Playlist 135

Artist Song Disk Label
John Gazoo Midnight Runner (John Gazoo’s Vintage Version) XLand Records presents XMix 03 – Kenji Takimi KSR Corporation
Being Borings Love House of Love (Dr. Dunks club remix) XLand Records presents XMix 03 – Kenji Takimi KSR Corporation
Bryan Ferry Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix) Don’t Stop The Dance, part 3 Vinyl Factory
Beppe Loda Mondo Virtuale (Mushrooms Project Virtua Tropik remix) Mondo Virtuale Ene Japan
Hugo H. Moments Of Dance Chante vs James EP Lumberjacks In Hell
Gonno Are You Asleep The Noughties Beats In Space
Vakula Dream Drum Night Walks Leleka
Coyote The Journey The Journey Ene Japan
Lena Platonos Shadows Of Blood Shadows Of Blood Kunstkopf
Lucia Catti/Metropolitan Band Lucia’s Dance (Instrumental) Lets Go Into Space II private
The Jellies The Conversation (Version) The Conversation Emotional Rescue
Zambon / Kacper Kaspa Powiedzmy To (Zambon edit) Powiedzmy To The Very Polish Cut Outs
Modern Artifacts Din Da Da (An African On Marz respray) Din Da Da Modern Artifacts
ZSOU vs Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Wild Honeyz Wild Honeyz Lucky Hole

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