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January 3, 2023

A 7″ singles show with a 12″, four 10″, five LP and five CD tracks: a mix of all formats. The labels Precious Recordings Of London and Igor Records get a large spread. The Gulls Window Circus ‘pairing’ concept is here: two track sets where each track somehow complements thew other. Notable tracks are excavated from the collective unconsciousness of the world of music, and sit proud for your discovery.

Mozart Estate

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Artist Song Release Label
Boyracer Pretentious Headline Band Ego Problem John Peel Session 02.09.94 Precious Recordings Of London
Mozart Estate Relative Poverty Relative Poverty Cherry Red
David Bowie Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA) The Next Day Extra EP Columbia
The Soup Dragons Our Lips Are Sealed John Peel Session 06.01.87 Precious Recordings Of London
Mystery Date Tryst Mother Goose / Mystery Date Igor Records
Motörhead / Girlschool Emergency St Valentines Day Massacre BMG
This Poison! Driving Skills John Peel Session 30.11.87 Precious Recordings Of London
Love Letters The Last One Love Letters Igor Records
The Vanitys (When You’re) So Far Away Coconuts For You Rings Of Saturn
The Pundits Lotusland Good Hooch! Igor Records
Bone Of Contention Treemonisha Good Hooch! Igor Records
Red House 25 Reasons 25 Reasons Wave Seven
Mike Watt + The Secondmen In Quintessence In Quintessence Yep Roc Records
The Playn Jayn It’s Not Me Cardinal Charlotte’s Memorial School Circle Records

Artist Song Release Label
The Fuzztones Bad News Travels Fast Bad News Travels Fast Zulu Records
Sharon Tandy Hold On Hold On Big Beat Records
Bunnygrunt Can You Come Down With Us The Covered In Shawn EP! Silly Moo Records
Screaming Dizbüsters This Ain’t The Summer Of Love This Ain’t The Summer Of Love Amigo
Juliana Hatfield Lotta Love Juliana Hatfield / Emma Swift split single American Laundromat Records
Dave Davies 21st Century (Demo) 21st Century Green Amp Records
Benett Who’s Your Baby? So You’re Not Coming Over? WIN Records
Aloha Wednesday Dame Un Becito Counterattack Of U.S. Indie (U.S. Pop Life Vol.1) Contact Records
Crow Follow Ride of Our Lives Red Velvet Radio Band 4 Band Records
Crosby, Stills & Nash Wooden Ships Crosby, Stills & Nash Atlantic
Tom Tom Club Under The Boardwalk Under The Boardwalk Island Records
Madness Crying Shame Embarrassment Stiff Records
Mick Farren I Don’t Want To Go This Way Vampires Stole My Lunch Money Munster Records
Corey Taylor All This And More Corey Taylor / Dead Boys split single Roadrunner Records
De Cylinders We Must Pay Chartbusters 1978-1982 Projectile Platters
Jamie Browning Band Underground Give Us A Break 3 Spawner Records
Jerry Can Progress Give Us A Break 3 Spawner Records


November 29, 2022

An all 7″ singles show. Every track earns love, but here is context for some of them: Ford was a band from SF that Boston native Carolyn Keddy played in when she moved west to write for MRR. Joe Viglione’s label Vaurulven gets mightily represented by a bunch of singles today, including that of Phobia, who had Kurt Henry (who passed away last year) on guitar. Startoon is a band I discovered through Lenny Kaye’s Lightning Striking book and CD. Ed Gein’s Car is a band I went to school with. Limbo Race counted Randy Black among their members, and their track has a Burma sound to it. All tracks guaranteed.

Limbo Race

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Artist Song Release Label
Crescent They Are Rebuilding The City Sun Planet Records
Ford 33% Free Friendly BlackJack Records
Count Viglione Galaxy Seven Auguste Phenomenon Varulven
The Jazz Butcher Never Give Up (Glass Version) Never Give Up Glass Modern
The Bumsteads Bar None Make The Best Of Tonight Blast Records
Walter Noons If You Feel It Too Freedom’s Poem Real Records
Willie Alexander Gin Gin Varulven
Rain Parade Depending On You Crashing Dream Island Records
H2O Hollywood Dream Hollywood Dream Spøck Recordz
The Count The Morn Of The Confrontation Modern Pop Classics Varulven
Sportique One For The Road If You Ever Change Your Mind Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Slow Children Going To Germany Pseudo Girl Varulven
Dislocation Dance Here Comes Love (Demo) Midnight Shift Demos Emotional Rescue
Michael James Pollard Too Confusing Too Confusing Emotional Rescue

