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January 30, 2024

The sixth week of the 8 week Gulls Window Circus hard rock series covers the letters N-S alphabetically, with stops such as pre-The New York Dolls band Actress, post Milk ‘n’ Cookies Ian North, Dwarve’s side-project Penetration Moon, pre-Chesterfield Kings Greg Prevost, pre-The Sound band Second Layer, pre-Detective band Silverhead, pre-Adverts band Sleaze, two versions of The Stooges track 1969 [by The Sisters Of Mercy and Joey Ramone], speaking of, a track from the often neglected ‘Instinct’-era Iggy Pop, the often-hated Sigue Sigue Sputnik shines, a Kiss cover by Redd Kross, latest PiL, and must-hear tracks by Out Of Band Experience, Novak, Planchettes, Ratcat, The Reactors, Shadow 15, Sic F*cks, Sixteen Deluxe, and Skeletal Family.

Out Of Band Experience.

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Artist Song Release Label
The New York Dolls It’s Too Late Actress: Birth Of The New York Dolls Get Back
Ian North Tran-Sister Neo Metronome
Novak Real Cool Guy Dumb Records: 1977-1979 Athena Records
No Direction All Night Long No Direction Rerun Records
Out Of Band Experience Genius Call Now! 1-800-OUT-BAND Immortal Records
Penetration Moon It’s A Wonderful Life Of Crime Penetration Moon Burger Records
Planchettes (You’re Just Like) Everybody Else The Truth Rise Above Records
Iggy Pop Tom Tom Instinct A&M Records
Pop Will Eat Itself Grebo Guru Box Frenzy Rough Trade
Greg Prevost Hey Mister Vintage Violence: Barbaric, Crude & Primitive 1975-1979 Mean Disposition
PiL The Do That End Of World PiL Official
Punishment Of Luxury All White Jack Laughing Academy United Artists Records
Joey Ramone I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up) Don’t Worry About Me INgrooves
Ratcat Everything Is Happening Again This Nightmare Waterfront Records
The Reactors Seduction Center Half-Life! Rave Up Records

Artist Song Release Label
Redd Kross Deuce Teen Babes From Monsanto Gasatanka Records
Rema-Rema Rema-Rema (Renegade Soundmachine Mix) What You Could Not Visualise Le Coq Musique
Mike Rep And The Quotas Rockstar Hellbender HoZac Records
The Runaways Black Leather And Now… The Runaways! Mercury
Shadow 15 Just Like Before Days of Innocence 1983-85 Beat Generation
Second Layer I Need Noise Courts Or Wars 1972
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Massive Retaliation Flaunt It Manhattan Records
Sic F*cks Rock Or Die Sic F*cks Sozyamuda Records
Silverhead Bright Light 16 And Savaged MCA Records
The Sisters Of Mercy 1969 Alice Merciful Release
Joey Ramone 1969 Don’t Worry About Me INgrooves
Sixteen Deluxe Idea Backfeed Magnetbabe Trance Syndicate Records
Skeletal Family Promised Land The Singles Plus 1983 – 85 Graveface Records
Sleaze Dum De Dum Sleaze Sing Sing Records


January 16, 2024

Fifth week of 8 in the Gulls Window Circus hard rock series covers the letters L-N. Several bands follow the artist from very popular previous bands [Screaming Trees > Mark Lanegan Band , Psychedelic Furs > Love Spit Love, Dead Boys > Lords Of The New Church, Nymphs > Inger Lorre, Codeine, Come, Volcano Sounds > The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries, Hanoi Rocks > Michael Monroe, Husker Du > Bob Mould], a few of the artists went on to bigger fame in subsequent bands [The Living > Guns ‘n Roses, The Mike Gunn > Charalambides, Mother Love Bone > Green River > Pearl Jam]. All songs have mentionable aspects, but I want to draw your attention to the Menace Dement track, the fact that Map Of Africa is re-edit wizard DJ Harvey, and Manikins, who were formed as Cheap Nasties in Australia.


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Artist Song Release Label
John Du Cann Don’t Talk The World’s Not Big Enough Just Add Water
E. Coli Permafrost To Drool Triple X Records
Fanny Kaplan The Reason To Cover Self Up Fanny Kaplan Inflammable Material
Fields Of The Nephilim Chord Of Souls The Nephilim Beggars Banquet
Flesh D-Vice Color Me Gone Some Bloodstained Morning Jayrem Records
Ace Frehley She Origins Vol.2 eOne
Girlschool Race With The Devil Demolition Renaissance Records
Giuda Overdrive E. V. A. Burger Records
The Godfathers Tell Me Why Birth, School, Work, Death Epic
Gorillas Foxy Lady Message To The World Damaged Goods
The Gordons Laughing Now The Gordons 1972
Grand Funk Railroad In Need Grand Funk Capitol Records

Artist Song Release Label
Green River Together We’ll Never Dry As A Bone Sub Pop
Gruntruck Follow Push Real Gone Music
Hanoi Rocks Lost In The City The Best Of Hanoi Rocks Lick Records
The Haskels Walk To The Beach The Haskels Splunge Communications Inc.
The Harry Von Zells Stardom Because Play It Backwards Igor Records
Hitmen Death Grip Hitmen WEA
Hollywood Brats Chez Maximes Hollywood Brats Get Back
The Hollywood Stars So Blue Sound City Liberation Hall
Ill Repute Beware Transition Mystic Records
Iron Prostate Hell Toupee Loud, Fast, And Aging Rapidly Skreamin’ Skull Records
Ivy Green I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It Ivy Green Pseudonym
Tommy Jay I’ve Been Waiting For You Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales Of Trauma Assophon Records
Joneses Good From Far Jonesin’ Discography Vol. 2 Projectile Platters
Killing Joke Wardance Killing Joke Spinefarm Records
King’s X Fade Tape Head Svart Records


