April 5, 2016

Electronic show where the artists have more in common with the rock world than the deep house world. Artists on Golf Channel, Firecracker , Sounds Of The Universe , Not An Animal, Emotional Rescue, STD, Dark Entires, The Vinyl Factory, and BBE are among the tracks you will hear.

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Shuya Okino feat. Navasha Daya Still In Love From The Archive: Compiled by Volcov BBE
Floating Points Peroration Six Elaenia Pluto
Lena Platonos Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes remix) Red Axes Remixes Dark Entries Records
You Who Oh Baby Score STD Production
Healing Force Project Constellation (interlude part 2) Gravitational Lensing Firecracker Recordings
Rouge Mécanique Sis Don’t Touch My Sister Rouge Mécanique Musique
Bryan Ferry Avonmore (Prins Thomas remix) Avonmore (remixes) The Vinyl Factory

Artist Song Release Label
Linkwood Ignorance Is Bliss (Healing Force Project remix) Expressions: Remixes Part 2 Firecracker Recordings
Ess O Ess Cantillate Cantillate Not An Animal Records
Gala Drop Nova (Niagara mix) Nova Golf Channel Recordings
Jamie Read Rolling Dreams On The Beaches Golf Channel Recordings
Plus Instruments Deutche Frau Bodies Emotional Rescue
Chandra Concentration Transportation Cantor Records
The Dance Dance For Your Dinner Dance For Your Dinner On Records
Das Komplex Universe Universe Step Recordings
Golden Teacher Divine Raveinstigator Sounds Of The Universe Records

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