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May 30, 2023

The 16th week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series involves the letters S & T. The show mostly covers contemporary artists: Alex Smith (aka Omar S). B.J. Smith (Ben Smith of Akwaaba, Bison and Smith & Mudd), Solid State, Space Coast, Spacer, SSOL (Sound Stream), Studio 22, Space:Tricks, Suonho, Tambien, Tensnake, Todh Teri, Todd Terje, Simple Symmetry, and Arsenii (That’s A Steal! 12″). Only one older artist: Gloria Ann Taylor. I can identify 3 of the re-edits: Suonho edits Claudja Barry ‘Love For The Sake Of Love’ 1976, Spacer edits Wally Badarou ‘Endless Race’ 1984 Nassau, Bahamas, SSOL (who also records as Sound Stream) edits Instant Funk ‘Got My Mind Made Up’ NYC 1978.


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Artist Song Release Label
Alex Smith Sign and Drive / Here With Me (featuring Diviniti) Here With Me. FXHE
B.J. Smith Hold On To It (Jonny Nash Remix) Between Ship And Shore Part One NuNorthernSoul
Solid State Spanish Heartbeat Dry Ice All Out War
Space Coast Love Games Pt2 (YSE Remix) Glenview Records Presents Crystal Lake Remixes Volume 1 Lovedancing
Wally Badarou Endless Race (Edit) Spacer Boogie Down
Spaziale E.S.P. Star Mover Forest Jams
SSOL B (Untitled) SSOL 001 SSOL
Studio 22 Dune Dune Edizioni Mondo

Artist Song Release Label
Space:Tricks Turkey World Series One Stupid Human
Suonho For The Love Of Soul The Ghetto AK
Tambien + Tiago A (Untitled) EP01 Interzona13
Gloria Ann Taylor What’s Your Word Deep Inside You Music Gallery Recordings
Tensnake In The End (I Want You To Cry) Live + The Vinyl Factory
Todh Teri Sampadan 2 Deep In India Vol 1 Todh Teri
Todd Terje Italian Stallion Eurodans Full Pupp
Simple Symmetry Danza Sueno That’s A Steal! That’s A Steal!
Arsenii Miss Holy Holy That’s A Steal! That’s A Steal!


May 23, 2023

The 15th week of non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically is all about the letter ‘S’. There are contemporary non-rock tracks by Saralunder, Sasac, Session Victim, Mark Seven, Sexy Merlin, and Dan Shake along with 2 Polish artists [Selvy and Jacek Sienkiewicz], an Israel artist [Siam], Senyaka from Soweto, and a bunch or re-edits, 4 of which I can identify: Same Speed Edits work Belair ‘Samba For A Cold Warrior’ 1980, Schenkelspreizer edits Jill Scott ‘It’s Love’ 2001 Philadelphia, Dan Shake edits Merry Clayton’s cover of Neil Young’s ‘Southern Man’, Shrinkwrap (Idjut Boys) edit themselves from their 1997 Idjut Boys & Laj track ‘Outhouse’.


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Artist Song Release Label
Same Speed Edits Samba Noruega (Same Speed Edit) Same Speed Edits Same Speed Edits
Saralunden I Look Good Suggestive Boy Enfant Terrible
Sasac Talking God (Original) Talking God Alliance Upholstery
Schenkelspreizer IL Büchsenöffner Vol. 2 Schenkelspreizer
Selvy Basics POPS EP No Bad Days
Mingmad Jimsu Madming Music (Live) ‎Sentrall 006 SENTRALL Records
Senyaka Bayanyonyoba Bayanyonyoba Rush Hour
Session Victim Million Dollar Feeling Million Dollar Feeling Delusions Of Grandeur
Mark Seven The Fatal Flaw In Disco (U-4-Ria) The Fatal Flaw In Disco World Building

