August 31, 2021

Week 3 of the 5-week feature on the Amsterdam label Music From Memory and subsidiary Second Circle, on Gulls Window Circus. This week we go from MFM031 to MFM046. Many highlights, probably the ones that will stick most will be the unknowns, but the well-known artists make quality appearances too, such as the Mule Musiq artist Kuniyuki, Dam-Funk recording as Garrett, and Jonny Nash, who runs the retrospective-worthy Melody As Truth label. As I write this, the track Amerikan Dread is running through my head…

Jonny Nash

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Victor Amerikan Dread Amerikan Dread Music From Memory
Ströer Duo + Howard Fine Nomad Song Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 Music From Memory
Kuniyuki Takahashi Islan Early Tape Works (1986 – 1993) Vol. 2 Music From Memory
Orquesta De Las Nubes Como Un Guante The Order Of Change Music From Memory
Richenel It Takes Time Perfect Stranger Music From Memory
G. B. Beckers Farbwalzer Walkman Music From Memory
Garrett Sitting At The Bar Waiting Private Life II Music From Memory
Jonny Nash Shell Make A Wilderness Music From Memory
Curt Cress Dschung Tek (Long Version) Dschung Tek Music From Memory
Bruhahá Babélico Bruhahá II Outro Tempo (Single Promocional) Music From Memory

Artist Song Release Label
Suso Saiz Mexican Bells (For Jorge Reyes) Nothing Is Objective Music From Memory
Dequinha e Zaba Preposições Outro Tempo II (Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996) Music From Memory
Toshifumi Hinata 新しい遊牧民 (Atarashii Yuhbokumin) Broken Belief Music From Memory
Ruins Unidentified Lovers Marea / Tide Music From Memory
Ruins I Love You Marea / Tide Music From Memory
Música Esporádica Música Esporádica Música Esporádica Music From Memory
Ramuntcho Matta Zoique III Music For Dance & Theatre Volume One Music From Memory
Atlantis Transit Bird Perspective Music For Dance & Theatre Volume One Music From Memory
Priscilla Ermel Cine Mato Gráfico Origens da Luz Music From Memory

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