July 19, 2016

Electronic show that has some mid paced (Timothy Blake, Willie Burns, Schmoltz, Pontchartrain, Siam) and some laid back (Quiet Sun, Blkshrk, Bing Ji Ling, Jack J, Om Unit, Chaos In the CBD, Andres).

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Quiet Sun Trot Mainstream Polydor
Mariah #5 Utakata no Hibi
Blkshrk Swimming For Todd …For Todd Fat Finger Cosmic / Rocksteady Disco
Timothy Blake United States Of Hinterland (Pablo & Shooey rejig) United States Of Hinterland Fatty Fatty Phonographics
Cherry Garcia Mystic Mountain High Priest EP Golf Channel Recordings
Bing Ji Ling Won’t Wait For Yesterday (Idjut Boys Last Orders dub) Won’t Wait For Yesterday Tummy Touch
Jack J Something (On My Mind) Looking Forward To You Mood Hut
Om Unit Friend of Day Friend of Day Idle Hands

Artist Song Release Label
Schmoltz Dai Mne Piau Bah027 Bahnsteig 23
Pontchartrain Gone Home Rocksteady Disco All-Stars Vol. 1 Rocksteady Disco
Willie Burns Got To Be A Bang The Box Ultimate Hits
Chaos In the CBD Background Explorer Global Erosion YAM Recordings
Andres Chevy Status Mighty Tribe La Vida
Siam Tel Aviv Downtown (Red Axes edit) Tel Aviv Downtown Garzen

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