Playlist 213

Artist Song Disk Label
Iggy Pop Dum Dum Boys Shot Myself Up Easy Action
The Naturals The Rose The Laughing Light Of Plenty Emotional Response
Red Axes Shem Shem Vol. II I’m A Cliche
DVA Damas Wet Vision Wet Vision Downwards
Scott Fraser Wraith Not Envy Crimes Of The Future Mount Analog
Moscoman Dévoué Dévoué EP Renate Schallplatten
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold Witchdoctor Love Fishpowder Dance Love Circle
Michal Turtle Are You Psychic? Are You Psychic? Music From Memory
Vangelis Katsoulis Improvisation (Max D edit) The Sleeping Beauties Remixed Into The Light
Valentin Stip Chapter II Field Works Vol. 1 Vox Populi Records
Seahawks / Eddie C Say Hello To Love Sky Party Red Motorbike
Joel Graham Geomancy Geomancy Music From Memeory
The Bo-Keys The Dark End of the Street (feat. Spencer Wiggins and Percy Wiggins) The Dark End of the Street Electraphonic Recording

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