All 7″ Electronic/re-edit show spun in real time. Many of my favorite labels are represented, including Tugboat Editions, Red Motorbike, Rocksteady Disco, Smokecloud, Melody As Truth, Kat, Phantom Island, and Hello Sailor.

November 14, 2017

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Violet Nox Lamb on the Moon Nebula Violet Nox
Kai Alce Dirty South Dirt (Anticipation Dub) Dirty South Dirt FXHE Records
Marvin & Guy Dimension Marvin & Guy / Red Axes Hivern discs
Jonny Nash Cristina And Carolina Cristina And Carolina / Roberto And Giovanni Melody As Truth
Science Fiction Secret Agent Man Secret Agent Man Stimulus Progression
Volcov Paua Freedom Of The Mind Sounds Familiar
B-Jam Everything B-Jam Vs Enos Smokecloud Records
Eddie C Golyak On Point / Golyak Red Motorbike
Hristo Heat Market Free Sensation / Heat Market Common Edit
Idjut Boys World 1st Day (Altz version remix) World 1st Day Altzmusica
Throwback Zack G-Spot G-Spot Tugboat Editions

Artist Song Release Label
Throwback Zack G-Spot G-Spot Tugboat Editions
Temu Funk Over Egypt Funk Over Egypt Tugboat Editions
Megadon Betamax Don’t Ask He Can’t Love You / Don’t Ask Tugboat Editions
Pontchartrain L&H Hard Love Edits Rocksteady Disco
Lexx All That Is Now Hangin’ On A String / All That Is Now Phantom Island
Frank Booker Sugar Sugar Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Margie Joseph Margie Loves Drums Scrimshire Re-Edits Wah Wah Dubplates
Esa Mervin Granger Que Beleza Brazilian Remakes Hello Sailor Recordings
Unknown Artist Sunburn Al Tone Edits Vol 7 Al-Tone Edits
Jongno Edits Dark Alley Drifter Kat Records
Disco Fetish untitled Disco Fetish Lo-Fi EdiTS
Moon Tan Gel Dust Red Motorbike 16 Red Motorbike

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