August 2, 2016

All vinyl electronic/re-edit show that still rocks on tracks such as Patti Palladin’s. Plus Instruments have a pleasing vocal song. Moroccan Alain Maneval brings traditional sounds into a modern palette, while Simon Peter chills us a bit.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Spike Orlandu du Monteras – Sexican version Orange Cloud Version Golf Channel Recordings
Nad Hold On Castro Join the Fookin’ Party! Bastedos
Videosex Videosex (edited by Zambon) The Very Yugo Cut-Outs The Very Polish Cut Outs
Francesco Agostini Ba-Ba-BABABA Stollwerck Sampler Emotional Rescue
Your Song Is Good Re-Search (Force Of Nature remix) Re Search Phantom Island
Alain Maneval Souviens-Toi Du Futur DDR001 Deviant Disco Records
Basso Grube Aus Dem Fahrstuhl Basso EP Joes Bakery
Simon Peter Arc of Lark Arc of Lark Claremont 56
Jorge Zamacona Track 1 Way Back Wednesday Vol 3 Way Back Wednesday

Artist Song Release Label
Dolly Savalas Man on a Boat Salamanca Issue #3 Salamanca
Plus Instruments Special Bodies Emotional Rescue
Patti Palladin Memo from Turner Memo From Turner Eruption Records
Ripperton We Are Music (Vocal Mix) Hat Uh Mi Hed Stilove4music
MikeBurns Enyin Legalize Lambada Vol 2 Legalize Lambada

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