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January 28, 2019

Madrid glam band Furies plays well with one-offs like NYC The Rudies, LA DIAMONDS, England Michael Parrett, and not quite one-offs LA E. Coli, SF House Of Pants, Scotland The Valves and Belgium The Strings. These artists find accompaniment in prolific Wild Billy Childish & CTMF, Velvet Crush, The DB’s and Generation X, with several other treats mixed in for good measure.

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Artist Song Release Label
Velvet Crush Window to the World In the Presence of Greatness Glass Modern
Parsnip Taking Me for a Ride When the Tree Bears Fruit Trouble In Mind Records
Furies Dynamite Furies Contra Records
The DB’s Revolution Of The Mind Revolution Of The Mind Orange Sound Records
Robert Forster Let Your Light In, Babe The Evangelist Tapete Records
The Only Ones The Guest Live In Chicago 1979 Alona’s Dream Records
Craig Smith Sam Pan Boat Sam Pan Boat Munster Records
Fantastic Something If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain) If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain) EM Records
The Zeros In The Spotlight In The Spotlight Munster Records
Almen T.N.T. Ogro De Ciudad ¿A Donde Vamos Hoy? Munster Records
The Shadracks Walking On My Grave Tranquil Salvation Damaged Goods
Generation X Trying For Kicks (Winstanley Mix) Your Generation (Winstanley Mix) Chrysalis
E. Coli Precious Friend 0157H7 Triple X Records
Octopus Syng Reverberating Garden No. 7 Reverberating Garden No. 7 Mega Dodo

Artist Song Release Label
Thee Melomen Bez Prevoda Balkans-Pedro Four-Way ORG Music
The Chemistry Set Firefly Firefly Fruits de Mer Records
The Rudies Sherri Goodbye Sherri Goodbye Badge Record
The Strings Chicago Chicago Parsley
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF Hurt Me Marc Riley Session Radio 6 Damaged Goods
The Valves Robot Love Robot Love Munster Records
Cherrystones Blood, Campari & Sand DB7 001 Duca Bianco
Zombierella’s Tentative Reels ‎ Zombi Cadavre Suicide Commando Six Tonnes De Chair Records
House Of Pants Just A Movie Just A Movie Amorous Records ‎
Michael Parrett ‎ Television Television Heavy Soul Records
John Williams Train Train Tor Records
Earle Mankey Crazy Mau Mau BOMP!
Beaver And The Trappers Happiness Is Havin’ Happiness Is Havin’ Modern Harmonic ‎
The Honey Pot How Many To The Edge Of The World And Beyond Mega Dodo
DIAMONDS We Will Always Be Alone We Will Always Be Alone Custom Made Music


January 21, 2020

The first hour finds SF post-Crime band Vector Command in the company of Russian Fanny Kaplan, Canadian Ruby Karinto and Australian NUN, with a track from the Jody Harris – post-Contortions LP ‘It Happened One Night.’ The second hours starts in space with England’s Sendelica, then goes to Poland with Romuald & Roman, then Woodstock NY with Timworld, followed by several musical trips that share the same hats, including Liverpool’s Pete Burns in a pre-Dead Or Alive 12″ as Nightmares In Wax.

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Artist Song Release Label
Pere Ubu Skidrow-on-Sea The Long Goodbye Cherry Red Records
Jody Harris My Uncle Bill It Happened One Night Press Records
Fanny Kaplan Fake Shooter Fanny Kaplan Inflammable Material
39 Clocks Dom (Electricity Elects the Rain) Subnarcotic Bureau B
Hand Grenades Cocoon Demo To London Last Laugh Records
Blurt The Ruminant Plinth Ruminant Violence Optimo Music
Ruby Karinto Mangetsu Ruby Karinto Hozac
Vector Command Ports Of Venus System 3 Hozac
NUN Can’t Chain The Dome Hozac

