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March 28, 2023

The 7th week on the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series covers the letters H and I. These are the edits I know (just a few of the tracks) Heavy Disco edits Stereolab ‘Ping Pong’ from 1994. Horse Meat Disco edits Donna Summer ‘Lucky’ from 1979. Hot Mood edits Coati Mundi ‘Que Pasa – Me No Pop I’ from 1981, and Japanese jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino ‘Send Me Your Feelings’ from 1979.


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Artist Song Release Label
Andy Hart Aquarius Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Healing Force Project Random Walks Gravitational Lensing EP Firecracker Recordings
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Visual Visual Autodiscothèque
Heavy Disco Ping Pong Super Jock Heavy Disco
Donna Summer For A Ride Horse Meat Disco Part 2 Horse Meat Disco
Hotmood What’s Up? Hotmood Volume 6 Hotmood Records
Hotmood Feelings Hotmood Volume 5 Star Creature
Maceo Plex Alpha Hot Waves Vol. 1 Hot Waves
The Hue The Calling Criss Cross EP Classic

Artist Song Release Label
House Of House Rushing To Paradise (Walkin’ These Streets) Rushing To Paradise House Of House
Hysteric Belly Dance Disco Mappamondo Public Possession
Hysteric Et Extra Terrestrial Mysidian
Idjut Boys Implant (Full Frontal) Implant Noid Recordings
Nad Join The Fookin Party! Join The Fookin Party! Bastedos
Ikeda X Mamba Percussion 075 – Wax EP 001 075-Wax
Masanori Ikeda Afro Tipsy (Almunia Remix) Afro Tipsy Palms & Charms
Inxxxwel Melon Shake Cold Chillin Edits Oye Edits


March 21, 2023

Today is the sixth week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series. The letters F, G, and H are up. Every track vetted for joy. As for re-edits, The Fantasy edits Prince’s bassistBrown Mark’s band Mazarati ‘Jerk Out’. Hauke Freer edits Focus guitarist Jan Akkerman’s ‘She’s So Divine’ Amsterdam 1979. Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra brings in Brazilian artist Arthur Verocai, an artist worth checking out on his own. Eddy Grant, whose career spanned decades and genres, appears in his 1978 period, 4 years before his world-conquering hit ‘Electric Avenue’. Luxury edits Foreigner’s 1981 mega-hit to great effect. Andi Hanley edits Annette’s 1988 track ‘Dream 17’. Chicago’s Ron Hardy does two edits for his edits series: Willie Hutch’s 1982 and Baby Huey’s 1971 tracks.

Hauke Freer

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Artist Song Release Label
The Fantasy Jerked Out Secret Mixes Fixes Vol.17 Secret Mixes Fixes
FunkinEven YM2 FunkinEven / Devin Dare Split 12″ Apron Records
Fudge Fingas Mass X (Juju & Jordash Remix) Firecracker Recordings
Hauke Freer XK XK XK Records
Free Association Sinned Free Association #2 Free Association
Flørist Presents V. Rosso M-80 Windows On The World E.P. World Building
Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra Mystery (4 Hero Dub Mix) Mystery Far Out Recordings
Eddy Grant Frontline Symphony Living On The Frontline Slow To Speak
Eddy Grant Living On The Frontline Living On The Frontline Slow To Speak

Artist Song Release Label
The Glimmers Presents The Disko Drunkards Physical (Semi Instrumental Version) Physical Diskimo
Gonno I Got Ya Gonno / Altz Split 12″ Altzmusica
Marcello Giordani Dirty Love Disco Cutz#2 Italo Deviance Records
Luxxury Urgent (Luxxury Rework) Giant Cuts Various Artists E.P Giant Cuts
Halo Life (Re-Edit) Let Me Do It Expansion
Kyle Hall I<3 Dr. Girl Friend Worx Of Art EP 1 Wild Oats
Andi Hanley Dream Rong Promo Only #10 Rong Music
Willie Hutch Brother’s Gonna Work It Out Ron Hardy #32 Not On Label (Ron Hardy)
Baby Huey Hard Times Ron Hardy #32 Not On Label (Ron Hardy)


March 14, 2023

Today is the 6th week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series. Today we cover the letters D and E. The show starts with a DJ Spun re-edit of the 1978 Bombers track ‘The Mexican’. The other notable re-edits are DW Edits Undisputed Truth edit of Lil’ Red Riding Hood, Ebony Cuts with Carrie Lucas Tic Toc, and Tee Scott’s edit of The Joneses Sugar Pie Guy. There are deep minimal tracks in this show as well as disco edits, or even straight-up disco/soul, such as the Martin L. Dumas Jr track. Things get chilled out with Dos Palos and Tony Esposito, and experimental with EYE. Lots of sounds, all stirred together and caramelized for you.

