Playlist 118

Artist Song Disk Label
Daniele Baldelli Got To Get Your Own Back To My Funky Side Cenedlic
Secret Circuit Nebula Sphynx Tactile Galactics Beats In Space
Soft Rocks Little Lights (Cos/Mes Remix) The Revenge Of Soft Rocks ESP Institute
Dariush Nefrim Namch Khana Khana! Pharaway Sounds
Patti Jo Make Me Believe In You Loft Classics Vol. 10 Dotan
LTJ Experience What I Feel Ain’t Nothing But A Groove Irma
Nik Weston Riviera Jam Archway Riviera Tropical Jam EP Guynamukat
Pizzicato One (Konishi Yasuharu) If You Went Away One And Ten Very Sad Songs Readymade
Almunia Wrapped In Your Hair Pulsar Claremont 56
Walter Hawkins Metropolis Psychemagik Presents: Magik Sunrise Leng
Ned Doheny I’ve Got Your Number Hard Candy Superbird
Psychemagik Dreams (Crystal Vision Remix) Fleetmac Wood EP Fleetmac Wood
Mary Weiss Stop And Think It Over Dangerous Game Norton Records
Niagara Maggie McGill Maggie McGill munster

One thought on “Playlist 118

  1. Tim Sprague

    Hey Carl, I hope this note finds you well! I’ve got a big fat show on Saturday under the Cantab Lounge. I’d love to see you there 🙂 Best, Timmy

    “All the pretty evening of female driven music” is at Club Bohemia, Cantab Lounge 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA, Sat June 22nd.

    12AM: Monique Ortiz’ Alien Knife Fight from Austin TX

    11PM: Engine Judy

    10PM: Uranium Daughters

    9PM: Ruby Rose Fox

    Thank you so much! Tim Sprague 4 Engine Judy,
    Links follow:


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