Artist Song Release Label
Sendelica Manhole Of The Universe The Cosmonaut Years Vol 2 FRG Records
Romuald & Roman Towarowy Rusza Do Indii The Polish Psychedelic Trip vol.II 1969-1976 Kameleon Records
Timworld Making Scary New Gods Out of Corn Husks Dhoom Goat River Productions
Vox Populi! Sur Les Rochers Du Flueve Cut Chemist Presents Funk Off A Stable Sound ‎
André De Saint-Obin Introduction / My Dirty Self Sound On Sound Plinkity Plonk Records
Der Gøtling Halleluja II G-ZX LP Mond Musik
Nightmares In Wax Black Leather Nightmares In Wax KY Records
Jonny Teardrop Shotgun No Problemo Rouge Mécanique Musique
Uwalmassa Untitled 07 Bumi Uthiri EP Linear Perspective
Suicide Dream Baby Dream (Long Version) Dream Baby Dream Mute
Violet Nox Bell Song Future Fast – EP Sleep Fuse


January 14, 2020

All vinyl spun in real time. Tropical, psyche, 60s, power pop, post-punk, jangle pop and show tune are represented in this Gulls Window Circus show. Tropical = Babalu And His Headhunters. Psyche = Crystal Jacqueline & The Honey Pot, The Past Tense, Us & Them. 60s = Alexander “Skip” Spence. Power pop = KRGA, The Action Suits, Saint Etienne. Post-punk = dane//close, Paul Ebhart, Leonard Prochazka, Pylon, Strange Turn, Peter Laughner, Chandra, Iggy Pop, Lonesome No More. Janglepop = BOB, The House Of Love, Ducks Unlimited. Show tune = The Rebels. A few more items that dance around the edges of one or more of the categories without landing cleanly in any of them.

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Artist Song Release Label
dane//close Percy DB7 004 Duca Bianco
Paul Ebhart, Leonard Prochazka ? Kaum-Zeit-Kontinuum Westbahn
dane//close Bolass’d DB7 004 Duca Bianco
The House Of Love Love Shine On Optic Nerve Recordings
Pylon Dub Cool / Dub New West Records
Strange Turn Pink Litmus Paper Shirt Pink Litmus Paper Shirt Mega Dodo
Peter Laughner Who’s Been Here? Peter Laughner Smog Veil Records
Robyn Hitchcock ‎ Sunday Never Comes Sunday Never Comes Tiny Ghost Records
Lenny Kaye And The Fleshtones Lost On Xandu Lost On Xandu Yep Roc Records
Coloured Balls Around And Around Heavy Metal Kid Just Add Water
Ducks Unlimited Gleaming Spires Get Bleak Bobo Integral
BOB Coquette Convenience Optic Nerve Recordings

Artist Song Release Label
KRGA Mysterious Lady Mysterious Lady Hoser Records
Denim It Fell Off the Back of a Lorry It Fell Off the Back of a Lorry Echo
Chandra Explosions Day Without Success Third Man Records
Crystal Jacqueline & The Honey Pot The Sun Goes Down I Talk To The Wind Fruits de Mer Records
The Past Tense House Of Glass Time Stands Still Fruits de Mer Records
Us & Them What Did You Do To My Life? Sunny Spells Fruits de Mer Records
Babalu And His Headhunters Calypso Funk Bahamas Gone Independent Pressure Makes Diamonds ‎
The Action Suits Glazed Donuts Glazed Donuts Spot On!
Cherie Currie & James Williamson Leader Of The Pack Leader Of The Pack Cleopatra ‎
The Rebels David Bowie’s Revolutionary Song Music From The Original Soundtrack Just A Gigolo Music On Vinyl
Saint Etienne Saturday Boy Saturday Boy Heavenly Recordings
Iggy Pop The Villagers The Villagers Caroline International
Lonesome No More Turned Insane Turned Insane Rage Records
Alexander “Skip” Spence I Want A Rock & Roll Band I Want A Rock & Roll Band Modern Harmonic


January 7, 2020

All vinyl electronic show that spends a lot of time in ambient and balearic sounds. We visit Poland (Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain, Naphta), London (N-Gynn, Payfone), Germany (Ferdi), Switzerland (Lexx), Italy (Ruins), France (Vox Populi!), Sydney Australia (Santilli) with a trip into disco tinged waters with the Azwon track. We travel far and wide today…

