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Artist Song Disk Label
Mick Ronson I’d Rather Be Me Play Don’t Worry Lemon
Angie Bowie I Just Want to Have Something to Do The Many Faces of David Bowie Music Brokers
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold Magic Wand Steel Band Love Coma Resista
Projekt X Ich Brauch Ein Bischen Zärtlichkeit Stollwerck Sampler Emotional Rescue
Iggy Pop Break Into Your Heart Mojo presents Gimme Danger Mojo
Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin Tie Me up Crawfish Jungle Records
Dunk Shot Brothers Luna Park Slow Motion Replay presents Dunk Shot Brothers DSB
Dip In The Pool On Retinae (East Version) On Retinae Music From Memory
Basso Polyphemos – Left Eye Basso EP Joes Bakery
Bryan Ferry Avonmore (Idjut Boys Remix) Avonmore (remixes) The Vinyl Factory
Ali Kuru Araf Luna Leng Records
Ess O Ess Cantillate (Chida remix) Cantillate Not An Animal
Albion Flamingo Burning Disco Ambassador’s Reception
Cerrone 2nd Chance Afro Because
Arsenii Allegria Allegria Basic Fingers
Hysteric Tuageg Oasis Room Ostra Discos
Selvy Take To The Sky Missing the Light Father & Son Records & Tapes
Jazxing The Coast Polnoc / Poludnie Transatlantyk

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