January 9, 2024

In this third week of the Gulls Window Circus hard rock series, we leave the 70s (after the first 4 songs, overflows from last week), letting the sound endure through time. It is in these coming weeks that amazing discoveries will be made. Hard rock by artists you might never expect to have dabbled in these waters. Special attention to Baby Grande (Steve Kilby pre-Church), Corpse Grinders, Arthur Kane (post-New York Dolls), Dark Carnival (Niagara, post-Destroy All Monsters). Every track has earned its place, details given after each 3 song set.

Avis Davis

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Artist Song Release Label
Terry Stamp Itchy Feet Fatsticks Just Add Water
Status Quo Is It Really Me / Gotta Go Home The Rest Of Status Quo Music On Vinyl
Sweet Cockroach (Munich Mix) Give Us A Wink (Alternative Mixes And Demos) Sound City Records
The Third Power Like Me Love Me Believe Future Days Recordings
Alien Sex Fiend I’m Not Mad Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain Anagram Records
Asteroid B-612 Believe It’s True Not Meant For This World! Bang! Records
Bakamono This Is An Unreinforced Masonry Building The Cry Of The Turkish Fig Peddler Priority Records
Banned From Chicago Dear Ron 1978 Alona’s Dream Records
The Batfish Boys Not Enough Blue Lurve: Some Kinda Flashback Twilight Records
Stiv Bator You Must Be A Witch Do You Believe In Magyk? Easy Action
The Beasts Of Bourbon Drop Out The Axeman’s Jazz Big Time

Artist Song Release Label
Blackwater Holylight Wave Of Conscience Blackwater Holylight RidingEasy Records
The Buck Pets How Delicious She Looks The Buck Pets Island Records
Chainsaw Kittens Heartcatchthump Chainsaw Kittens Jett Plastic Recordings
Charlie ‘Ungry Who Is My Killer? The Chester Road Album Rave Up Records
Baby Grande Pure, White, & Deadly Baby Grande HoZac Records
Christian Death Resurrection – Sixth Communion Only Theatre Of Pain Frontier Records
Clinic Fantasy Island Fantasy Island Domino
Corpse Grinders City Rocker Grind On Rave Up Records
Eddie Criss Group Killer Undertaker HoZac Records
The Cult Dreamtime Dreamtime / Dreamtime Live At The Lyceum Beggars Banquet
The Damned Motorcycle Man Darkadelic Ear Music
Dark Carnival Let There Be Dark The Last Great Ride Sympathy For The Record Industry
Avis Davis Miss Ya Love Junky Innovative Communication
The Donnas It Takes One To Know One Gold Medal Real Gone Music


January 2, 2024

Second week of 8 in the hard rock series. This week completes the original 70s artists (and adds a Gulls Window Circus favorite: alphabetization). Next week we will move on to bands that honor this sound in post-70s recordings. In this show there are only 4 well-known artists, with obscure tracks carefully chosen [Black Sabbath, Cactus, Frampton’s Camel, Spooky Tooth]. Outside of that, many fine discoveries to start the new year with, setting the stage for 6 more weeks of unexpected finds.

Jo Jo Gunne

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Artist Song Release Label
Angel Can You Feel It On Earth As It Is In Heaven Casablanca
Bang My Window The Best Of Bang Ripple Music
Barnabus The War Drags On Beginning To Unwind Rise Above Relics
Blackfoot Road Fever Strikes Friday Music
Black Sabbath Dirty Woman Technical Ecstasy BMG
Cactus Let Me Swim Cactus Real Gone Music
Christopher The Great Clock What’cha Gonna Do? Lion Productions
Detective Tear Jerker It Takes One To Know One Swan Song
The Dregs Cruise Control Unsung Heroes Arista
Frampton’s Camel White Sugar Frampton’s Camel A&M Records
Fuzzy Duck In Our Time Fuzzy Duck Be With Records
Jo Jo Gunne Getaway Jumpin’ The Gunne Asylum Records

Artist Song Release Label
Kannibal Komix Neurotic Reaction Kannibal Komix ViNiLiSSSiMO
Leaf Hound Freelance Fiend Growers Of Mushroom Repertoire Records
Mother Trucker Rock N’ Roll Lady Mother Trucker Sundazed Music
Noah Goodbye Earth Brain Suck Guerssen
Odyssey Got To Feel It Setting Forth Lion Productions
Pandora Only Seventeen Space Amazon Supreme Echo
Parish Hall Skid Row Runner Parish Hall Craft Recordings
Pavlov’s Dog Song Dance Pampered Menial ABC Records
Power Of Zeus It Couldn’t Be Me The Gospel According To Zeus Mr Bongo
Raven War With Your Soul Back To Ohio Blues Permanent Records
Someone’s Band Country Ride Someone’s Band Sunbeam Records
Spooky Tooth Evil Woman Spooky Two A&M Records