December 19, 2023

A CD spinning’ rock show: all CDs by necessity/availability. The show starts with a song each to celebrate the lives of Shane MacGowan, Denny Laine and Scott Kempner. Then we move to a lesser-known Boston band that introduced both a notable WZBC DJ (Commodore Vic) and a Freeze Pop (Sean Drinkwater). I had forgotten that I play trumpet on the track, but I can’t even hear it so it doesn’t interfere with my ‘never play your own band’ rule. 4 other contemporary Boston bands appear too (Crow Follow, The Complaints, American Beauties, Audioscam). The 2 latest releases of the revived (and delivering the goods!) label Harriet Records (The Coronets, Kisswhistle). The final recordings of Only Ones drummer Mike Kellie, a pre-Stone Foundation Dance Stance, a post-Sally Skull The Nettelles, a post-Charles Brown Superstar Bennett and a post-Mott British Lions make appearances. Thanks to Frank for urging me to do tribute songs, and supplying me with the treat that closes out the second hour.

The Nettelles

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
The Nips Gabrielle Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver Big Beat Records
The Moody Blues Go Now Go Now – Moody Blues #1 Varèse Vintage
The Dictators Hey Boys Manifest Destiny Asylum Records
The Nettelles Sugar B Do You Believe In… The Nettelles Back To Beat Records
Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple Hopp On Popp Special Problem Music Varicose Brand
David Byrne Finite=Alright Feelings Luaka Bop
The Complaints That’s What You Get Chasing Light CompRecords
Crow Follow Iron Bottom Sound Red Velvet Radio Band 4 Band Records
Wojciech Mazolewski Wszystko, Co Mnie Pamięta Yugen 2 Jestem WMQ Records
Thursday’s Children A Part Of You Epitaph For A Legend Charly Records
Neil Young With Crazy Horse Farmer John Way Down In The Rust Bucket Reprise Records
American Beauties Good Excuses Sound of Mind American Beauties
The Apers Teenage Kicks Live At The Eldorado Asian Man Records
Patto Hold Me Back Patto Think Like A Key Music
The Coronets A Punch In The Face Veld: 20th Anniversary Edition Harriet Records
Benett Freeze So You’re Not Coming Over? WIN Records

Artist Song Release Label
Ikue Mori Latino Interactive B/Side Tzadik
Mike Kellie I’m Free Music From … The Hidden Finkel Productions
Tom Heyman Show Business Show Business, Baby Bohemian Neglect Recording Works
New Math Die Trying Die Trying & Other Hot Sounds [1979 – 1983] Propeller Sound Recordings
Kisswhistle Mixtape Hear Closure, Collected Songs: 1996-2000 Harriet Records
The Wake Crush The Flowers (Demo) Country Music (Songs For Keith Girdler) Siesta
Dance Stance Love Parade The Other Side Of Paradise EP What Records
Lady Caroline Love and the Flame Demo That Got The Deal Vol. 5 Varulven
Audioscam Hand of Sin #Kickingandscreaming – EP Audioscam
British Lions Wild In The Streets British Lions Think Like A Key Music
Bees Make Honey Knee Trembler Music Every Night Vivid Sound
The Minstrels 69 Counterattack Of U.S. Indie (U.S. Pop Life Vol.1) Contact Records
Ninotchka I’ve Got Wings Counterattack Of U.S. Indie (U.S. Pop Life Vol.1) Contact Records
Skypark Morse Code Counterattack Of U.S. Indie (U.S. Pop Life Vol.1) Contact Records
Kitty Craft Half Court Press Counterattack Of U.S. Indie (U.S. Pop Life Vol.1) Contact Records
Gritty Kitty Transport Beaches Counterattack Of U.S. Indie (U.S. Pop Life Vol.1) Contact Records
Jimi Hendrix Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night / Auld Lang Syne Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Experience Hendrix

One thought on “#602

  1. Phil Buckley

    Hi, thanks for playing The Coronets! We did actually self- release the Veld album in 2003, it was stocked in a number of record shops in the UK which is where Tim from Harriet records discovered us. The 20th anniversary includes two 2005 sessions and even 2 new recordings from 2023 after Tim inspired us to get back together. Thanks again, great show!


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