Playlist 115

Artist Song Disk Label
John Foxx Free Robot (with Metamatics) Glimmer – Best Of Music Club
The Human League Into The Night Credo Wall of Sound
Agitation Free You Play For Us Today Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 Soul Jazz
Wicked Lady War Cloud The Axeman Cometh Guerszen
The KPM Music Library Assault Course Music For Dancefloors Strut
Robert Delgado Salambo No. 1 Lounge Legends Polydor
Almunia Ode to Mom Pulsar Claremont 56
The Richie Family Bad Reputation Bad Reputation Gold Legion
Waxist On Red Stripe Disco Vol 2 Red Stripe Disco
Marvin & Guy Disco Panorama Let’s Get Lost Vol. 22 Let’s Get Lost
Suzy Andrews Der Komissar – Don’t Turn Around We Bang The Bomb Light Sounds Dark
Simple Symmetry Beetles In the Bog Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club – Contemporary Sound of Russia, Vol. 1 Glenview
Avanti Cabezaurio Cabezaurio Porn Wax
Nik Weston Paradise Uncertain in Eucharis Archway Riviera Tropical Jam EP Guynamukat

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