Playlist 220

Artist Song Disk Label
Nervous Eaters On the Avenue Eaterville, Vol. 1 Penniman
Dictators Backseat Boogie Go Girl Crazy! Real Gone Music
La Peste Write Down Your Number Better Off Dead Rave Up
The John Collins Band The Man in Me Max’s Kansas City 1976 ROIR
Frontal Keine Ahnung Es Chaos is die Botschaft! II Luzipra
MonDellos White Night Riot White Night Riot Swell Records
Eddie & The Hot Rods Cruisin’ In the Lincoln Glam-o-Rama Volume 3 Kiss Kiss
Mo-dettes Paint It Black The Story So Far Cherry Red
Piney Gir Keep it Together Keep It Together Damaged Goods
Aural Exciters Paradise My Girl Lollipop Ze Records
Hurricane Bob Andrea Bowling Balls From Hell Clone
The Tunes My Time Plastic Dance 1 Finders Keepers
Inflatable Boy Clams Skeletons Double 7″ Subterranean
Sam Gopal You’re Alone Now Escalator Stable
Rocking Vicars Dandy Lifelines – The Complete Rocking vicars Retro
Hawkwind Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) Hall of the Mountain Grill United Artists
The Sound Physical World Propaganda Demon
Mirrors She Smiled Wild Something That Would Never Do (1974-75) Mustard Records
Messer Chups Dead Cat On the Line Spooky Hook Gitarcula Records
The Alleycats Black Haired Girl Sharp Cuts planet
Steve Treatment Taste Your Own Medicine All Dressed For Tomorrow Munster / Messthetics
Stiv Bator You Must Be A Witch Do You Believe In Magyk Easy Action
Martin Rev Clouds of Glory Clouds of Glory Permanent Records
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Snakepit Breakdown Urge to Kill Rustblade Records

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