Playlist 134

Artist Song Disk Label
The Complainers Bacon Rolls Firecracker: The Early Emissions (EPs 1-4) Firecracker
Judson Fountain The Old Woman of Haunted House Completely in the Dark Innova
David Van Tieghem x Ten Slippery Slope Fits & Starts Rvng Intl.
The Regents Seventeen The Album receiver
Snatch Joey Shopping For Clothes Fetish
Lou Reed Charley’s Girl Coney Island Baby RCA
The Pointer Sisters Send Him Back (Pilooski remix) Send Him Back Originals
Fudge Fingas Gettin’ Togetha Firecracker: The Early Emissions (EPs 1-4) Firecracker Recordings
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold Truth Machine For Lovers Truth Machine For Lovers Lucky Hole
Cougarman & General Z Susan Loves To Jack Seaman Level Golden Hole
Ruf Dug MV Look Porn Wax 6 Porn Wax
Coyote The Journey (CHIDA remix) The Journey ene
Ali Renault Shnin Sansicario Vivod

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