Artist Song Release Label
Sexy Merlin Heater Heater Pleasence Records
Dan Shake Northern Merry Northern Merry Shake
Shrinkwrap Outhouse (Sunrise Mix) Outhouse U-Star Records
Siam Tel Aviv Downtown (Red Axes Edit) Tel Aviv Downtown Garzen Records
Nicky Siano Dinosaur: Kiss Me Again (A Pabl0 & Shoey re-jig) Love Is The Message: A Night At The Gallery 1977 Soundtrack Part 1 Inspira Records
Jacek Sienkiewicz Case Filter Case Theory WMFRec
Mike Simonetti Needs More Cowbell (Taking Out The Best Parts Edit) Lets Be Careful Out There Not On Label


May 16, 2023

The 14th week of the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series covers the letters R & S. Only one identified re-edit (The Revenge edit Hot Chocolate ‘Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac’, Brixton 1976) but a lot of interesting new music [Red Axes, Optic, Rework, Riccio, Roberto, Sonny Rock, Rondenion, Saine], a collaboration by the Italo obscurities guru Flemming Dalum on the Red Laser label, a well-known artist under one of his other names (Psi Performer = Anthony Rother), the iconic Sade remixed by DJ Spinna, obscure US soul-disco band Revelation have a track from 1982, and Walter Gibbons mixes the classic-amazing disco of Salsoul Orchestra.

Regelbau 03

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Artist Song Release Label
Red Axes Shem Shem Vol. II I’m A Cliche
Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum Fantasmi EP No. 1 Red Laser Records
Optic Relic Warm Regards Regelbau
Revelation Dance To The Disco Love Affairs Tambourine Party Records
The Revenge Forever In Their Debt (The Revenge’s Pitched Down Mix) Forever In Their Debt (Remixes) Home Taping Is Killing Music
The Revenge Cadillac The Revenge / 6th Burough Project Split 12″ Jiscomusic
Rework Don’t Try Montpellier Scheinselbständig
Riccio Put Some Love In Your Life Editorial #10 Editorial
Riccio Little Drummer Editorial #10 Editorial

Artist Song Release Label
Roberto New Sensation New Sensation Superior Elevation Records
Jonny Rock Kardes Way Over There The Nothing Special
Rondenion Aging New Style Tokyo Story Still Music
Psi Performer 1987 (Shapes & Forms Remix) Art Is A Division Of Pain (Remixed – Part 1) K2 O Records
Psi Performer 1948 (Alexander Kowalski’s Pain Division) Art Is A Division Of Pain (Remixed – Part 2) K2 O Records
Psi Performer 1976 (Ovuca’s Painless Art Mix) Art Is A Division Of Pain (Remixed – Part 2) K2 O Records
Sade War (A DJ Spinna Re-Freak) Adu-Redu All Right Fresh
Saine Leisure Song Small Remedies Fools & Fables Recordings
The Salsoul Orchestra Magic Bird Of Fire Magic Bird Of Fire Prelude Records
Saine Casual Small Remedies Fools & Fables Recordings


May 9, 2023

Week 13 of the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series covers the letters P & Q. Many geographies and eras are here, put together in a way I hope makes sense. Among the re-edits, these are the ones I can identify: Persnickety Presents (Derrick L. Carter) edits Suzy Q ‘Get On Up And Do It Again’ NYC 1981, Phantom Slasher (Idjut Boys) edit Junior Byron ‘Dance To The Music’ Canada 1983, Pilooski edits Double ‘Woman Of The World’ Switzerland 1984, Pittsburgh Track Authority edits Step By Step ‘I Always Wanted To Be In A Band’ Milwaukee 1976, Pontchartrain edits Gwen McRae ‘Keep The Fire Burning’ NYC 1982, and The Popular Peoples Front edits Fela Kuti ‘Roforofo Fight’ Nigeria 1972.

