Playlist 88

Artist Song Disk Label
Atari Priest Bruno’s Head Bruno’s Head Faux-lux
The Elevators Shave Blow Up 1000 series four blow up
Bimbo Shrineheads A Rape Poem A Rape Poem Tulpa Prod.
Baba Looey Meerkat Spurt (Soak Me!) Three Easy Ones Needlework Records
Radio Hearts BU Baby Ball Cherry Greenline Records
Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoias Snuffin’ Like That Snuff Rock Stiff
Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth Kill Or Be Killed Kill or Be Killed Full Watts
Brian Brain They’ve Got Me In The Bottle They’ve Got Me In the Bottle Invisible
Bozena Grabowski Cucaracha Twist Cucaracha Twist
Cosmetique Lady Di, Why did You Have To Die Lady Di, Why did You Have To Die PPQ Records
Black Lodge side b A Black Lodge Edit
Aquanauts Relentless Bubble Beats UR
Justus Kohncke At Seventeen Spiralen Der Erinnerung August Day
Delicate Vomit She Loves To Sing Little Bird Underware
Dementia Precox Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette Mines Hospital Records
Driver UFO Blank Space Your Sex Out Proteen
Destroy All Monsters You’re Gonna Die Bored Cherry Red
The Castaway Stones My Friend Bobby Just Like Geoff Boa
The Dots Immortals I Don’t Wanna Dance (With You)
Dub 7 Gavel Groove Gavel Groove Core
Vandykes Breakin My Heart Breakin My Heart Black Records
Expelaires To See You To See You Zoo
Fashion The Innocent The Innocent I.R.S.
Fantastic! Tracey Thorn Montgomery Clift Siesta
EPA Here Comes the Sun Again Evergreens Vol. One
Formula One Orange Coloured Liquid Big Eye Stare Vaclav
Aztec Camera We Could Send Letters High Land, Hard Rain Shore Songs

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