Playlist 147

Artist Song Disk Label
Glaxo Babies Maximum Sexual Joy nine months to the disco Superior Viaduct
Cheetah Chrome Rollin’ Voodoo Solo Plowboy Records
The Fall Touchy Pad The Remainderer Cherry Red Records
Chris Korda Save the Planet, Kill Yourself International DeeJay Gigolos CD One International Deejay Gigolo Records
Tuxedomoon New Machine No Tears Superior Viaduct
Cheetah Chrome East Side Story Solo Plowboy Records
Glaxo Babies This Is Your Life Put Me On The Guest List Superior Viaduct
Tuxedomoon Where Interests Lie Scream With A View Superior Viaduct
Silver Apples Dust Silver Apples MCA
Wasted Youth Paris, France The Beginning Of The End Bridge House
The Strings Deflower Yum Yum Parsley
Anthony Meynell Noonday Underground Hits from 3000 Years Ago Hi-Lo
The Shall I Say Quois Oh Mein Gott Baader Meinhoff Shall I Say Quoi? Damaged Goods
Unnatural Axe Summertime Is gonna kick your ass Alternative Action
Sic F*cks (Take me to) The Bridge Sic F*cks Sozyyamuda
Orchestra Luna Boy Scouts Orchestra Luna Epic
Bryan Ferry It’s My Party These Foolish Things Atlantic
Robert Gordon The Way I Walk Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die RCA
Punishment of Luxury All White Jack Laughing Academy United Artists
Tee Vee Pop Factory The Only Years Desire
Prolapse Unroadkill Flexed Lissy’s

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