February 16, 2016

Electronic show with stuff from Romania (Delusion Men & Steaua de Mare and Vakula editing
Fudge Fingas), Italy )Rouge Mécanique), Australia (Hysteric), Germany (Protein, Projekt X, Pollyester, Der Gotling). We ha ve Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys recording as Nad, and Sombrero, which is Jonny Nash and Tako Reyenga [co-founder of Music From Memory] as well.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Protein Februar For Promotion Only Schamoni Musik
Dez Andres Things You Like Things You Like M1 Sessions
Damien Lynch The Heights The Heights ESP Institute
Hysteric Tuageg Oasis Room Ostra Discos
Sombrero Galaxy Planetary Dance The Edge Of Space Second Circle
Fudge Fingas Mass X (Vakula dub remix) Mass X (remixes) Firecracker
Jack Cutter Gift of Our Fathers (Future Mix) Serpent Stut Claremont 56
Delusion Men & Steaua de Mare Calator Future Nuggets presents Sounds Of The Unheard From Romania Volume 2
Projekt X Ich Brauch Ein Bischen Zärtlichkeit Stollwerck Sampler Emotional Rescue
Pollyester In My Boots – Disco Edit For Promotion Only Schamoni Musik

Artist Song Release Label
Pollyester In My Boots – Disco Edit For Promotion Only Schamoni Musik
Rouge Mécanique Intro / Cheap As Coke / Witches / Peine Perdue / Interlude Pour Jeanne Don’t Touch My Sister Rouge Mécanique Musique
Der Gotling Conspicious (Dunkeltier/OMK edit) G ZX Mond Musik
Nad Join The Fookin Party ! Join The Fookin Party Bastedos

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