February 16, 2021

Week 7 of the 12-week Brazen Ladies series of 7″ by women played alphabetically. Must-hears include Marine Girls, Mecca Normal, Marine Research and Miss Murgatroid ‎in the first hour, and Muskellunge, Judy Nylon and Oiler in the second hour

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Man Tee Mans ‎ Crave Seventeen Bag Of Hammers
The Maps My Eyes Are Burning I’m Talking To You The Maps
Marine Girls ‎ Don’t Come Back Don’t Come Back Cherry Red
Marine Research Queen B Queen B Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Mazzy Star ‎ I’m Less Here I’m Less Here Rhymes Of An Hour Records
Mazzy Star ‎ Lay Myself Down Common Burn Rhymes Of An Hour Records
Mecca Normal ‎ It’s Important I Can Hear Me Fine Smarten Up! Records
Mecca Normal ‎ Upside Down Flame From The Surface Dionysus Records
Menace Dement Small Town Nanna Lungcast Records
Milkmoney ‎ I Can’t Move I’m Really Ugly Reproductive Records
Miss Mend ‎ Living City Plan Living City Plan Piao! ‎
Missing Persons Hello, I Love You Words Capitol Records
Miss Murgatroid ‎ Shadows On My Wall Shadows On My Wall Worrybird Disk ‎
Missy X ‎ Remus 7″ Slampt

Artist Song Release Label
Model Citizens Animal Instincts Shift The Blame Spy Records Ltd.
Mo-Dettes ‎ Paint It Black Paint It Black Deram
Mo-Dettes ‎ Bitta Truth Deram
Mourn Rhiannon Motherf*cker Reproductive Records
Mouse Emmett Caesar Salad WorryBird Disk
Movietone Sun Drawing Sun Drawing Domino
Mudwimin ‎ Throwing Rocks Throwing Rocks Big Jesus Enterprises
Mum & Dad ‎ Urban Guerilla Dawn Rider Twisted Nerve
Muskellunge Determined (Green Gold) Determined OXO Records
The Nazis From Mars ‎ Working Class Superhero Tina Techno Punk Teen Astral Anarchy ‎
Nico I’m Not Sayin I’m Not Sayin Immediate ‎
Nicoletta Daisy Friendly Escalator Records ‎
Nots ‎ Talk Show Dust Red Goner Records
Nots ‎ TV OD Cold Line Goner Records ‎
Judy Nylon Jailhouse Rock Jailhouse Rock Accord
Oiler Missing Part II Little Holes Sympathy For The Record Industry
Oiler ‎ Dumb Job Asphalt Field Big Jesus Enterprises
Paper Squares ‎ The Large Hotel (of Loneliness) Let’s Hang Out Fiasco Records

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