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Artist Song Release Label
N-Gynn Marmaris Hamam House – 4 Hamam House
Payfone Last Night in Sant Celoni Last Night in Sant Celoni Leng Records
Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain Velicious Pulses Into The Light Records
Azwon Paradise Island Paradise Island Pressure Makes Diamonds
Jason Letkiewicz Burning off the Morning Fog The Reflecting Pool Into The Light Records
Andrew Wasylyk Flight Of The Cormorant The Paralian Athens Of The North ‎
Vox Populi! Soleymani Dub Alternatif Réalisme Emotional Rescue
Hillside Hidden Port Hidden Port Claremont 56

Artist Song Release Label
Ruins Ground Marea / Tide Music From Memory
Michael Stearns Something’s Moving Planetary Unfolding Emotional Rescue
Toshifumi Hinata 新しい遊牧民 (Atarashii Yuhbokumin) Broken Belief Music From Memory
Young Marco Kalapa Garden Bahasa Island Of The Gods
The New Morning Cricket Island (Tribal Mix) Riddims Of Culture 1 Emotional Rescue
Naphta Thom’s Beach Naphta and The Shamans Astigmatic Records
Santilli CRB Surface Into The Light Records ‎
Ferdi Night Talk All One Claremont 56 ‎
Lexx Too Hot Cosmic Shift Phantom Island ‎
Bartosz Kruczyński Pastoral Sequences Baltic Beat II Growing Bin Records
Bella Vista Mister Wong (Disco Dub) Mister Wong Isle Of Jura Records
Smith & Mudd The Gardener Tea With Holger Be With Records
Zann Caravan Strange Ways / Inside Jungle Isle Of Jura Records
Land Of Light Age Of Tin And Copper The World Lies Breathing Melody As Truth ‎
Glen Velez Bendir Sweet Season Emotional Rescue


January 3, 2020

All Boston show, by no means exhaustive or period-specific, just a quick grab of Boston artists I wanted to hear today! I draw special attention to the I Love You track. That was a side project of Paul from the 90s band Pie, which is really great, The 2×4’s (pre-Turbines John Hovorka), Sperm Bank Babies (Willy Alexander) and Black Cat Bone (Jeri Rossi).

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Artist Song Release Label
Bird Mancini Northridge Tuning In / Tuning Out Second Story Records
Salem 66 Widow’s Walk Frequency And Urgency Homestead Records
The 2×4’s A Regular Guy The 2×4’s Metal Snowball
Black Cat Bone Judas Tree Homework #10 Hyped2Death
360’s When I’m High When I’m High BMG Music
The Elevator Drops $7 Single People Mover The Bicycle Music Company
The Paper Squares What Is The Road? The Paper Squares The Paper Squares
Unnatural Axe Regina Is Gonna Kick Your Ass Lawless
SugarBitch Hallelujah Famous Glamorous Artists Coffee College
I Love You Silly Things Back It Up Baby Magnificent Records
Lint Something’s Gonna Change Something’s Gonna Change Plumb Records
Kustomized Film At the Vanishing Point Matador
Karate “The State I’m In” Aka “Goode Buy from Cobbs Creek Park” Pockets Southern Records
The Lune The Hook On the Cutting Room Floor Aesthetics

Artist Song Release Label
The Lune The Blues Instrumental Sill Aesthetic Records
Major Stars It’s A Blessing, Brother, I Cannot Lie Space/Time Twisted Village
Heidi Saperstein Pony Ride Very Special Heidi Saperstein
Tim Mungenast Lithium Statement The Un-Stableboy Goat River Productions
Jeffrey Simmons Your Best Best of Luck Black Apple
Unit One Pikachoo Altered State Turtle Island
Dirt Merchants Silhouette Swiss Bank V-Hold Records
LarsVegas Run Around Meatland Skycap Records
The Silver Lining Battered Senseless M.I.A. Heart Well Dressed Blues Eye-Con Records
Sperm Bank Babies Jack Sperm Bank Babies Featuring Al “Lorenzo” Drake Varage
Swirlies Sounds Of The Sebring Swirlies Magic Strop Tonight Sneaky Flute Empire
Billy’s Revue Louder Billy’s Revue Memoire Records
Billy’s Revue Time And Money Billy’s Revue Memoire Records
Mag 4 Mag 4 Go Monte Go Mag 4 Go Monte Go Pure And Easy Records