Artist Song Release Label
Count Viglione’s Love And Flame Featuring Lady Carolyn Of Yesterday I’m Sticking With You / Of Yesterday Varulven
The Heart Throbs Cry Hard Cry Fast Blood From A Stone Profumo
Startoon Humans Being Human Humans Being Human Anamaze Records
Rosie Rosie’s Coming To Town Rosie’s Coming To Town Reminder Records
Phobia What Will You Do? What Will You Do? Varulven
The Spiny Anteaters Mr. Sun Mr. Sun Speed Kills
Wild Boys Last One Of The Boys Last One Of The Boys Reminder Records
Ed Gein’s Car Consider Being True Naked Man Vital Music
Tuxedo Cats Please Show Me Your Phone Out The Bag Reminder Records
Mister Moderation Invasion Of The Body Snatchers They Call Me Mister Moderation Ameliarated Records
Love Child Crocus Says Love Child Trash Flow Records
Hazel Pop Uncle Heida Candy-Ass Records
Limbo Race Down And Backwards Down And Backwards Limborations Records
Random Hold Cause And Effect What Happened Polydor
The Moodists Enough Legs To Live On Enough Legs To Live On Red Flame
The Freeze Paranoia In Colour A.1. Records
The Freeze For J.P.S. (With Love And Loathing) In Colour A.1. Records


August 11, 2020

7″ only show starting with two private press Boston bands (1979 and 1986), then moves into six darkwave singles, then three 60s & 70s international singles, before moving into a smile inducing selection of rock singles from many times and places, with three classic Postcard Records singles in a row.

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Artist Song Release Label
The Bumsteads Make The Best Of Tonight Make The Best Of Tonight Blast Records
Sally and the Sophisticatz (My Love Is) In Your Hands (My Love Is) In Your Hands Raku Records
Scala Tears Tears Too Pure Records
Bullion Michy Maus BAHNRSD Bahnsteig 23
Plazmot Allenby Allenby Malka Tuti
Xen & Yovav Shavit Etmol Hayom Malka Tuti
Paul Ebhart, Leonard Prochazka ! Kaum-Zeit-Kontinuum Westbahn
The Bleak Engineers Introspecto Introspecto Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Cem Karaca Ve Apaşlar Gılgamış Ayrılık Günümüz Türküola ‎
Wir Wir sind die Welt Wir sind die Welt Black Pearl Records
Jean-Pierre Kalfon La Guerre My Friend, Mon Ami Pop Supérette
The William Loveday Intention A La Mort Surbite (Sitting in Jacques Brel’s Seat) My Love For You Damaged Goods Records
The Leaving Trains ‎ Bringing Down The House Bringing Down The House Happy Squid Records
Orange Juice Blue Boy Blue Boy Postcard Records

Artist Song Release Label
Josef K Radio Drill Time Radio Drill Time Postcard Records
The Go Betweens I Need Two Heads I Need Two Heads Postcard Records
Ducks Unlimited Get Bleak Get Bleak Bobo Integral
Robert Forster w/ Jherek Bischoff & String Quartet People Say People Say Slowboy Records
Doug Tuttle Anywhere You Run Anywhere You Run Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Michael Parrett ‎ Last Years Model Television Heavy Soul Records
The Last L.A. Explosion L.A. Explosion Backlash
The Kids Dancing Dancing Mercury
The Strings Back To You Back To You Lark
Buzzcocks Destination Zero Gotta Get Better Cherry Red Records
Joy Rider Survival Money Honey Bacillus Records
The Courettes Want You! Like a Cigarette Want You! Like a Cigarette Damaged Goods Records
The Most (Do The) Jumpin’ Jack Take A Chance Northside
Joy Ryder + Avis Davis No More Nukes No More Nukes Monongo Music
Cheryl Killer Kiss Killer Kiss Reminder Records
Cassie Change My Image Change My Image Reminder Records
The Sound Cold Beat Physical World E.P. Reminder Records
The Embarrassment Sex Drive Sex Drive Last Laugh Records