September 22, 2015

Electronic/re-edit/discoid show with some choice tracks. There are 2 exceptions to the re-edit designation: Elli & Jacno (1980, France) and Supermax (1982, Germany). Other than those, the stars of the cut n’ paste scene are here in force!

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Elli & Jacno L’âge atomique (Suite et fin) Tout va sauter Sony
Disco Halal Machintosh (Moscoman edit) Disco Halal Vol. 2 Disco Halal
Carrot Green Mariama (CG Norwegin retake) Brazilian Shakedown 2 Brazilian Shakedown
Masanori Ikeda Afro Tipsy (Almunia remix) Afro Tipsy Palms & Charms
Gay Marvine Midnight In Graceland Bath House Etiquette Vol 8 Bath House Etiquette
Afrobot Good Daddy Salamanca Issue #4 Salamanca
The Fantasy CH BB Secret Mixes & Fixes Vol. 17 Fixes
Essex Rascals Cosmic Fling Floor Fish Wall Telly EP Essex
Avanti Bright Mezcal Theme From Kaffee 01 Local Kaffee
Sergio Rizzolo Amen Brother Vol III Amen Brother Vol III Amen Brother

Artist Song Release Label
Sergio Rizzolo Amen Brother Vol III Amen Brother Vol III Amen Brother
Hristo Love Me Disco Beatdown Allstars 2 Smokecloud
Supermax Electricity Best Of Universal Austria
Ana Prentice Life On Mars Edits Vol. 1 Street Edits
Marvin & Guy Makin’ Love Makin’ Love Marvin & Guy
Tiago Track 3 The Good Times Are Killing Me Jolly Jams

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