September 23, 2014

Disco/re-edits show that starts in Japan with Cro-Magnon before opening the door to Tadeusz Nalepa in Poland. The prolific Magic Wand Edits series follows. Sydney/London duo Ess O Ess precede another Japanese artist (Altz) before we turn stateside with Am Ko from Chicago. An edit of Lowrell Simon’s ‘Love Massage’ by Floridian Sleazy Mcqueen follows. The sounds is consistent throughout. If you like this style of music, every track will bring delight. I will point you to the Altz track if you want one track to decide the equation.

Tugboat Edits #5

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Cro-Magnon Patchwork Jazz V Jazzy Sport
Tadeusz Nalepa Dbaj O Miłość The Very Polish Cut-Outs Sampler Vol. 2 The Very Polish Cut-Outs
Magic Wand Edits Budimo (Coyote edit) Magic Wand Vol 10 Magic Wand
Ess O Ess Baboon (Bad Passion Project Remix) Baboon Love On The Rocks
Altz You Gotta Baby I Got Ya Altzmusica
Am-Ko House Party House Party Stilove4music
Editor’s Kutz Let’s Make Love (Sleazy McQueen edit) Editor’s Kutz #4 Editor’s Kutz

Artist Song Release Label
Editor’s Kutz Let’s Make Love (Sleazy McQueen edit) Editor’s Kutz #4 Editor’s Kutz
Space Coast Get Away, Get Away Crystal Lake Glenview Records
Andy Hart Love Technology Love Technology EP Sleazy Beats Black Ops
Spiritual South Everyday Spiritual South Specials Basic Fingers
Young Marco Track 1 Camel 1 Cameltoe
Tim Zawada Summertime (Tim Zawada remix) Tugboat Edits 5 Tugboat Edits
JM Edits That’s The Way Love Is JM Edits #1 Kat

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