Monthly Archives: August 2013

Playlist 123

Artist Song Disk Label
Heavy Disco The Future The Trials And Tribulations Of Heavy Disco Heavy Disco
The New Age Steppers Izalize The New Age Steppers on-u sound
Woo Swingtime “Whichever way you are going, you are going wrong” Emotional Rescue
Cantoma Just Landed Alive>/a> Highwood Recordings
Turzi Electronique Experience En France Education record makers
Dunkelziffer Oriental Cafe Retrospection (Parts 1-3) Emotional Rescue
Altz.P DODOP Altz.P vs Being Borings Crue-L
Ilaiyaraaja Sathya Fire Star Bombay Connection
Jamie Paton Bizarre Feeling Bizarre Feeling [Emotional] Especial
Rouge Mecanique Stingray Witches Pyramids Of Mars
Last Waltz Tipping The Gulf (Jamie Blanco Remix) Tusk Wax Eleven A Tusk Wax
People Get Real Cain Horn Wax Six Horn Wax

Playlist 122

Artist Song Disk Label
The Clark Sisters Everythings Gonna Be Alright (Joey Negro Edit) Overdose Of The Holy Ghost Z Records
Bis Love Will Tear Us Apart What You’re Afraid Of SpinART
Aural Exciters Marathon Runner Mutant Disco Vol #4 Ze Records
Arling & Cameron Let’s Get Higher (Malibu Remix by Roger Joseph Manning Jr.) Let’s Get Higher Emperor Norton
Sally Shapiro Starman (with Electric Youth) Somewhere Else Paper Bag Records
40 Thieves In Your Space In Your Space Leng
Combustible Edison Bluebeard – F.P.M. Old Fashioned Mix Bluebeard Bungalow
Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club Tender Melody Can’t You See Me Glenview
Eddie Palmieri Spirit Of Love (Onur Engin Edit) Music Under New York Glenview
Linkwood Fate Firecracker: The Early Emissions (EPs 1-4) Firecracker
Police Voices Inside My Head (mixed by Ashley Beedle and DJ Harvey) Voices Inside My Head
Cantoma Alive (feat Bing Ji Ling) Alive Highwood Recordings
Ajello Chocolate Black Leather feat. Hard Ton Smells Like Too Cheesy Danny Was a Drag King
Trus’me Working Nights Working Nights Fat City
Return Of The Panthers Calling Captain Nemo Spiky Dread Rongo Rongo
Baldelli & Dionigi Saiyuji dawn Adaptors -The Music of Richard Bone Quantistic Division

Playlist 121

Artist Song Disk Label
Waxist Standing Red Stripe Disco Vol 2 Red Stripe Disco
Serge Gainsbourg Shush Shush Charlotte Mauvaises nouvelles des etoiles Mercury France
Selvagem Amor Amor B.I.S.
Ashley Beedle vs. Warbox Da Soun A Ear (Dubplate mix) Modern Artifacts 07 Modern Artifacts
Helen Love Our Mum And Dad Day-Glo Dreams Elefant
Nik Weston Paradise Uncertain in Eucharis Archway Riviera Tropical Jam EP Guynamukat
Frank Booker Egbemio Frank Booker Edits Kat
TNT Subhead The Book Of Yes Ecstasy & Release Groovement
Mild Peril Alpha Zone Alpha & Gamma Zone Vivod
Psychemagik Time Is Right Discotheque Wreckers 4 Discotheque Wreckers
Late Nite Tuff Guy Lovely Day Tuff Cut #003 Tuff Cut
Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club I Never Leave You Galernaya Live Sessions Vol 1 Is It Balearic
Mushrooms Project Undergrass Undergrass Leng Records
Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright Stay Cool (Al Usher Dub) International Times Remixes Emotional Rescue
Nik Weston presents Kaleta & Akoya Afrobeat The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive & Well! (GUYNAMUKAT Edit) The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive & Well! The GUYNAMUKAT Mixes Guynamukat

Playlist 120

Artist Song Disk Label
College Teenage Color Teenage Color Invada
Goat Run To Your Mama World Music Universal Music AB
Goat Goatlord World Music Universal Music AB
Dariush Nefrim Namch Khana Khana! Pharaway Sounds
Maxmillion Dunbar Slave To The Vibe House of Woo Rvng Intl.
Stellar Om Source Par Amour Joy One Mile Rvng Intl.
Secret Circuit Higher Heights Tactile Galactics Beats In Space
Marisa Monte O Rio Infinito Particular EMI Japan
The Fall No Respects Rev. Re-Mit Cherry Red Records
Suns of Arqa Acid Bends Muslimgauze Re-Mixs Emotional Rescue
Alex Danilov iinnii iinnii EP Contrast
Mutant Beat Dance Protagonists Mutated Moods Light Sounds Dark
Paqua We Are What We Are Late Train Claremont 56
James Last Andanca With Compliments Polydor
Ptaki Krystyna The Very Polish Cut-Outs Vol. 1 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
The Ganges Orchestra The Dream The Dream Emotional Rescue
Chari Chari Urin Snaker 002 Snaker
Rouge Mecanique Witches Witches Pyramids Of Mars