June 6, 2017

Putting NYC electroclash trio Whatever It Takes (WIT) next to Codek worked in ways I never could have intended! Bill T Miller’s OBE pulls in Lost In Space samples. The show starts chilled with Saint Etienne and Ned Doheny, travels through Krautrock, and ends up in re-edits.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Coyote California Jam Is It Balearic? Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Is it Balearic?
Saint Etienne Take It All In Home Counties Heavenly Recordings
Ned Doheny Labor Of Love (Kenny Dickenson remix) Labor Of Love (Kenny Dickenson remix) Be With Records
Lo-Fi EDiTS Everything I Have Is Yours French Tickles EP Lo-Fi EdiTS
Avant Garde Everybody’s Lover (Jaz and Party Dad Remix) Everybody’s Lover (Remixes) Spacetalk
Phantom Band / Linear Johnson & The Protons Rush Rush Stollwerck Single Emotional Rescue
La Dusseldorf Silver Cloud The Singles Warner Music Central Europe
Klaus Dinger & preJapandorf Pure Energy 2000! Groenland Records
Jamie Paton Dept Life BAHNRSD Bahnsteig 23
Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay Ice Exposure Why Blackest Ever Black
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold Turn Me On Special Versions Vol.2 Blue Velvet

Artist Song Release Label
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold Turn Me On (continued) Special Versions Vol.2 Blue Velvet
Same Speed Edits Airbell Samba Same Speed Sambas Same Speed Edits
Mark Seven Never Leave (Pressure Dub) The Fatal Flaw In Disco World Building
California Music, Music, Music (Secret Squirrel edit) Secret Squirrels #15 Secret Squirrel
W.I.T. Hold Me, Touch Me (Black Strobe Mix) Hold Me, Touch Me Electroclash
Codek Me Me Me (Full Length Version) Me Me Me MCA
OBE – Out Of Band Experience Warning-Danger Call Now! 1-800-OUT-BAND Immortal Records
Video Liszt Destroyer Eye Ektakrom Killer Medical

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