Playlist 90

Artist Song Disk Label
Lyres How Do You Know? Lyres Lyres Munster/Ace Of Hearts
The Waves The Nightmare The Nightmare Armageddon
The Flowers The Ballad of Miss Demeanor The Ballad of Miss Demeanor Pop: Aural
Rhythm of Life Uncle Sam Uncle Sam Rhythm Of Life
Redbone Witch Queen Of New Orleans Night Of Fear Varese Sarabande
Nazis From Mars Animal Farm 2084 Cosmic Beat Astral Anarchy
The Monochrome Set He’s Frank Black & White Minstrels Cherry Red
MX-80 Sound Theme From Halloween New Wave Halloween Rhino
Messer Chups #9 Vamp Babies Solzne
Unnatural Axe Axe Man Three Chord Rock
Lyres Stormy Lyres Lyres Munster/Ace Of Hearts
Gretschen Hofner Acts Of God Zero To Nowhere Secular Recordings
National Bandit Omega Omaga Omega Omaga Cercle
O Mighty Isis Rock Star Babe Rock Star Babe Pinkie
Nicoletta Friendly Friendly Escalator
Annabel Lamb Riders On The Storm (YamBee! Rework) MA005 Modern Artifacts
Splitting the Atom Monkey Brain Parts One and Two Duophonic
Lyres Love Me Till The Sun Shines On Fyre Munster/Ace Of Hearts
StarStruck Orange Fondled Bosque
Puffin Boy Voodoo for Beginners Voodoo for Beginners Foolproof

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