Les Crocodiles

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Artist Song Release Label
Ben Penn Spare Hobby Spare Hobby Safe Trip
Persnickety Presents Get On Up (Mr Snippy Uptempo Edit) Still Doin’ It EP Persnickety Sounds
Phantom Slasher Woman Blow Me Slow Noid Recordings
Pharaohs Rinse Dream Rinse Dream Vinyls On Wax Records Limited
Fkclub Illuminati Illuminati Astro Lab Recordings
Pilooski Double Dub Edit Can’t There Be Love Diamond Traxx
Pittsburgh Track Authority Step By Step: I Always Wanted To Be In A Band Edits 3 Pittsburgh Track Authority
Les Crocodiles La Nuit Des Tropiques (Acid Dub) La Nuit Des Tropiques (Pleasure Unit 3) KM Editions
The Phantom I’m Banging PL Funky II Razzmatazz Records

Artist Song Release Label
Pontchartrain Burnin Burnin EP Lovedancing
The Popular People’s Front Keep Fighting EP Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Kelton Prima Reactivated Reactivated Mathematics Recordings
The Prime Time Band Fall In Love In Outer Space (Turbotito Rework) Fall In Love In Outer Space – The Reworks Too Slow To Disco
Putsch ’79 Picotto Jade Asian Girls Clone
LTJ Don’t You Do It Royalty Of Funk Queen & Disco
Quilla A Million Broken Bikes (Mirko Loko’s Sunrise Tool) Remix Project Part One Visionquest
Tommy Stewart Featuring Rahaan & Zernell Bump And Hustle Music (Zernell And Rahaan Edit) Luv N’ Haight Edit Series Vol.2 Ubiquity


May 2, 2023

The 12th week of the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series covers the letters N, O & P. Today I notice the wide berth this series is parking in, covering dance [Joey Negro Vs. Horse Meat Disco, Henri-Pierre Noël], international [Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women’s Group], hip hop [N8NOFACE], Japanese [9dw], experimental/electronic [Nisennenmondai, Om Unit], Polish [Noon]. Dark ambient [O Yuki Conjugate], balearic [Pacific Horizons] and that is only talking about the first hour. As usual, there are many re-edits. These are the ones I can identify the source material of: The Patchouli Brothers edits MFSB ‘Plenty Good Lovin’ 1976 from Philadelphia, Parlour edits Sådd ‘Johnny Gitarr’ 1979 from Sweden. Not a re-edit, but maybe my fave track of the show is The Parallax Corporation (a duo that includes Intergalactic Gary) ‘Anti Social Tendencies’.


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Artist Song Release Label
Joey Negro Vs. Horse Meat Disco Candidate For Love (Horse Meat Disco Mix) Candidate For Love Z Records
Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women’s Group Orutu Run (Lena Willikens Remix) On Mande Versions TAL
N8NOFACE Cyber Funk Nasty Funk EP 20,000 Women
9dw Farside 9dw Wax Poetics Records
Nisennenmondai #6 #6 On-U Sound
Henri-Pierre Noël A Fifth Of Beethoven (The Reflex Revision) The Reflex Revisions Wah Wah 45s
Noon Te Same Dni, Te Same Sny (Instrumental) Muzyka Klasyczna Instrumentalna Audio Games
Om Unit Friend Of Day Friend Of Day Idle Hands
O Yuki Conjugate Insect-Talk (Dry) Insect-Talk Utter
Pacific Horizons Bandini (Frisvold & Lindbæk Mix) Re-Illumination Series Volume 2 Pacific Wizard Foundation

Artist Song Release Label
Pacific Horizons Beaches Of The Black Sea (Romeo Remix) Re-Illumination Series Volume 2 Pacific Wizard Foundation
Panoram Alone In Hawaii Everyone Is A Door Firecracker Recordings
The Parallax Corporation Anti Social Tendencies Cocadisco I Viewlexx
Parlour Lancy № 3 Parlour Recordings
Party Bros. Malcolm X Park (After Dark) Vocal Party Bros. Mysteries Of The Mind
The Patchouli Brothers ’76 Untitled JustWhatTheWorldNeeds… –
Pattern Select Tale Of The Tape Tale Of The Tape Delusions Of Grandeur
Gino Pavan Magico Magico Disco Segreta
Payfone & Kyd Nereida I Feel You I Feel You Leng
Ben Penn Carrera Spare Hobby Safe Trip