March 1, 2016

Electronic show that starts off with Detroit techno from Rolando, goes to a You Who 12″ on Thomas Bullock’s STD Production, finds a 12″ by Shrink-wrap on Idjut Bot’s U-Star Records, hits LA with DVA Damas, plays 3 Light Sounds Dark tracks: one from the DSL002 12″, one from the ‘Ideas of Reference and The Luna Sea’ comp and one from the ‘We Bang The Bomb’ comp.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic Jaguar (Original Mix) Jaguar 430 West
Gala Drop Nova (Tiago mix) Nova Golf Channel Recordings
You Who Findings Score STD Production
Belp *~++*++~**++**+++~~~~ Tidal Wave Elephants Schamoni Music
Healing Force Project Entropic Trait Gravitational Lensing Firecracker Recordings
Khidja Drums of Taksim (Original mix) El Fadaa Malka Tuti
Naphta Exorcist Enter the Dagon Father & Son Records & Tapes
Shrinkwrap Outhouse (Sunrise mix) Outhouse U-Star Records

Artist Song Release Label
Shrinkwrap Outhouse (Sunrise mix) Outhouse U-Star Records
This Heat Paper Hats Deceit Light in the Attic
DVA Damas Wet Vision Wet Vision Downwards
Earthling Make It Together Light Light Sounds Dark
EHI – Propaganda Interval: Line Light Sounds Dark presents: Ideas of Reference and The Luna Sea Light Sounds Dark
Light Sounds Dark Code 3 DSL002 Light Sounds Dark
David Keaton Gloria We Bang The Bomb Light Sounds Dark
Tim Jules Slap Beat From Hell With Love Lumberjacks From Hell
Crash Course In Science Jump over Barrels Jump over Barrels Dark Entries Records

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