Funk Special Mukatsuku Records
Skymark Flying Fantasy (Exclusive Unreleased Instrumental) Flying Fantasy Mukatsuku Records
Harry Mwale Loving (Edit) Pretty Face Strawberry Rain
Soul Supreme The Message The Message Tugboat Editions
Elaine Kibaro Fajrann Fajrann Emotional Rescue ‎
Jaromír Löffler Tip, Tip, Tip (Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa) Tip, Tip, Tip (Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa) Memory Records Prague
Nina & Její Kapela Ach, Bože Zvedni Telefon (My God Has A Telephone) Ach, Bože Zvedni Telefon (My God Has A Telephone) Memory Records Prague

Artist Song Release Label
Pink Family Don’t Give Your Life Away (Al-Tone Extended Mix) Tone B Nimble ‎– Soul Is My Salvation Rain&Shine
Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 Billy’s Coming Back (Al-Tone Dancefloor Extended) Fascinating Al-Tone Edits ‎
Mckinley Sandifer I Am The Vine (Instrumental) Tone B Nimble ‎– Soul Is My Salvation Chapter 3 Rain&Shine
Eko M’Ongele M’Am Afro Funk & Disco Gems (Volume Nine) Mukatsuku Records
Al Tone Tsunami Al Tone Edits Vol. 7 Al Tone Edits
Tala Am Get Up Tchamassi Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume Ten Mukatsuku Records
Little Flint Pain Mukatsuku Presents Queen City Soul Dynamite! Mukatsuku Records ‎
The Third Degree Mercy Mercy Mukatsuku Records
Al-Tone Silly Al-Tone Edits Vol. 5 Al-Tone Edits
McNeal & Niles Summertime Summertime Galaxy Sound Co.
Escort ‎ City Life City Life Escort Records
Moments Of Faith Singers Look Up (Al-Tone Extended Mix) Tone B Nimble ‎– Soul Is My Salvation Chapter 2 Rain&Shine
Mixed Company Let’s Go Disco (Waxist Dubby Stem Edit) Mixed Company Rain&Shine
Harry Mwale Sweet Love (Edit) Disco King Tambourine Party Records


May 12, 2020

Both hours are all-vinyl using the new cord I bought that I believed would end the hum. It reduced it, but did not end it. Both hours were lovingly crafted with rock tracks that I love .

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Artist Song Release Label
Jeri Rosi Still Sufferrin Lift Orphanage Records
The Groupies Goin’ Down Slow Primitive BeatRocket
Smart Remarks Disappearing Foreign Fields: 1982 – 1984 Manufactured Recordings
Mats Wawa ‎ 100% Park Rock Omelette Black Pop Records
Terrorways She’s A Mod AK79 Flying Nun Records
The Litter Substitute Distortions Sundazed Music
Comateens Confessions 1980 – 1985 Tricatel
Television Personalities ‎ Strangely Beautiful (7″ Mix) Some Kind of Trip: Singles 1990 – 1994 Fire Records
Blackwater Holylight Sunrise Blackwater Holylight RidingEasy Records
The Motorcycle Boy Baby, Let Go of My Heart Scarlet Forgotten Astronaut Records
Furies Dynamite Furies Contra Records / Teenedelics Records
The Reducers Fashion Of The Times Let’s Go Rave On Records
East Village Back Between Places Hotrod Hotel Slumberland
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Domestic Animal Distressed Gentlefolk Fire Records
Dislocation Dance We Can Work It Out Slip That Disc! New Hormones ‎

Artist Song Release Label
Band Of Outsiders ‎ I Wish I Was Your Kid Acts Of Faith Sourmash Records
Barney Boogie And The American Eagle Rainy Day Sunshine Garland Records: Pacific Northwest Stash Box BeatRocket ‎
Distance Lament Sonny Vincent ‎– Diamond Distance & Liquid Fury- Sonny Vincent: Primitive 1969-1976 HoZac Records
The Gears Baby Runaround Rockin’ At Ground Zero Munster Records ‎
Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters ‎ Love Is Blue Smashed Full Of Wonder Optic Nerve Recordings
Bebe Buell The Little Black Egg Covers Girl Rhino Records
Morning Reign Reach Out I’ll Be There Garland Records: Pacific Northwest Juke Box BeatRocket
McCully Workshop Birds Flying High Astral Daze – Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-72 Take It Acid Is ‎
Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue ‎ Debutante Ball Reptiles In Motion Rave On Records ‎
The Other Side It’ll Come Easy Garland Records: Pacific Northwest Fuzz Box BeatRocket ‎
The Dream Syndicate ‎ The Regulator The Universe Inside Anti-
Big Star ‎ You Get What You Deserve Radio City Craft Recordings ‎


May 5, 2020

The first hour features one track each from a dozen Cherry Red (and subsidiaries, and other labels) boxsets. The second hour features a collection of songs that just rolled off after I started the hour with two Polish tracks. Hope you enjoy!

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Artist Song Release Label
Doctors of Madness Sons of Survival Perfect Past: The Complete Doctors of Madness RPM Records
Mighty Baby House Without Windows (Early version) At A Point Between Fate And Destiny (The Complete Recordings) Grapefruit Records
The Chords Beside Themselves Rechordings 1978 – 1981 Caroline Recordings
Marian Segal Circle Round The Sun Across The Great Divide Getting It Together In The Country 1968-74 Grapefruit Records
Chillum Celebration One Way Glass (Dancefloor Prog, Brit Jazz & Funky Folk 1968-1975) RPM Records
Fred Frith The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Berany) Further Perspectives & Distortion Cherry Red
Shy Limbs Reputation Try A Little Sunshine (The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1969) Grapefruit Records
Electric Banana Maze Song (Inst.) The Complete De Wolfe Sessions Grapefruit Records
The Wimple Winch Save My Soul A Slight Disturbance In My Mind: The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1966 Grapefruit Records
Red Dirt Time To Move Crawling Up A Hill – A Journey Through The British Blues Boom 1966-71 Grapefruit Records
Danny O’Keefe 3.10 Smokey Thursday Meridian 1970 (Protest, Sorrow, Hobos, Folk And Blues) Forever Heavenly
Marsha Hunt Walk On Gilded Splinters Jon Savage’s 1969-1971 (Rock Dreams On 45) Ace

Artist Song Release Label
Najprzyjemniejsi Zespół / Gorylion Wzięli i zagrali Pinki Pajs
Marcin Świetlicki ‎ Złodziej Ognia Zło, Te Przeboje MANUFAKTURA LEGENDA
Messer Chups Doctor Spook Spooky Hook Storage Records
Black Cat Bone Cut Off Man Black Cat Bone Not On Label
The Veees On The Raod The Veees Environmental Studies
ESG Talk It Step Off Soul Jazz
Spike Orlandu du Monteras – Sexican version Orange Cloud Version Golf Channel Recordings
Pink Noise Test Echo Ego Tripp: A T.O.N. Music Sampler T.O.N. Records
Vaseline Tuner Going To The Pharmacy Ego Tripp: A T.O.N. Music Sampler T.O.N. Records
Lift to Experience Down With the Prophets The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads Mute
IODI I Will Wait For You Pop Espontáneo Out-Sider Music
Rain Parade My Dog’s Last Dream Demolition 090 Records
Ducks Deluxe Amsterdam Dog The John Peel Sessions Hux Records