September 9, 2014

Show closer N.W. is edited by Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys (as Nad) and is both awesome and encapsulates the sound of this show, though most of the tracks bounce a little more than this one. Amid the re-edits you’ll find Detroit 1977 disco from Mike Theodore and 2014 magic from Peter Hook with Nova Nova. The song you must hear is New Jersey based Joey Anderson’s track. The Jose Manuel pre-dates the primitive future sound On The Corner Records would popularize on the ‘Door To The Cosmos’ comp.


Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
General Ludd Brothers And Sisters Brothers and Sisters Mister Saturday Night Records
Jex Opolis Birds & Morning Rain Zither Good Timin’
The Mike Theodore Orchestra Cosmic Wind Cosmic Wind / High on Mad Mountain WestBound Records
Nova Nova & Peter Hook Low Ends (Original mix) Low Ends (Part 1) Atal
Joey Anderson Above The Cherry Moon (Vakula remix) Above The Cherry Moon Avenue 66
Gonno I Got Ya I Got Ya Altzmusica
Rondenion Tokyo Story Tokyo Story Still Music

Artist Song Release Label
Rondenion Tokyo Story (continued) Tokyo Story Still Music
Pharoahs Ahumbo (Another Beach version) Island Time (Remixed) ESP Institute
Soft Rocks Tutsi’s Dance In The House Soft Rocks Recordings
Jose Manuel Ajna Ajna Kinfolk
40 Thieves The Sky Is Yours (Cantoma Remix) The Sandpiper Leng Records
Ruf Dug Magnetic Atmosphere (Lectric dub) Magnetic Atmosphere It’s A Lectric World
Placebo N.W. (Edited by Nad) Mangiami 003 ChannelXXX

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