Playlist 76

Artist Song Disk Label
Crass Pills & Ills Ten Notes On A Summer’s Day – The Swansong Crass Records
Soft Rocks Little Lights The Curse of Soft Rocks ESP Institute
Metro Angel Of Mercy The Nu Groove Years 1988-1992 (The Burrell Brothers Present) Rush Hour
The Super-Phonics P.A.R.T.Y Interstellar The Super-Phonics
Billy Bogus Afro Comedy Night Movie Nang
The Sweet Inspirations Don’t Let Me Lose This Dream The Sweet Inspirations Collectors Choice
Epic Soundtracks Emily May (You make me feel so fine) Wild Smile Easy Action / Troubadour
Maryann Farra / Satin Soul Stoned Out Of My Mind Never Gonna Leave You Hot Productions
Ray Mang Angel Mangled Again Mangled Again
Telephone J’suis parti de chez mes parents Crache ton venin (réédition 2006) EMI France
New Black Chicken Couper Decaler Electonique Indigo
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Disco Rocket Sunday Night Fevers Promo
DJ Jus-Ed Blaze (Do Dah Dab mix) Fabric 63 Levon Vincent Fabric