DW Edits

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Artist Song Release Label
DJ Spun Mexican DJ Spun’s Freestyle Party Rong Music
Dos Palos I’ve Been Around (Seahawks Ultra Remix) Remixes Part One NuNorthernSoul
Al Dobson Jr. Santiago Black (Ptaki Version) Rye Lane Versions Rhythm Section International
Martin L. Dumas Jr Attitude, Belief & Determination Attitude, Belief & Determination BBE
DW Edits Undisputed Truth – Lil’ Red Riding Hood This Is The Music We Dance To Creative Use
East Liberty Quarters If You Want My Love The 206 EP Rotating Souls Records
Ebony Cuts Carrie On Carrie On Kojak Giant Sounds
Eddie C Aim (Original Mix) Aim Crue-L Records
Editdub4 – The Joneses Sugar Pie Guy (Unreleased Tee Scott Club Dub) Unreleased V4 Rarest Of The Rare Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.

Artist Song Release Label
Editorial – Stereo 12″ West Garda Lake Editorial 15 Editorial
Elleorde Black Talon Open Wide & Eat the Future Forest Jams
Escort Chamèleon Chameleon Chamèleon Chameleon Escort Records
Ess O Ess Cantillate (Suzanne Kraft Remix) Cantillate Not An Animal Records
Tony Esposito Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 Rework) Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 Rework) Archeo Recordings
Susana Estrada Quitate El Sosten (Javi Frias Extended Disco Edit) Cosmic Edits Cosmic Records Store
EYE Untitled EYE 04 Not On Label


March 7, 2023

The fourth week in the non-rock 12″ singles played alphabetically series completes the letter ‘C’ and starts ‘D’. If an artist appears to not belong, that is because the 12″ series starts with D and the single has multiple artists on it. There are several awesome tracks on their own, plus covers and re-edits. The Creams cover Joe Moks. The Police are re-edited by DJ Harvey, Donny Hathaway by Dimitri From Loisada, J.J. Cale by Dirty Sound System, Pink Floyd by danyb, the Cast of South Pacific by Disconnection, Nina Simone by Disco Tech. Big names, nice re-edits. Chicks On Speed sing on the DJ Hell track, cool percussive sounds on the Discodeine track.

Decent International

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Artist Song Release Label
The Creams Let’s (Justin Van Der Volgen Dub Version) Let’s (Justin Van Der Volgen Versions) My Rules
Tom Croose Cho Chua Cho Chua Resista
Cross Island Wave (Al Kent Remix) East Of The Apple Kalita Records
Alex Danilov More Analog Vibes Iinnii EP Contrast-Wax
danyb Have A Cake (danyb Re-Vision) Busted Volume 1 Busted
Das Bierbeben Sturm Brich Los Wir Sind Shitkatapult
Death On The Balcony What Is Dub Get Out Of Your World Mystery Meat
De Los Miedos Susana’s Dance Let’s Dance! Violette Szabo
Decent International Plantain Decent International 02 Decent International

Artist Song Release Label
Dengue Dengue Dengue Dileke Semillero On The Corner Records
Hanny Dottaway Talkin’bout (Dimitri From Loisada Edit) Dimitri From Loisada – Talkin’bout Ebo Records
J.J. Cale Ride Me High (Joakim Edit) Dirty Space Disco Vol.1 Dark & Lovely
Discodeine Tema Di Gamma Texas Gladiators EP Dark & Lovely
Disconnection Bali Ha’i (UK Discomix) Bali Ha’i Optimo Music
Disco Tech Baltimore (Tribute Rework) Disco Tech Edits Vol. 2 DiscoDat
Ashley Beedle & DJ Harvey Voices Inside My Head Voices Inside My Head Not On Label
DJ Hell This Is For You (Album Version) This Is For You (Remixed) Disko B
DJ Nature & Kuniyuki Groove Chase (Kuniyuki Ver.) DJ Nature & Kuniyuki EP Soundofspeed