Playlist 164

Artist Song Disk Label
Debris Boyfriend Static Disposal Anopheles
La Peste Whites Of Your Eyes Better Off La Peste Dionysus
Automatics Danger Signs The Missing Album Destroy Records
Plow Dance (Better than I’ve ever seen) Dance (Better than I’ve ever seen) Coolidge
Unnatural Axe Summertime Is gonna kick your ass Alternative Action
Epicycle High School Junkie You’re Not Gonna Get It: 1978-81 Hozac
Chi-Pig Men Miami Chi Pig Records
This Poison! Poised Over the Pause Button The Fierce Crack E.P.! Reception Records
Billy’s Revue Time And Money Billy’s Revue Memoire Records
Nervus Rex Real Life Nervus Rex Renaissance
Killer Kane Long Haired Sons Of The Dolls Fan Club
Crime TV Blue Murder By Guitar Superior Viaduct
Hollywood Brats Nightmare Hollywood Brats Get Back
Hollywood Stars Tough Guys Never Cry Shine Like A Radio Last Summer
The Brats Quaalude Queen Be A Man HOZAC
James Williamson & Carolyn Wonderland Gimme Some Skin Open Up and Bleed Leopard Lady
The Sleepers Seventh World Seventh World Superior Viaduct
Agony Column Good Grief Instant Pop Classics Vol. 2 HappyLuxPop Records
Native Hipsters Look, there goes Concorde again Instant Pop Classics Vol. 1 HappyLuxPop Records
Sick Things Antisocial Disease My Girlfriend Was A Punk!
The Dramatics Chimp Sucked Me This Is International Telecom Lissy’s
Tom Of England Bad Leather Bad Leather STD
Crash Course In Science Cardboard Lamb Signals From Pier Thirteen Dark Entries
Otomo Yoshihide if 6 was 0 If 6 Was 0 Gentle Giant Records
Sadar Bahar Soul Searching Angel Man Sounds Familiar

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